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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #59 (09/14/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/LC Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

TIE Corps Lambda Squadron WSR

(12-Sep-29 ABY)

REPORTING COMMANDER: Lieutenant Colonel Genie, Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: 14th September 29 ABY


This is the second of two back-to-back reports, covering the week of 6th Sep - 12th Sep, as I missed one week. If you want to know more, just read the creative corner section.

Fun fact of the Week: The Easy difficulty on TIE Fighter is called Ewok.


Aboard the ISD II Hammer...

Wookie and Howler has just returned from a patrol. Not much to tell about there. Both Howler and Wookie were in a rush to treat themselves to some Lambda Blowout, Lambda Squadron's favourite drink.

As they walked into the Hammered bar, sharing a joke and laughing, they looked towards the bar and froze. Solohan and BE-37 were busy carrying Genie to the back. More like, BE-37 was carrying Genie and Solohan was just jumping around excitedly. Solohan heard the commotion. He turned and saw Wookie and Howler standing at the entrance. A small pause.

Howler: What are you guys doing?
Solohan: He had too much to drink, we are just carrying him to the back to let him sleep it off.
BE-37: Just give me a minute and I will be right with you.

Wookiee and Howler sat at the bar and carried on chatting. A few moment later, BE-37 walked back out to the bar from the backdoor. BE-37: So what can I do you guys for?
Howler: Two Lambda explosions and make them snappy, please!
BE-37: Coming right up. BE-37 served them their drinks and some nuts. As Howler took a sip he looked up, feeling a bit hazy and immediately fell off his stool. Wookie had already drunk the whole thing. He took a long hard look at Howler, then turned towards BE-37 who blinked profusely, 3-4 times. Solohan was just coming out to the bar. He saw Howler on the ground, threw a glance at BE-37, and then at Wookiee holding an empty glass. Wookie turned the glass towards his face, he took a good look at it, brought it closer to his face and then sniffed it.

Solohan tried to run out of the bar, but Wookie just leapted towards him. He grabbed him by the back of the neck and lifted him up in the air. His legs were still "running" idly in the air.
Wookie: You have some explaining to do.

(06th - 12th Sep)

CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOP RatingCombat RatingCommBattle ReviewsIUMedalsOther
1-1 LC "Sleepless" Genie 0 0 0 X 0 IS-CR x2, PC x1
1-2 LT Dillshize 0 0 0 X 0 ISM x1
1-3 LT Maveric311 0 0 0 X 0
1-4 LCM DemWookieeCheeks 0 0 0 X 0 SS x1
2-1 CPT "Treble Threat" Xye 0 0 0 X 0 PC x1
2-2 LT Konig 0 0 0 X 0
2-3 LT "Racer" Physics 0 0 0 X 0
2-4 LCM Howler 0 0 0 X 0 BS x1
3-1 CM Solohan50 0 0 2 Trainee X 0 ISM x2
3-2 SL Zero Len 0 0 0 X 0
3-3 LT RedBaron "The Butcher" 0 0 0 X 0
3-4 LCM Corran "BeetBox" Shub 0 0 0 0


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Both of the Shyriiwook translators I had bookmarked are... gone. The timing is a bit strange. If anyone is familiar with a working Shyriiwook translator, feel free to reach out to me.

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