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  ISDII Challenge Commodore report #17 (12/20/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-COOA-IOA/VA Silwar Naiilo/ISDII Challenge

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The Storm's Gaze #17

Submitted: 2021-12-20

Commodore's report: 2021-12-12 - 2021-12-19

From the Desk of Silwar Naiilo

Some of the pilots of the ISDII Challenge, pictured for their annual Life Day photo by LT Newt. Pictured, top to bottom and left to right:

TI-40026, Colo Delste, Xylo Pethtel, Dynamus, Artificial, Joespence, LQC-75-3, Akreseus, BadKid, Sylas, LegionX, Shiro
Cody Lance, Newt, EvilGrin, Silwar Naiilo, Drummer Nate, Marenta

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It's nearly Life Day again, and that means a time of reflection upon our last year: and, what a year it's been. Last year, the ISDII Challenge was reactivated under HA Dempsey, and by this time we had just finished our first Raise the Flag in many years. Soon after, we would win TIE Corps in Battle as the smallest ship. The new year saw us take victory in every fleet-wide competition, from Firebird's win in the Challquilla cup, Tempest's and Firebird's high placements in Squadron ReMob, another TIE Corps in Battle victory, a resounding win in Imperial Storm 3, and a win in Raise the Flag 2021 to cap off the year. It was not an easy fight, and we cannot afford to be complacent, but what it shows is that we are a strong ship, victorious not because of a few but because of contributions from every officer on this ship.

When I was offered the opportunity to become the Challenge's commodore last July, I was shocked, excited, and nervous. The Challenge was my first ship, 14 years ago, and to be given command over such a highly decorated ship, one full of individuals who had put their heart into building the Challenge into what it is today, was humbling. You've all shown me what it means to be an officer of the TIE Corps, from brand-new Lieutenants who spend hours creating art, to the LCMs who run complex competitions, the squadron commanders who dedicate hours upon hours to building their squadrons, and even the occasional Colonel who writes tittilating fiction entries. We have pilots who are carrying the torch of XvT and XWA PvP, we have pilots who have flown nearly every mission in the Battle Compendium. We have poets, we have artists, and we have some of the best Squadrons pilots in the fleet. We have musicians, chefs, and theorycrafters. Our diversity is what makes us strong, and if there's one thing I want to carry on and to build upon in the new year, it is that strength.

Thank you all for making this an amazing place to spend my TIE Corps career. Everybody here has an impact, far beyond what you can possibly imagine.

Yeah, yeah, drinks are on me for the Life Day party.

The third COO's Saturday Shootout is behind us, and another ten Iron Stars with Copper Wings have been recommended. The office of the Combat Operations Officer (FA Miles Prower) runs an event every Saturday at 1800 EST / 2300 GMT, where we try to get as many people online at once as possible for PvP games.

Welcome SL Stralen, who joins Eagle, as well as SL Jarl Torment, who joins Firebird squadron. Congratulations to LT Artificial of Thunder squadron and CPT Morgoth of Tempest squadron on their promotions! As the most senior ranking officer, drinks are on CPT Morgoth this week. It's not like the LTs have much salary to speak of anyways. Drummer the Gunner Nate and Sylas Pitt have each received a Medal of Instruction for their recruiting efforts.

Ship Stats
  • Missions completed: 6
  • Reviews submitted: 1
  • LoCs earned: 164
  • LoSs earned: 30
  • Badge icon for Sub-LieutenantCT -> SL Stralen
  • Badge icon for Sub-LieutenantCT -> SL Jarl Torment
  • Badge icon for CaptainCM -> CPT Morgoth
  • Badge icon for LieutenantSL -> LT Artificial
Icon for ssSilver Star of the EmpireIcon for ss
MAJ Kalve Ryder, CM Colo Delste
Icon for bsBronze Star of the EmpireIcon for bs
LT LQC-75-3, CPT Richlet, CPT Morgoth, COL Phalk Sturm
Icon for pcPalpatine CrescentIcon for pc
COL Marenta
Icon for ismImperial Security MedalIcon for ism
LCM Akreseus, LT TwinJedi
Icon for iarImperial Achievement RibbonIcon for iar
CM Xylo Pethtel, CM Jaxx Nassin, CM Colo Delste, CPT Morgoth, VA Silwar Naiilo
Icon for moiMedal of InstructionIcon for moi
LT Drummer The Gunner Nate, LCM Sylas Pitt
Icon for is-bwIron Star - Bronze WingsIcon for is-bw
CM Jaxx Nassin
Icon for is-cwIron Star - Copper WingsIcon for is-cw
MAJ Graf D'Jinn, CM Cupcake, CM Xylo Pethtel, LT LQC-75-3, CM Colo Delste, CPT Richlet
Icon for locLegion of CombatIcon for loc
MAJ Graf D;Jinn, CM Xylo Pethtel, LT jospence, LT Drummer The Gunner Nate, LCM Critical Hit, LCM SirCaleb, LT Aqua Valkyrie, CM Jaxx Nassin, LC EvilGrin, MAJ Honsou, LCM Akreseus, CM Colo Delste, CPT Richlet, CPT Morgoth, VA Silwar Naiilo
Icon for losLegion of SkirmishIcon for los
MAJ Graf D'Jinn, CM Xylo Pethtel, LCM SirCaleb, CM Colo Delste, CPT Richlet
Combat Ratings Advancements
PvP Rating Advancements
  • CM Colo Delste: Veteran 3rd
  • SL Stralen to FM/SL Stralen/Eagle 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
  • SL Jarl Torment to FM/SL Jarl Torment/Firebird 3-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
  • LT Artificial to FM/SL Artificial /Thunder 3-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
There and Back Again: A COMPOST Tale until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
Armchair Admirals until 2022-01-17 for the Entire TC.
Legion's Challenging Time Trials until 2021-12-31 for the ISDII Challenge.
Firebird Squadron Banner Competition #2 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
Crossword Challenge until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
Trivia Grand Tour Season Seven until 2021-12-27 for the Entire TC.
Inferno Signal Scramble until 2022-01-01 for the ISDII Challenge.
The Challenge with Words until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
COO's Star Wars Challenge Episode VII - 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
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Flight Activity:
Squadrons PvP, COO Shootouts, Legions Challenging Time Trials
Medals Awarded: 13x LoC; 1x IAR
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