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  Delta Squadron Commander report #95 (11/23/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/MAJ Highlander/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

TIE Corps Delta Squadron WSR

DELTA SQUADRON WSR #95 (06 Nov.-12 Nov 2021)

REPORTING COMMANDER: Major Highlander, Squadron Commander TO: Delta Squadron, VA Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore DATE SUBMITTED:23 Nov. 2021


First of all my apologies for such a late report it's been a rough month to say the least, we're in a bit of a lull now that RtF is over with a lot of people getting some well deserved restNot a lot of announcements for this weekLCM XCptCronchX has been reassigned to Flight 1-4LCM andr3 has been reassigned as Flight 3 leaderEveryone please give a round of applause to LCM andr3 on his promotion to Flight Leader of flight 3 I'm sure he will serve us all proudly!!!!Also just to let everyone know our very own TheBlackxRanger his a Twitch channel so we can all see his mad skills and blunders LoL

  • TheBlackxRanger's Twitch Channel: The place where TheBlackxRanger likes to show off his twitchiness and mad skills

    SQUADRON ACTIVITY (06 Nov.-Nov. 12.

    CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOP RatingCombat RatingCommBattle ReviewsIUMedalsOther
    1-1 MAJ Highlander X BS x1
    1-2 CM Aval PC x1
    1-3 LT Shoma Nav'aal X
    1-4 LCM XCronchX
    2-1 LCM TheBlackxRanger 16 20 X SS x1IS-SR x2IS-BW x2 New Uniform
    2-2 LT Dekar Jansen X ISM x1
    2-3 TBA
    2-4 TBA
    3-1 LCM andr3 15 4 Trainee X 3 BS x1 New Uniform
    3-2 LT tteer250
    3-3 LT CobraSparkles 5 PC x1
    3-4 LT lamma-pajama MoC-boc x1


    Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Deltas, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Hammer", "Wing I" or "Delta Squadron".

    Notable Events:

    For a full list of all streaming and youtube channels be sure to check the #streams channel on our Discord, flagged as pinned messages. If an EH stream or youtube channel is missing from the pinned messages, drop me a line on discord.


    Good luck and happy hunting!!!!!

    CMDR/MAJ Highlander/Delta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer SSx2/BSx2/PCx3/ISMx7/MoC-1poc-1goc-1soc-6boc/TUA-Rx1/MUA-Rx1/IS-1GW-2SW-5BW-1CW-2BR-1CR/LoC- TS-IS-CSx6-Rx4/LoS-IS-CSx9-Rx3/CoB/OV [Lancer] [Officer 4th] [Private 2nd] {TCCORE-BFM-COE-MP/ 2-SM/5-LSC-C/DB}