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  ISDII Hammer Commodore report #107 (10/04/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/VA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer


TO: Pilots of the Hammer
FROM: Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2021-10-4
SUBJECT: Hammer Ship Report
MEMBER COUNT: 61 (+2 Change)


Greetings pilots of the Hammer!

Welcome to this week's ship report - we have a heck of a lot going on at the moment so please check in with your Squadron Commanders, especially around Raise the Flag, the TIE Corps annual event.

This week's report contains results from the September runs of the Hammered on the Hammer competition, as well as the Hammer Tour of Duty, the results are further down this report along with links to the winning bar descriptions.

Raise the Flag started started last week and at the moment the Hammer is occupying 3rd spot albeit not too far behind the Warrior in the current standings. This competition runs for a month and involves earning points off effectively any activity that we see in the TIE Corps. You'll find out more on the rules page for the competition here: http://rtf.tsaunders.net/pages/rules. If you want to take part please reach out to your Squadron Commander who can tell you about any planned MP sessions.

Finally please join me in welcoming a trio of new pilots to the ISDII Hammer - Lieutenant Aisling has come across from another squadron to join Lambda Squadron, whilst Sub Lieutenants Elwood ]MERLIN[ Wells and KEBLAOMEGA have joined Lambda and Beta Squadrons respectively. Do keep an eye out on Discord and give them a warm welcome.


Silver Star of the Empire
VA Phoenix Berkana
LC Genie

Imperial Security Medal
CPT Garyth Mantisa

Iron Star with Gold Ribbons
LCM TheBlackxRanger
Iron Star with Silver Ribbons
CM Witchblade
Iron Star with Bronze Wings
LC Genie
Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
LC Genie
CPT Witcher
CM Solohan50
LCM TheBlackxRanger x 2
Iron Star with Copper Ribbons
LC Genie
MAJ Highlander
CM Solohan50
CM Wildfire
LCM TheBlackxRanger
LCM Aaron Cremel
LT Dekar Jansen
LT Wolver Excelsior Berkana x 2

Medal of Instruction
LC Genie
LCM TheBlackxRanger

LCM DemWookieeCheeks was promoted to Commander
SL Elwood ]MERLIN[ Wells was promoted to Lieutenant

LT Aisling was assigned to Lambda 2-3
SL Elwood ]MERLIN[ Wells was assigned to Lambda 3-2
SL KEBLAOMEGA was assigned to Beta 1-2
LT Physics was reassigned to the Reserves

Uniform Updates
LC Genie
LCM TheBlackxRanger


Hammered on the Hammer
On behalf of Commander Solohan50:
Good morning/afternoon/evening/4th meal Pilots! The September portion of the Hammered on the Hammer competition ended a few days ago. I apologize for the delay in announcing this, but it's been a little crazy around here lately! We had 4 pilots submit entries and they were all fantastic. That said, while I think everyone who submitted a bar idea is a winner...some of you are more of a winner than the others! The rewards are as follows:

- 1st place and earning an IS-GR (and breaking his streak of "always the bridesmaid but never the bride" and getting 2nd place in my competitions) is TheBlackxRanger, who went above and beyond to really paint a word-picture. Maybe he'll become Hammer's new interior designer as well as tailor!
- 2nd place and earning an IS-SR is Witchblade, who wrote a humorous story about the Blacksmith Cantina and how it honors a fallen comrade by the name of LT Iamair Lockedoops
- 3rd place and earning an IS-BR is Genie, who wrote about a bar inside a derelict Corvette called The Flying Nail and all the shenanigans that Hammer pilots get up to!
- 4th place and earning a special place in my heart (and an IS-BRIS-Aluminum Ribbon, which is a ceremonial, Ewok medallion that isn't recognized by EH admin) is CM Aval who wrote about The Raging Drunkard, a bar that is managed by a grumpy ex-pilot and is one turbolaser shot from being an outside bar instead of an inside bar
Thank you, Pilots, for all of your submissions. I truly enjoyed reading all of them and I really appreciate your participation. That said, it's now time to move on to the October portion of the competition.

LCM TheBlackxRanger
CM Witchblade
LC Genie
LC Genie (image)
CM Aval

Your goal for October is simple - create a signature drink or a signature meal for The Drunken Bastion, TheBlackXRanger's winning submission from September. I'm open to other consumables, but they need to be something that The Drunken Bastion is known for. Submissions should be at least 50 words long. Make sure to give it some detail or a backstory of why it’s the signature item. Please email your submissions to solohan50@gmail.com.

Prizes are as follows for October:
1st - IS-GR and the signature item becomes an official part of the Hammer canon and added to the Hammer website
2nd - IS-SR and the signature item becomes an official part of the Hammer canon and added to the Hammer website
3rd - IS-BR and the signature item becomes an official part of the Hammer canon and added to the Hammer website
And remember, Pilots, this is taking place during RtF, so you can possibly earn RtF points for the Hammer as well as participate in this! You can create art, create multiple signature items, or something else that I'm not thinking of! Please make sure to follow RtF submission guidelines if you wish to submit them for both competitions. I think that's all I have, so I look forward to reading your submissions!

Hammer Tour of Duty
As an expansion of the Lambda Squadron Tour of Duty, this competition sees all pilots assigned to the ISDII Hammer flying a assigned set of Battles. The set for October is to fly TC XWA 1 - 20

== Points ==
Completing a battle: 4 points
>70% battle laser accuracy: +1 point
>85% battle laser accuracy: +2 points
>50% of the battle high score: +1 point
>75% of the battle high score: +2 points
Writing a review of 20+ words for a completed battle: +1 point

Note: Completing a battle with 0 lasers fired will count as 100% accuracy.
== Awards ==

Top pilot at the end of the tour: IS-GW
2nd place pilot at the end of the tour: IS-SW
3rd place pilot at the end of the tour: IS-BW

Top pilot each month: IS-SW
2nd place pilot each month: IS-BW
Every 30 points a pilot earns, they'll receive an IS-CW

For the month of September our scoring is as below - well done to LT andr3 who claims this rounds IS-SW, and also to our runner up CM Solohan50 who claims a IS-BW. We also have a number of supplementary awards with LT andr3 completing an additional 3 sets of 30 points and picking up 3 IS-CW's, with CM Solohan50 also completing his first set of 30 and getting a IS-CW. Well done!

Trivia for the Hammered - Season Three
Each week, 4 questions will be released via email. For each question, the quickest pilot to answer correctly receives 3 points, second quickest with the correct answer gets 2 points and all the pilots with a correct answer get 1 point.
We tally up at the end of the week with the highest point total winning an IS-BR.
After 8 rounds we tally up for our Season Three winner who will receive an IS-SR, the runner up an IS-BR.
Points earned on each question accrue and lead to IS-CRs being awarded for every multiple of 50 points.

With the arrival of RtF last weeks round did not take place, but we will resume our reguarly scheduled trivia knowledge competition this week.

A full list of TIE Corps competitions can be found here


As ever, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/VA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
[Gallant][Private 3rd] {TCCORE-SM/2/5-WIKI}