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  Combat Operations Officer report #59 (12/16/2021)
This report was submitted by COO/FA Miles Prower/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

COO Report #36

REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Miles "Tails" Prower, Combat Operations Officer
DATE SUBMITTED: 16 December 2021
ACTIVE DUTY ROSTER COUNT: 159 Including 3 NPCs and 1 two-tailed vulpinroid


Last week's report was overdue due to a death in the family. After taking care of the majority of affairs, I decided the best thing I could do is throw myself headfirst into a project. One project that was on the backburner which seemed to hit a rut was the COO Manual update.

Taking inspiration from work done on the DB's Dark Side Compendium to bring it to the Wiki, I set up the Combat Operations Manual prototype on the EH Wiki. Thanks to some assistance from FA Turtle Jerrar (the Internet Officer) and LC EvilGrin (for some screenshots), I found that putting the Manual in Wiki format was considerably easier and actually fun to put together. Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress and the actual replacement of the current Manual will have to undergo approval from the necessary upstairs bosses.
None this week

COO Star Wars Squadrons Challenge (ID: 3235)
1st Place Holder: CM Gytheran - 243 victories
2nd Place Holder: CPT Xye - 72 victories
3rd Place Holder:  LT ElleOh - 62 victories

1st Place gets the IS-GW and +3 points to annual standings
2nd Place gets the IS-SW and +2 points to annual standings
3rd Place gets the IS-BW and +1 point to annual standings

Last Database Check: 16 December 2021
Next Database Checks/Report:24 December 2021


  • Approval Criteria: At least 1 kill or 1 objective with a winning match. You may submit a 0 kill scoresheet so long as your scoreboard matches up accordingly. For Star Wars Squadrons you must have at a minimum 200 score to be considered productive.
  • Custom missions must have a screenshot containing posted modifiers. Modifiers for Squadrons are to either be pre-checked with the COO/COOAs or conform to posted accepted presets (3PO League, etc.)
  • Match reports must be made no more than 72 hours after completion unless special dispensation is given by the COO
  • Star Conflict players must be a member of the EH corporation displaying our tags for credit.


  • Designating whom will submit the match report when there are multiple EH pilots grouped together to reduce chance of duplicate match reports


  • Submitted new banner, motto and nickname for VSDII Aggressor to TCCOM.
  • Combat Operations Manual prototype on the EH Wiki
  • 1 Squadrons PvP Match
  • 1 Battlefront 2 PvE Match
  • Beat Stryker up and stole his lunch money for an Armchair Admirals match
  • This report


  • Greeting new personnel and providing Honoured Guest status as part of RO duties
  • Checking Combat Ratings/Co-Op PvE Ratings and processing awards
  • Coordinating with the Admiralty Board, the Combat Operations Office Assistants on operations
  • Learning current standards of HTML
  • Translating things discussed into proposals and changes


  • Annual COO SWS Challenge results to-date by request of Genie
  • Project Virulence
  • Combat Operations Manual + Combat Operations Exam Refit

Someone fight me for another round of Armchair Admirals! Come at me!


  • 170: Saturday Star Wars Shootouts (Organised by Silwar Naiilo)
    • Next Shootout is Saturday December 18, 2021 starting at 6 PM US Eastern/11 PM GMT.
    • If you are signed up for an event such as SPL or 3PO, practice and scheduled matches should take priority of course.


  • Prior MSE awards

OFFICER ROSTER (Star Conflict)

  • LC Alejandro Araujo
  • CPT Aardvark
  • AD John T. Clark (SOO)
  • FA Miles Prower (COO/RO)
  • VA Phoenix Berkana (Hammer Commodore)
  • HA Plif (TCCOM)
  • VA Silwar Naiilo (COOA/Challenge Commodore)
  • GN Stryker
  • MAJ Taygetta (COOA)

If there's anything we can help you with, please let us know! Message me on Discord at Admiral Miles Prower#0152 or over email at coo at emperorshammer dot org or tc dash combat dash ops dash office at gmail dot com.

COO/FA Miles Prower/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor
1SW-8BW-1CW-14SR-21BR-3CR/LoC-RS-CSx4-Rx1/LoS-RS-CSx3-Rx1/CoLx10/CoB/LoAx2/OV-15E [Hussar]
[Officer 3rd] [Gunner's Mate 3rd] {TCCORE-COE-SM/5}

Working alongside
COM-COOA-IOA/VA Silwar Naiilo/ISDII Challenge
CMDR-COOA/LC EvilGrin/Inferno/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
CMDR-COOA/LC Taygetta/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

FL-COOA-SQXO/CPT TI-40026/Firebird 3-1/Wing X/ISDII Challenge