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  Firebird Squadron Commander report #48 (10/08/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/GN Stryker/Firebird/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

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Firebird PatchFIREBIRD SQUADRON WSR #48 (07-OCT-29 ABY) Firebird Patch

FROM: General Stryker, Firebird Squadron Commander
TO: VA Silwar Naillo, ISD-II Challenge
CC: Wing X

Firebird PatchSQUADRON NEWS Firebird Patch
Firebird Squadron is, as of 6.30pm EDT today, ONE YEAR OLD! Happy Birthday, Firebird Squadron!

It has been a long year, with triumphs and tribulations aplenty: we have made new friends, welcomed back old friends, and watched friends go on to their own commands or fade away into retirement. Since its commissioning, Firebird Squadron has had twenty-five pilots pass through its barracks, from veterans such as Elwood the Brave, Jarek La'an and Ricaud, to newcomers like Eriksen83 and Sylas Pitt. I hope every pilot who has spent time with the squadron has enjoyed it, because that's what we are about!

This also marks the longest time I have spent in any one position that wasn't the Reserves, the previous record-holder being my seven months and ten days as Combat Operations Officer in 2007.

To celebrate the anniversary, this is a special one-off report to share our successes thus far:

Major Competition Results

Wake Me When November Ends (Challenge-wide): 1st Place
Chalquilla Cup 1 (TC-wide): 1st Place
Exercise (Re)Mobilisation 3 (TC-wide): Joint 4th with Sin Squadron

Notable Statistics*

LoCs: 3817
LoSs: 4779
DFCs: 3
SP Missions: 392
SP High Scores: 6
Silver Stars: 31
Bronze Stars: 31
MUAs: 12
Platinum Wings: 4
Gold Wings: 20
Gold Ribbons: 8

*These statistics drawn from MSE reports and added by hand, so they might be out by a handful of SP missions, LoCs, or LoSes.

For a squadron at least initially comprised of crusty old veterans from the original Infiltrator Wing who just wanted to socialise and play some games, those are pretty respectable numbers! Hopefully we can equal or beat them going into Firebird's second year!

Firebird PatchCLOSING COMMENTS Firebird Patch

(Yes, this report has been entirely self-serving, but it's our birthday so we can do what we want!)

GN Stryker
CMDR-WARD / GN Stryker / Firebird / Wing X / ISDII Challenge