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  Rho Squadron Commander report #68 (10/07/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT fr0Zen/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Captain Adom "fr0Zen" Wietu, Squadron Commander
DATE SUBMITTED: 10.06.2021


(The communication logs from the previous week scroll across the Rho Squadron Commander's terminal - a sea of silver tinged blue text washing by as waves of record keeping best practices, uniform maintenance, ship configurations, flight tactics, and a healthy volume of interpersonal exchanges.

The Pantoran, CPT Adom "fr0Zen" Wietu, smiles warmly at no one and nothing but his screen. "A solid week of growth, indeed," he comments idly to his droid.

Nix, the R2D7 unit mockingly named in likeness to the effusive flight deck engineer Mix, beeps and swoops approvingly. Certainly the droid can comprehend Imperial Font #227?

The Commander moves next to the activity reports - navigating from folder and file, validation form to patrol summary. The smile lingers as he adds once more, "And all flight activity is up dramatically as well. Yes. This is some real momentum."

The droid tilts forward for a better look at the details.)

The Commander begins composing this week's message on the terminal.

Greetings, as per ever, my Comrades in Black.

Our efforts in this year's Raise the Flag exercises are off to an impressive start.  As of the writing of this report, we are sitting comfortably in 7th place out of 15 squadrons in the active duty Tie Corps - so far having amassed 764 points towards the glory of the ISDII Warrior! 

As one may note from the activity log later in this report, this burst of activity has increased flight ratings across several of our pilots - and will serve doubly at the end of October towards an impressive haul of monthly merit medals.

That current spot in the squad rankings represents a success beyond what I would have asked before the competition. Now seeing the bar that we have set for ourselves, I can state that I hope we can all continue to contribute a steady stream of participation.  Maintaining the current pace will keep us in that spot and ensure Rho Squadron is seen as one of the top tier squadrons in this organization - quite willfully and defiantly against the odds.

I should say that all those points are so far not including upcoming submissions to the Imperial Library and Records that we expect to be provided by LT ossusplayz and LT Cray Xerious.

The total is even more impressive considering that there are more than one of our pilots on leave currently, and that we have one open spot still available in our roster.

Truly, this Commander is impressed and ready to press on through the end of this event! I look forward to providing next week's update on our successes.


Until a new Emperor is seated and the Rebellion is forever crushed!

  • Massive congratulations are due to both LT vapinvanman and LCM FamePlane for scoring 100% - perfection that this CMDR did not hit - on the TCCORE!
  • Speaking of which, that gave me the chance to push through LCM FamePlane's promotion! For our newer Lieutenants particularly, keep in mind the requirements for promotion to LCM: at least two month's time since becoming a Lieutenant (LT); at least 2 monthly merit medals; a passing score on the TCCORE.
  • We have yet to fill that final open slot in Rho! Will it be another one of Davalorn's recruits? Will fr0Zen add his second recruit to the roster? Might someone else step up? 
  • The channel chatter over the last week has been unprecedented for my time in Rho.  It really did my heart some good to see people sharing knowledge and skills with each other and otherwise having a good time as a group.
  • The Squadron Activity Report below includes all activity since my last report on 9/28, so the data is from 9/29 - 10/06, including the most recent submissions that have been approved.

The full list of current competitions can be found here in the Competitions Center.

Most of these competitions take very little effort, and even just participating is enough to count as points towards monthly merit medals.  Always be sure to inform your Flight Leader of the competitions in which you participate so that your Flight Leader can be sure that you get credit each month.

