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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #42 (11/06/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Graf D‘Jinn/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

TIE Corps Eagle Squadron WSR


REPORTING COMMANDER: Captain Graf D'Jinn, Squadron Commander TO: Eagle Squadron, Vice Admiral Silwar Naiilo, ISD Challenge DATE SUBMITTED: 6th Nov 29 ABY


Captain Graf D'jinn leaned against the nose of his X-wing and picked at some metal scarring. The paint was still bright since he'd had it painted in Eagle colours for the war games. His R2 unit attended to some minor repairs to the rear of the fighter, and Graf chuckled as he listened to the droid whistle a strange tune while it worked.

"Does yours do that?" Graf asked his XO, who sat on a case of munitions sipping his peculiar brew of plants. Graf had tried it several times, and remained undecided about whether or not he enjoyed it.

"Do you mean make music?" Xylo Pethtel asked. He shook his head, "no. I don't think I've ever heard an R2 make music like that."

Graf furrowed his brow and rubbed his forehead. "XP... tough month. Wouldn't you agree?"

The young officer looked up through the cavernous hangar and thought about it for a while. "Best time of my life."

"I knew you'd say that."

"Happy to not disappoint, Commander."

"The rest of the squadron?"

"You know them as well as I do. They're all itching to get back out. If we're getting our shore leave pushed back after the Tusorix fracas, nobody wants to be just sitting around Dempsey's Cantina playing cards. Any word from the Commodore about further missions?" XP finished the last of his drink and jumped up off the case. It was as if he was willing the Captain to tell him to get his flight suit on.

"You'll find out when I do, mate. Alright, let's go to the barracks, collect everyone and get some PT in. Anything I should know about?"

"Oh, General Stryker offered me a post in Firebird."

Graf smiled. "What'd you say?"

"'I don't look good in orange, sir.'"

SQUADRON ACTIVITY (31st Oct - 6th Nov)

CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOP RatingCombat RatingCommBattle ReviewsIUMedalsOther
1-1 CM Graf D'Jinn 4 Gunner's Mate 4th Veteran 3rd
1-2 LT K Perkis
1-3 Lt "Jelly" AyePeaBee Beginner Marksman 4th t Hellloooooo?
1-4 LCM Cupcake 7 2 Private 3rd Certified IS-BW x 1 IS-GW x 1 Flight Certification Wings awarded : 6th Echelon
2-1 LCM Xylo "Moonshine" Pethtel 11 15 Gunner's Mate 3rd Marksman 1st Bronze Star awarded, IS-SR awarded, IS-BR x 2 awarded, IS-CR x 2 awarded New Combat Rating achieved : Officer 2nd; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 11th Echelon
2-2 Lt jospence 3 4 Beginner New Combat Rating achieved : Marksman 4th, Flight Certification Wings awarded : 2nd Echelon
2-3 SL Drummer "The Gunner" Nate Qualified
2-4 Vacant
3-1 LCM "Sloth" Critical Hit Private 3rd Marksman 4th
3-2 Lt SirCaleb 9 Private 3rd Officer 4th
3-3 Vacant
3-4 Vacant Hello, is this thing on?


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RtF is over! That was my first, and also everybody currently on the Eagle roster! We flew into eighth, only narrowly missing out against Delta Squadron in seventh in the very closing stages of the scoring. Well done to everyone in the EH. Its been stated over and over, but the competition between Genie and Phalk was astonishing, and done with real respect between the two of them. Congratulations to Phalk! Congratulations to Honsou and his merry band of Tempestuous pilots! Congratulations to my fellow Challengers!

Congratulations to every one of the Eagle squadron, we did exactly what we set out to do and then some.

I look forward to flying with you all again very soon!

I remain, as always, your humble servant,


CMDR/CPT Graf D'Jinn/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge SSx3/BSx6/PCx2/ISMx4/MoC-1poc-1goc-1soc-6boc/MUA-Rx1/IS-1SW-3BW-1GR-5SR-11BR-2CR/LoC-RSx2-IS-CSx9-Rx4/LoS-TS-IS-CSx3-Rx1/CoB/OV [Lancer] [Veteran 3rd] [Gunner's Mate 4th] {TCCORE-SM/5}PLUS!7W0ULD83GR3@T-2-HV-S0M3-M0R3-73TTER2-H3R3