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  Theta Squadron Commander report #19 (07/14/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-TCCOMA/COL Pete Mitchell/Theta/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


Theta Squadron Report #19

Date Submitted: July, 13 2021
From: COL Pete Mitchell
To: Theta Squadron, RA Zekk Terrik – Warrior Commodore

CC: TIE Corps Fleet


It has been an eventful two weeks!  Imperial Storm has continued and there have been two battles so far.  The first was Challenge attacking with a large fleet against a small hammer fleet defending Kallmemama.  The Hammer did more damage, but their fleet was small and fully destroyed.  The 2nd battle was the Warrior fleet attacking the Hammer fleet at BurgerKing.  Theta and the Warrior put up an admirable effort and attack, outfighting the Hammer by a considerable margin.  However, the size of the Hammer fleet proved to be our undoing and our fleet was completely destroyed.  We nearly took the entire Hammer fleet with us, though!  In points, the Warrior is in a close second place to the Hammer, so keep up the effort in the next battle, which could happen at any time!  Full rules are here: http://www.isdhammer.org/ImperialStorm_III.pdf


In other news, LT Wintr Kvitravn transferred to the reserves this week.  We wish him luck in his journeys and hope he finds his way back to us soon. 


Also, our new role and ship selection from Squadron (Re)Mobilization is now active!  We have traded in the TIE Defenders of flight 2 for Escort Shuttles and changed our role to Special Insertion/extraction.  That means that any time one of the Challenged gets drunk and wanders behind enemy lines, we go play DD and bring them home.  (It may or may not mean we put them behind enemy lines while they were passed out, but that’s another story)


Our MSE has also been submitted and is just waiting on John’s stamp of approval before medals are awarded.  July’s MSE is also shaping up to have lots of good shineys going out, so keep up the good work! 


July MTD Numbers


COL Pete Mitchell – Theta 1-1

·         SP: 1 x 3

·         LoS: 262

·         Email, Discord


LT Adalla – Theta 1-3


LC Michael Emrys – Theta 1-4

·         Email


CM Wodi Untok – Theta 2-1


GN Mark Schueler – Theta 2-2

·         SP: 6

·         LoS: 39

·         Discord


LT DigiAndAnime – Theta 2-3

·         Discord


LT Tac Balon – Theta 2-4


CPT SL8c8 – Theta 3-1


GN Gilad Pelleaon – Theta 3-2

·         LoS: 12

·         Discord


COL Silvius – Theta 3-3

·         Discord


GN Pickled Yoda – Theta 3-4

·         SP: 6

·         LoS: 125

·         Discord


Squadron Competitions

While it’s not an official competition, yet, given our new role, and two changes in fighters now, our Flight nicknames and mottoes don’t seem to make much sense.  There is an argument to be made for the squadron motto, but I’m ok with it, too depending on the squad’s thoughts.  Once I figure out how to make a competition (or two) out of that, you’ll be the second to know (after getting it approved). 


Get ready for another fight to the death (hopefully the other teams!).  To the bitter end!

CMDR-TCCOMA/COL Pete Mitchell/Theta/Wing II/ISDII Warrior

GOE/GSx5/SSx22/BSx12/PCx19/ISMx12/IAR/MoI/MoC-4doc-4poc-4goc-4soc-33boc/IS-2PW-32GW-112SW-112BW-6SR-35BR-1CR/LoC-RS-TS-CSx5-Rx1/LoS-PSx12-TS-CSx9-Rx2/DFC-BW/CoLx3/CoB/LoAx39/OV-21E [Templar] [Officer 1st] [Top Ace Ranger] {TCCORE-COE-MCBS-MP/2-SM/2/3/4/5-XAM}


SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2017