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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #65 (11/16/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/LC Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

TIE Corps Lambda Squadron WSR

(14-Nov-29 ABY)

REPORTING COMMANDER: Lieutenant Colonel Genie, Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: 16th November 29 ABY


Part of what makes the Emperor's Hammer strong is its pilots. I would urge everyone to put a personal target and recruit atleast one new pilot by the end of December. If 50 pilots do that, that's 50 new pilots for the Emperor's Hammer!

Last Saturday 13th Nov, we had our first Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps Annual Golden Gonk Awards. I hope everyone had a blast. COL Marenta was kind enough to record the event and it is currently hosted on our EH youtube channel. If you have nominations or new category ideas for next year's feel free to reach out to me (Genie).

There is an on-going Hammer competition to create new drinks, food or even games for the winning entry - our official Hammer bar - Ranger's Drunken Bastion. If you can think of any signature items as well, just as a Dewback's Head on the wall, with a nice backstory to it. To refresh your memory, you can visit his entry here.

Congratulations to both LT Merlin and LT Konig for passing their TCCORE exams with a 100% score!

Fun fact of the Week: In XvT (and TIE Fighter) if you destroy an ISD's warhead launcher, you can fly inside it and shoot the hull, even with collission on. Brought to you by LCM Cupcake. Do try this at home and let us know the results. :) There is a certain TIE Fighter Battle that expects you to know this. (Also note to self, do not let the ISD architects anywhere near that big secret moon we are constructing)


Gavin Javik
(written by CM Solohan50)

Gavin Javik was just like many other wide-eyed, Imperial recruits. He joined up with the Imperial military as a way to get off a poor planet and away from his even poorer family. He had hopes and dreams, he was going to make something of himself, he was going to come home and show everyone how successful he was. Thirty years later, he'd be known as SL Gavin "Scooper" Javik and was assigned to the Sanitation Department of the M/FRG Phoenix. Specifically, he was assigned as Smiley the cat's personal caretaker... until LT "Phaser" airlocked the poor cat. Taking care of Smiley wasn't a great job but scooping the litter boxes a couple of times a day was a lot better than most of the jobs in the Sanitation Department. Some of those guys had to clean the Wookie pens or scrub down the Ewok pits and Gavin considered himself lucky that he didn't have to do either of those.

When Smiley was spaced, Gavin was very distraught. He was sure that he'd be assigned to clean the Slith enclosure or some other, degrading job that he'd hate. Do you have any idea how bad the mess is when the Slith start molting? He resigned himself to finishing his career scooping up Ewok pellets when he heard a rumor; LC Genie had ordered the new recruits of Lambda Squadron to take over the cleaning of the dirtiest cells on the ISD Hammer, with their toothbrushes no less! This seemed a bit farfetched to Gavin, but he'd heard a lot of other rumors about the command staff on the Hammer. Some people said that they spent all day drinking and partying, others said that they had flown too many battles and weren't all there mentally. Either way he was desperate, so he hatched a plan and submitted a transfer request to move to the Hammer. When his transfer was approved he moved to the Hammer and set his plan in motion.

When Gavin arrived on the Hammer he reported to the head of the Sanitation Department, COL Talons Pryde. He explained that Smiley was transferred to the Hammer and that he would be filling the role of Smiley's caretaker. He held an orange, stuffed, toy cat in his arms as he explained his transfer and even offered to let the Colonel pet him, which Talons declined. In fact, the Colonel barely even looked at Gavin the entire time and his assignment as Smiley's caretaker was approved with no argument. Gavin wasn't sure if the Colonel was ignoring him or if they were too drunk on Chalquilla to notice (he assumed the latter) but it appeared that the rumors were true and he thanked the Emperor that his plan had worked.

It's not uncommon to see Gavin walking down the hallway with a poop scooper in hand and a scowl on his face. If you get too close to him, he will flail the poop scooper around animatedly, with bits of litter flying off it as he gesticulates. This, by itself, makes most people avoid him. Even COL Talons tends to give him a wide berth, since they don't get hit in the face with a dirty scoop and they're still not really sure what Gavin's job is. If you do ever find yourself standing close to him, you'll notice the pungent odor of spice and Chalquilla, though it's not recommended due to the aforementioned scoop. He has been pretending to take care of the ship's cat for years and his ruse still hasn't been discovered. His hope is to continue until he can retire and get a real cat of his own.

(8th - 14th Nov)

CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOP RatingCombat RatingCommBattle ReviewsIUMedalsOther
1-1 LC "Sleepless" Genie 0 4 32 X 0 IS-BR x1 WSR
1-2 LT Dillshize 0 0 0 0
1-3 LT Maveric311 0 0 0 X 0 ISM x1
1-4 CM DemWookieeCheeks 4 16 X 0 SS x1
2-1 CPT "Treble Threat" Xye 0 0 44 Elite 3rd X 0 SS x1 14th Echelon, Uniform
2-2 LT Konig 0 0 0 X 0 TCCORE PC x1
2-3 LT Aisling 0 0 0 X 0 ISM x1
2-4 LCM Howler 0 0 2 X 0 PC x1
3-1 CM Solohan50 4 0 14 Marksman 4th X 0 Uniform, Fiction From EH With Love, Gavin Javik
3-2 LT Elwood ]MERLIN[ Wells 0 0 12 Officer 4th X 0 TCCORE SS x1
3-3 LT RedBaron "The Butcher" 0 0 0 0
3-4 LCM Corran "BeetBox" Shub 0 0 0 0


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