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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #40 (10/19/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Graf D‘Jinn/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

TIE Corps Eagle Squadron WSR


REPORTING COMMANDER: Captain Graf D'Jinn, Squadron Commander TO: Eagle Squadron, Vice Admiral Silwar Naiilo, ISD Challenge DATE SUBMITTED: 19th October 29 ABY


We have a new pilot, and a very good one I might add, in the form of Lt jospence. No doubt you have all seen him around the traps. He suits the X-wing frame well, and has made a strong showing in RtF already. Please show him around if he looks lost. But, the Challenge is looking very busy these days, there's always someone popping up in the most unusual of spots.

Big congratulations to our own SQXO, XP, who took out third place in the RtF Fiction Bonus Competition, with his great story about the Tusorix Incident. Do go and read some of the fiction entries if you haven't already, there are some real gems of stories from the minds of our fellow TCs.

The hangars are awash with machine oil and replacement parts. The X-wing's of Eagle are dirty, streaked with dust and grease, the blue of scorched metal showing through their liveries. The pilots of Eagle look worse. Most sorties these days are incredibly long, with big stretches of cold and boredom between action. And they had been flying a lot of sorties. But each of them had a smile on their face as they traded jokes and debriefed. The games aren't over yet, and the shore leave isn't settled. There's work still to be done.

SQUADRON ACTIVITY (26th Sept - 9th Sept)

CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOP RatingCombat RatingCommBattle ReviewsIUMedalsOther
1-1 CM Graf D'Jinn 20 9 Bronze Star New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Private 1st
1-2 LT K Perkis 2 Discord
1-3 Lt "Jelly" AyePeaBee Beginner Marksman 4th Nil activity
1-4 LCM Cupcake Lancer Certified Discord
2-1 LCM Xylo "Moonshine" Pethtel 12 Gunner's Mate 4th Marksman 1st Imperial Achievement Medal SQXO duties
2-2 Lt jospence 8 New Combat Rating achieved : Trainee. Obtained TIE Corps Flight Certification.
2-3 SL Drummer "The Gunner" Nate Trainee Discord
2-4 Vacant
3-1 LCM "Sloth" Critical Hit Private 3rd Marksman 4th Imperial Achievement Award FL duties
3-2 Lt SirCaleb 7 21 Private 3rd Marksman 1st Medal of Instruction. Imperial Achievement Medal New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Private 3rd
3-3 Vacant
3-4 Vacant This space is blank, and looks sad. So I thought I'd add some text to it


Current Eagle Squadron Competitions:

Challenge Competitions:

  • Challenge's Poetic Proficiency : Every round, a general prompt will be given about something on the Challenge, her pilots, her crew, her history, or sometimes more Star Wars in general along with a poem type. You then write your heart and soul, or liver and Chalquilla, into a poem of the given type which will then be reviewed by your fellow competitors and a winner elected by vote.

TIE Corps Competitions:

  • Trivia Grand Tour: Seasons Greetings: Entering Wheel Lock
  • Starship Designers: This competition is about designing your very own starship. Can be as detailed as you wish to be. Design must include exterior design (blueprint style or actual artwork) and interior design of any rooms of your choice. The design can be of any kind of ship, fighter, cruiser, etc.

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Eagles, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Challenge", "Wing I" or "Eagle Squadron".


Eagle is flying in this Raise the Flag competition, and we're collectively building up momentum behind the push in the final third. To our brothers and sisters on the Challenge, Eagle is behind you every step of the way. To our bitter rivals and great friends on the Hammer and the Warrior, best of luck for the remainder of the comp. And to our COOAs and CS colleagues, thanks for the background work (for no war is without support).

I remain, as always, your humble servant,


CMDR/CPT Graf D‘Jinn/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge SSx3/BSx5/PCx2/ISMx4/MoC-1poc-1goc-1soc-6boc/MUA-Rx1/IS-1SW-2BW-1GR-4SR-10BR-1CR/LoC-RSx2-IS-CS-Rx3/LoS-IS-CSx3-Rx2/CoB [Lancer] [Veteran 3rd] [Private 3rd] {TCCORE-SM/5}