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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #70 (12/23/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/LC Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

TIE Corps Lambda Squadron WSR

(19-Dec-29 ABY)

REPORTING COMMANDER: Lieutenant Colonel Genie, Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: 23rd December 29 ABY


This is the penultimate Lambda Report for the Year 2021. Christmas is around the corner, so I would like to wish everyone in Lambda, aboard the Hammer and in EH, to have a great xmas and enjoy the holidays. A good time to spend with our families.

Congratulations to LCM Merlin for his recent promotion to Lieutenant Commander! Well deserved. One of Lambda's hotshot pilots, you definitely don't want to be in his crosshair or his real hair for that matter (as he never takes that helmet off!).

In addition, a big welcome to Calvin Phrick, who has returned to active duty!

FYI Solohan, this is not report 69.

Fun fact of the Week: The TIE Defender in TIE Fighter can ram into any other starfighter and survive the collision. As a result, you can ram your way through a set of other fighters, "Squadrons style". Do so, with full shields.


Chapter #2: The Big Announcement

(if you don't remember chapter #1, it is the one with the inspection where Solohan's sandwiches are under threat)

Genie walked in, the auditorium was still empty. COL Marenta was testing the acoustics. High Admiral Plif was there along with Fleet Admiral Prower and Admiral Clark. They were standing center stage and discussing something very quietly. Genie sat in the Lambda designated seats. He turned to his left and saw Dillshize sitting there, with a beer in his left hand. Two empty pints were resting next to his feet.

Moments later, the first pilots started to walk in. Before long, the entire TIE Corps was there. Plif had already taken position at the microphone. He waited patiently as the pilots settled down.

"Good morning pilots. You may be wondering why we are here today." Plif pressed a button and a big screen rolled down. "Lights please" and as he said it all the lights went off. He loaded up his presentation.

"As you all know, the key to the Emperor's Hammer continued survival, rests in the capable hands of its pilots! What we do, to keep ourselves in shape and out of harms danger is to perform drills and wargames. For the month of October 29 ABY, we are to conduct a fleet-wide competition. You have 31 standard days starting from tomorrow 00:00 hours. You all have access to our historical battles. Your goal is to successfully complete as many of those as possible in a simulator. Alternatively, all your patrol assignments and any combat engagements we may have during this month will count towards your... score."

Plif paused for a moment and then continued, "You may fly in the simulator for as long as you physically and possibly can. Fleet Admiral Turtle Jerrar has already made all the necessary arrangements to ensure the smooth running of this competition. At the end of the month, we shall award the top pilots as well as the top squadrons and of course the top ship. Just remember to hydrate!"

Plif continued with other fleet news and then gave the stage to Miles who began showcasing the latest ISD maneuvers the fleet was testing out. In particular how to defend against a vander sloop flying maneuver and to protect the ISD's shield generators from marauding X-Wings.

(13th - 19th Dec)

CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOP RatingCombat RatingCommBattle ReviewsIUMedalsOther
1-1 LC "Sleepless" Genie 0 11 20 X 0 IS-CW x1, MoI x1 WSR
1-2 LT Dillshize 0 0 0 0 We are dispatching a rescue mission
1-3 LT Maveric311 0 0 4 X 0 IS-CW x1
1-4 LT Calvin Phrick 14 0 2 Grenadier X 0 CoB x1 Bug x1, Uniform, INPR
2-1 CM DemWookieeCheeks 0 0 22 X 0 IS-CW x1
2-2 LT Konig 0 0 0 X 0
2-3 LT Aisling 0 0 0 X 0
2-4 LCM Howler 0 0 0 X 0
3-1 CM Solohan50 15 8 91 Campaigner 2nd X 0 MCBS 15th Echelon
3-2 LCM Elwood ]MERLIN[ Wells 0 0 19 Officer 2nd X 0 BS x1
3-3 LT RedBaron "The Butcher" 0 0 0 X 0
3-4 LCM Corran "BeetBox" Shub 0 0 0 X 0


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Take care everyone. Over and out.

CMDR-WARD/LC Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
[Optio] [Top Ace 4th] [Ranger 2nd] {TCCORE-MCBS-SM/5-TM/3-WIKI}