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  ISDII Challenge Commodore report #10 (09/30/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-COOA-IOA/VA Silwar Naiilo/ISDII Challenge

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The Storm's Gaze #10

Submitted: 2021-09-30

Commodore's report: 2021-09-21 - 2021-09-30

From the Desk of Silwar Naiilo
The uniform of Silwar Naiilo, #12630

This is it: in about ten minutes, the biggest competition of the year will begin. Every pilot, every squadron, and every ship will fight for the top spot; not only for medals, but for the prestigious titles of Flagship of the TIE Corps, the TCCOM's Escort Squadron, and TCCOM's Wingman for the next 12 months. Raise the Flag 2021 challenges everyone to take part in a variety of activities, and as many of them as possible; pilots earn points for flying, for writing fiction, for drawing art, and for the many bonus competitions that the TCCOM will announce soon. I have zero doubt that the Challenge will win, once again, as we won TIE Corps in Battle and as we won Imperial Storm 3. I expect everyone's participation as we reclaim the title of flagship for the first time in many years. Please refer to the Challenge discord for continuous discussion about strategy and status.

Documentation Challenges has completed. The top three winners are:

  1. CM Dynamus: IS-GR
  2. MAJ Kalve Ryder: IS-SR
  3. LCM Sylas Pitt: IS-BR
IS-CRs will also go out to: CPT Honsou, LCM Colo Deste, LCM Xylo Pethtel, CM LegionX, and LCM Jaxx Nassin.

Welcome SL SerenityStar13, who joins Thunder Squadron! The sub-lieutenant was recruited by CM LegionX, who has earned a Medal of Instruction.

LT Scarlette's competition, "Starship Designers", ends in two weeks. This competition is about designing your very own starship, which can be as detailed or simple as you wish. Designs must include the exterior (blueprint style or actual artwork) and interior of any rooms of your choice. The design can be of any kind of ship- fighter, cruiser, etc.

Submissions will be judged on overall composition, art skill, and design. Submissions should be sent to LT Scarlette via direct message in Discord.

LCM Xylo Pathtel is running the competition "Poetic Proficiency". He posts a subject and format, and you write a poem. Round three voting has closed, and round four entries can be submitted. Round 4 will challenge you to take it to the Tanka type, and write about anything to do with any of your favorite Challenge competitions we've had, whether that be the local missions, Imperial Storm, or even RtF as this round will run through it!

COL Marenta submitted the winning entry, with a poem written using imabic pentameter, about Chalquilla:

The burn, it hurts me as I take a drink
I cannot stop acting a fool when drunk
Yellow-brown hue that sticks upon every
Surface but cleans machines quite well indeed

COL Marenta's Inferno Signal Scramble has completed its 12th round, a competition where she posts an unknown acronym - and you guess what it means. You can vote for the 13th round and enter the 14th round until October 10th.

Our next Real Heroes of the Challenge entry will be broken into multiple parts. In Phalk's first-place entry, he describes Roolothe mechanic. This is part two; to see the first, visit the previous report.


COL Phalk Sturm crossed the hangar from side to side while walking by the safety lane, until he reached the entrance to the lower sub-level. Several fighters were lined up into pits with scaffolds around them. A bright sign by the side of the metal structures informed of which work station and appointed mechanic. Almost immediately Sturm recognized his Spectre Missile Boat, as in fact it was the only one parked amidst other TIE starfighters. He could see the Commodore's personal Lambda-class Tyderian Shuttle being adjacent to a badly beaten TIE Advanced. Perhaps Elara's?, -he thought to himself-, and a few steps further he was standing by the open lid of his cockpit. Inside, all panels had been dismantled, and he could not help himself, but to release a gasp of despair. Wires, the backside of panels and screens, accumulators, were all visible and also some scattered handheld power tools here and there. Like if a bomb had exploded and bursted the insides of his, now dead, brand new flying death machine.

Then a voice from inside the avionics box, growled. A guttural sound of no human nature.

A sturdy, aged and horribly scarred Ughnaught emerged. Surprised of having company, he did not greet the officer staring at him. Sturm could clearly see the deep scars on his porcine face. Burn marks, probably? Radiation? Skin plague? Electrified lashes?. This man seemed like he had seen a lot through his life. A big number across the chest of a red apron reported his number: AD478.

"Good morning, AD478. Is your name Roolo?" asked Sturm to the still standing Ughnaught, staring back at him, speechless.

"Hmpf, yes, I am Roolo, and you are pilot. What, hmpf, is your doing here? Not belong here, you pilot." said the Ughnaught and turned back to look for some tool that he quickly grabbed and almost snuck back inside the cockpit's entrails.

Sturm bowed and an awkward silent pause ensued.

"I am Colonel Sturm, Roolo. And this is MY fighter. What is the malfunction? Maybe I can help. And I need to know what is it, before I fly this baby again", said Sturm and squared his body, expanding his chest.

Roolo issued a guttural sound, not a growl now, but a purr, and bowed.

Then, he spoke: "Programming is outdated, hmpf, and there are many uncoupled functions that were fried because of unstable molecular weilding. Hmpf, this was poorly done, hmpf. Bad job, bad job" replied, and he started following something with his head, inside one of the open avionic compartments, somewhere in the depths of the fighter's nose.