Rho Squadron - Strike
Skid Rho - "Shields won't save you."
Wing II - ISDII Warrior

Flight I - TIE Interceptor
Antiel's Aces || "Show 'em who the bad guys are."
[1-1] CPT fr0Zen
[1-2] LT vapinvanman
[1-3] LCM FamePlane
[1-4] LCM Westric Davalorn

Flight II - TIE Interceptor
Parjai Flight || "We are born to die. We live to be remembered."
[2-1] CPT Jarion Renalds
[2-2] LT Brent Hebris
[2-3] LT Fern Domgra
[2-4] LT ossusplayz

Flight III - TIE Interceptor
Emperor's Will || "Speed Kills"
[3-1] MAJ RedTaz
[3-2] LCM Cray “Teash” Xerious
[3-3] LT kevinbackroom
[3-4] TBA

Flight I

[1-1] CPT fr0Zen

  • Flying: 4 LoC, 18 LoS
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Email, Discord

[1-2] LT vapinvanman

  • Flying: 36 LoC, 16 LoS
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating achieved : Marksman 3rd; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 3rd Echelon; New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Qualified; IU Course added to Academic Record by the SOO : [TCCORE] - 100%; Updated Imperial Navy Personnel Record (INPR)
  • Communication: Discord

[1-3] LT FamePlane

  • Flying: 26 LoC, 3 LoS
  • Non-flying: New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Beginner; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 5th Echelon; New promotion : Lieutenant Commander (LCM); New Combat Rating achieved : Marksman 1st; IU Course added to Academic Record by the SOO : [TCCORE] - 100%
  • Communication: Discord

[1-4] LCM Westric Davalorn (SQXO)

  • Flying:  30 LoC, 33 LoS; Winner for September COO Star Wars Challenge
  • Non-flying: New COOP/PVE Rating achieved : Gunner's Mate 4th; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 9th Echelon; New Combat Rating achieved : Officer 4th
  • Communication:  Discord

Flight II

[2-1] CPT Jarion Renalds

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

[2-2] LT Brent Hebris

  • Flying: 1 LoC
  • Non-flying:  Updated Imperial Navy Personnel Record (INPR)
  • Communication: Discord

[2-3] LT Fern Domgra

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

[2-4] LT ossusplayz

  • Flying: 3 LoC
  • Non-flying: New Combat Rating achieved : Marksman 4th; Flight Certification Wings awarded : 2nd Echelon; Updated Imperial Navy Personnel Record (INPR)
  • Communication: Discord

Flight III

[3-1] MAJ RedTaz

  • Flying: Battle completed : TIE-TC 104 (5 missions); Battle completed : TIE-TC 102 (6 missions); Battle completed : TIE-TC 101 (4 missions)
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

[3-2] LCM Cray Xerious

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord

[3-3] LT kevinbackroom

  • Flying: none
  • Non-flying: none
  • Communication: Discord 

[3-4] TBA

  • Flying:
  • Non-flying:
  • Communication:
So What Else this Week?

Two reminders!

First your current Project Sovereign account balance:

  • fr0Zen: 2137 credits
  • FamePlane: 4244 credits
  • Westric Davalorn: 724 credits
  • Jarion Renalds: 7700 credits
  • Brent Hebris: 5073 credits
  • Ossusplayz: 4120 credits
  • RedTaz: 7865 credits
  • Cray "Teash" Xerious: 4200 credits
  • Kevinbackroom: 4120 credits

These balances will likely increase by the time of the next report as September's activity is filed and calculated as bonuses on top of your rank and position salaries.

Second, I want to highlight the availability and flight preferences survey that Davalorn has put together for the Squadron. Please complete that quick survey available here. We are anticipating responses from a majority of our pilots still - with 5 having submitted, and 6 not yet participating.


The nefarious LT vapinvanman - with his scandalous past now forgiven due to impeccable service to the Empire, regardless of what may or may not be his questionable motivations - will be returning to his home planet of Balosar this weekend in order to complete local customs of matrimony with his betrothed.  

He is duly relieved of duty until a week after the wedding date, which will be the 10th day of the 10th month of our Imperial Calendar.  Be advised that no pilots are to break an imposed contact silence with LT vapinvanman - both for his safety, and for ours, he is not to be bothered with any form of communication from now until the 17th day of the month.  Should he appear on the communication holos before the 17th, he is to be summarily sent back to his husbandly duties.

CPT Adom "fr0Zen" Wietu
CMDR/CPT fr0Zen/Rho/Wing II/ISDII Warrior

CMDR of the TCCOM's Escort Squadron