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  Epsilon Squadron Commander report #21 (07/14/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-COOA/MAJ Taygetta/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Epsilon Squadron WSR

Epsilon PatchEPSILON SQUADRON WSR #21 (July 14, 29 ABY)Epsilon Patch

TO: VA Phoenix Berkana
REPORTING PERIOD: 07/04 - 07/10

Epsilon PatchEPSILON SQUADRON NEWSEpsilon Patch

Another week, another battle completed. This time we were fighting for control of Bunduki with the Warrior. We ended up completely decimating the Warrior sent to Bunduki, even taking out the Warrior itself! We however we have lost the Imperial Class Star Destroyers Hood, Inflexible, Warspite and Punisher along with the Interdictor Paradox.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in these battles most notably though, CM Gytheran who has flown well over 800 legions since the start of the month, as well as placing in the top 4 for both SP missions. You are a beast!

Unfortunately we have lost SLs Jek Prime and CT Fang, as well as LT Dorjan Kell. May they come back to the TC if they get the time.

We have been seeing a large influx of members, both new and old, coming to us recently! I would just like to remind everyone to greet and welcome those coming in and to help them with any issues that may arise.

COO POLICY: Please do not report the amount of kills as 1 when you go to submit an LoC or LoS. You need to instead report the actual amount of kills. Also, for SC legions to be eligible for approval, you must be a part of the EH corporation. You may contact me or any other officer for admission to the corporation

Epsilon PatchSQUADRON ROSTER & ACTIVITYEpsilon Patch
1-1 MAJ Taygetta02580NoneElite 2ndCampaigner 4thX0MoC-boc x 1WSR
1-2 SL Vraal Spag 00 0None NoneNoneX0
1-3 CM Gytheran367139NoneAce 3rdRanger 4th X 0IAR x1
MoC-boc x1
1-4 TBA
2-1 COL Pellaeon000Executor Ace 1st Ace Ranger 1st X0 MoC-doc x1
2-2 COL Gyssler070Templar Officer 2nd Campaigner 2ndX0
2-3 TBA
2-4 TBA
3-1 CPT Witcher24210DragoonVeteran 1stPrivate 3rdX0 IAR x1
MoC-boc x1
3-2 GN Coranel Both0 0 0CenturionOfficer 1stRanger 2ndX0 MoC-poc x 1Trivia
3-3 LT BatSpoggy00 0 NoneOfficer 4thBeginnerX0 MoC-goc x 1
3-4 LT Relentless001NoneCertifiedBeginnerX0

Hammer Competitions:
Trivia for the Hammered - Season Two: Season Two of the Trivia for the Hammered. As with Season One each week will see 4 questions released via email with the quickest pilot to answer getting 3 points, second quickest 2 points and all the pilots with a correct answer 1 point. We tally up at the end of the week with the weekly winner receiving a IS-BR. After 8 rounds we tally up for our Season Two winner who will receive a IS-SR, the runner up a IS-BR. Career IS-CR's at 50,100, 250, 500 etc

TIE Corps Competitions:
The TIE Pilot Podcast: Hosted by Zekk and Doyon. Email your suggestions to Zekk on topics to cover during the Podcast.

Trivia Grand Tour Season Six: Each week on Sunday evening (usually), Plif will send out a link pointing to five trivia questions for everyone to answer. The trivia questions will come from the canon Star Wars Universe. Responses are due the following Sunday before Plif releases the next set of questions.

SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021: Every Single Player mission flown earns the pilot a point on the Kill Board and the top three pilots at the end of the month earn medals. Yearly, the top four pilots earn medals.

MP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021: Every Legion of Combat earned gives the pilot a point on the Multiplayer Kill Board. Counting just the points earned from games OTHER than Star Wars Squadrons, the top three pilots at the end of the month earn medals. Yearly, the top four pilots earn medals.

COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021: Every Legion of Skirmish earned gives the pilot a point on the Multiplayer Coop Kill Board and the top three pilots at the end of the month earn medals. Yearly, the top four pilots earn medals.

COO's Star Wars Challenge Episode VII - 2021: Accumulate the most missions in a Star Wars branded approved multiplayer platform. You may submit PvP battles (Legion of Combat) or PvE battles (Legion of Skirmish). You have from 00:00 GMT on the first day of the month to begin and your submissions must be approved by the Combat Operations Office no later than 23:59 GMT on the last day of the month.

The Challenge with Words: After a particularly bad batch of Chalquilla was distributed by Inferno Squadron, medical was inundated with severely hungover and somewhat illiterate members of the fleet. The tanks had been infected with a spore that ate sugar and spit out alcohol, like yeast. But, this spore also had a side effect, it secreted a neuro- inhibitor that ate away people’s knowledge. To help “stimulate” some learning, Inferno, along with the medical crew, have started sending out word puzzles to help the members of the fleet regain some of their lost knowledge.

Sigma Sigil: Sigma Squadron has been brought back from the dusty corner of a disused hanger aboard the Warrior. To go along with our shiny new Bombers and Interceptors, we require a new patch! FA Turtle Jerrar has kindly done an updated high-res patch so we aren't flying around with paint flakes falling off. The only stipulation in place is that the patch be predominantly made up of purple and gold, to honor the history of Sigma Squadron. If you are stuck for ideas of a starting platform, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I have a draft patch drawn up. Good luck to all and thanks in advance!

Imperial Storm III: Imperial Storm is a turn based war-game that pits all three Battlegroups against the others over a map of the planetary systems that we are currently near.
The teams will do battle against each other for control of the map, earning points for holding systems and attempting to deprive the enemy of their own.

Battles are fought using a scoring system that takes into account all Legion (LoC/LoS) earned during the combat window, alongside the average scores of a teams top 4 SP pilots.

Full rules can be found here: Imperial Storm Rules

The winning Team at the end of the 30 turn game will see all participating pilots earn a TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award (MUA).

The top 6 scorers in each of the 3 streams (top LoC count, top LoS count, top HS% SP count) will earn Iron Stars as below:

1st: IS-GW
2nd: IS-SW
3rd: IS-SW
4th: IS-BW
5th: IS-BW
6th: IS-BW

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Epsilon, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Hammer", "Wing I" or "Epsilon Squadron".

Notable Media:
The Official EH Twitch Stream: The official Twitch channel for the EH. Contact AD Turtle Jerrar for more info
Tay's Stream: Hosted by myself, several hours spread over the week.
Alejandro's Youtube Corner: A place where Alejandro regularly uploads videos of his activities with the modded XWA.
The TIE Pilot's Podcast: Hosted by RA Zekk Terrik and COL Doyon.

For a full list of all streaming and Youtube channels be sure to check the #streams channel on our Discord (flagged as pinned messages). If an EH stream or Youtube channel is missing from the pinned messages, ping LC Genie on discord.

Epsilon PatchCLOSING COMMENTSEpsilon Patch

We've seen a lot of activty in battles but remember to try to get at least 20 legions or the SP mission done when we enter our next battle!

Signing off,

MAJ Taygetta
CMDR-COOA/MAJ Taygetta/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
SSx4/BSx4/PCx4/ISM/IAR/MoI/MoC-1goc-1soc-6boc/IS-8GW-6SW-10BW-2CW-1GR-1SR-3BR-1CR/LoC- PS-RSx2-IS-CSx6-Rx1/LoS-RSx2-CSx5-Rx4/DFC-Rx1/CoB
[Elite 2nd] [Campaigner 4th] {TCCORE-COE-SM/5}