"Can I help you with those? I mean, I am not flying anywhere this morning, am I?" asked Sturm, more interested in the odd-looking scars of the Ughnaught than the actual malfunctions in his fighter.

"No, hmpf. What can you know about molecular weilding? Hmpf. Work has to be done, you go officer, you go and let Roolo do his job. Good job, good job", his reply was dry but seemed genuinely concerned.

"I have been to Gentes, Roolo. I have been coupling with your neutron-arches quite a few times. In fact, where are you from? Gentes? Belsus? Bespin?" inquired Sturm, with additional intent to know more about his mechanic.

"Neutron-arch you say? Hmpf", Roolo had popped out his head and holding a handheld neutron-arch wielder in his hand. His left hand. His right hand was missing a few fingers and wearing a safety glove. "Gentes I am, but sold in slavery I was. Been to many places. Now you go, officer. Good job, good job", and quickly slipped back to the insides of the fighter.

"Oh, sorry to hear that, Roolo. But you are here by your will, aren't you?" Sturm asked. He was not sensing any resentment from the Ughnaught nor any physical pain attaining an enemy. The Ughnaught just gave him a feeling of weariness. Although genuinely concerned about Roolo's current situation of being a slave or not, he worried more about an unwilling slave fixing his personal starfighter. But he immediately dismissed the thought of sabotage as he felt nothing inside that could lead him to aggression or the itching pain presenting whenever an enemy was nearby.

"Free I am, and fond of my job. A Good job, a good job. Please, now you go officer, let Roolo finish", the Ughnaught showed up again his scarred face lifting a ventilation lid.

"Alright, Roolo. But I'll be back in a few hours, to see how you're doing. And I'll bring something. Not a genteslug, but something you may like. Good job you do and present I will give you". Sturm almost shouted inside the open avionics compartment, since the noise of the wielder muffled his words while in a rain of sparks sourcing from an unknown place in the depths of his fighter. He walked away.

Roolo went back to his rumblings.

Ship Stats
  • Missions completed: 91
  • IU courses completed: 3
  • LoCs earned: 236
  • LoSs earned: 36
  • Badge icon for Sub-LieutenantCT -> SL SerenityStar13
Icon for ssSilver Star of the EmpireIcon for ss
LC EvilGrin
Icon for bsBronze Star of the EmpireIcon for bs
LC Tygra Shadowclaw
Icon for pcPalpatine CrescentIcon for pc
CM LegionX
Icon for ismImperial Security MedalIcon for ism
LT Ryuzokin, CM Dynamus
Icon for moiMedal of InstructionIcon for moi
CM LegionX
Icon for is-srIron Star - Silver RibbonIcon for is-sr
CM Dynamus
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CPT Graf D‘Jinn, LCM Xylo Pethtel, LT SirCaleb, LCM Taurus, LCM Jaxx Nassin, LCM Sylas Pitt, LC EvilGrin, COL Marenta, CPT Honsou, LCM Akreseus, LCM Colo Delste, CPT Richlet, CM Morgoth, LT Gisornator, CM Dynamus, VA Silwar Naiilo
Icon for losLegion of SkirmishIcon for los
CPT Graf D‘Jinn, LCM Cupcake, LCM Xylo Pethtel, LT SirCaleb, LCM Jaxx Nassin, LCM Cody Lance, CM LegionX
Combat Ratings Advancements
PvP Rating Advancements
  • LCM Jaxx Nassin: Veteran 4th
  • CM Morgoth: Elite 2nd
  • LT Gisornator: Marksman 3rd
Co-Op Rating Advancements
  • LCM Jaxx Nassin: Campaigner 2nd
  • SL SerenityStar13 to FM/SL SerenityStar13/Thunder 2-3/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
Raise the Flag 2021 until 2021-10-31 for the Entire TC.

THE BIG ONE. Fly, write, draw. Everything counts. Bring victory to the Challenge!

Challenge's Poetic Proficiency until 2021-11-14 for the ISD-II Challenge.

LCM Xylo Pethtel will announce a format and subject biweekly. Write and vote on poetry.

Starship Designers until 2021-10-18 for the Entire TC.

Design the exterior and interior of our very own starship. Send entires to LT Scarlette in Discord.

Crossword Challenge until 2021-09-30 for the Entire TC.

Every month, Solohan50 will send out a crossword puzzle. Winners determined by number of correct answers.

Challenge Championship League until 2021-08-08 for the ISD-II Challenge.

A 3v3 fleet battles league for pilots of the Challenge

Inferno Signal Scramble until 2022-01-01 for the ISD-II Challenge.

Fill in the acronyms from random letter combinations; Google Forms link posted to the Challenge Discord channel

The Challenge with Words until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.

COL Marenta will generate a word search and post the link.

COO's Star Wars Challenge Episode VII - 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.

Accumulate the most LoCs or LoSs in Squadrons.

MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.

Pilots earn monthly and yearly medals for the most LoCs earned. Squadrons games not eligible.

COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.

Pilots earn monthly and yearly medals for the most LoSs earned.

SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021 until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.

Pilots earn monthly and yearly medals for the most singleplayer missions played.

The TIE Pilot Podcast until 2021-12-31 for the Entire TC.
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Medals Awarded: 4x LoC
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