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  Simulations Officer report #13 (07/11/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/VA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer


TO: Pilots of the TIE Corps
FROM: Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2021-07-11
SUBJECT: Imperial Storm - Battle of Bukundi


The Battle of Bukundi has come to a close, and what an epic encounter this one has been with scoring going on right up until the close of the combat window. At last count we saw over 3400 Legions entered during the 3 day period, alongside multiple attempts at the XvT FREE mission, with no less than 49 individual pilots taking part in some form or another (24 from the Hammer, 25 from the Warrior) so good efforts all around as in the final reckoning it was incredibly close.

The Warrior entered this Battle with a fleet 2/3 the size of that of the Hammer, however with a incredible 2100+ legions they actually dealt out more damage, forcing the Hammer fleet to withdrawal from the field of battle in flames and claimed the day. Sadly in a prime example of a victory at immense cost, none of the Warrior fleet survived the encounter, any ships that survived to see the Hammers withdrawl soon succumbed to internal damage or were pulled into the planets gravity well. The losses were severe with 6 Corellian Corvettes, 4 Carrack Cruisers, a pair of Dreadnoughts and a Interdictor all being marked down as casualties. Additionally the Victory-II Class Star Destroyer Harpax and the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Warrior itself, both fell on the field of battle despite valiant efforts of their crews.

None of the Hammer forces present at Bukundi fell in battle, damage though is rumoured to be severe with the 5 Star Destroyers including the Hammer herself largely crippled and towed into hyperspace by escort vessels, they will though live to fight another day...

With the loss of all forces the Warrior were unable to break the Hammers hold on Bukundi, and they maintain control over the world.

There you have it folks, another encounter and despite another loss the Hammer leads the scoreboard by virtue of destroying more enemy vessels and maintaining control over more worlds than the other two teams, but for how long?

For those wanting to know who took part, the screenshot below lists Warrior pilots on the left, Hammer pilots on the right.

Red LogoSCORESRed Logo

CHALLENGE: 3230 (Blue)
HAMMER: 4350 (Green)
WARRIOR: 2950 (Red)

Vice Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/VA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
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