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  Simulations Officer report #7 (06/28/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer


TO: Pilots of the TIE Corps
FROM: Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2021-28-06
SUBJECT: Imperial Storm Turn 1 & 2


Phoenix leaned forward over the holo-table to take a better look at the coloured icons arrayed around the map before him. Many of them blinked in different shades of red, blue and green indicating vessels in hyperspace whilst others remained bold a constant.

"The games have begun have they?" Admiral Clark queried as he paused next to Phoenix.

"Indeed sir" Phoenix wafted his hand over the table, "the first orders have just been processed and the groups are underway."

"Excellent, I'm sure this will be entertaining."

Phoenix nodded but quietly mulled over the situation. All three TIE Corps battlegroups were being pitted against each other for the duration of the month, but with his role as Simulations Office he had ceded control of the Hammer task force to Lieutenant Colonel Genie, likewise with Dempsey moving on General Naiilo was leading the Challenge team. It felt bizarre, but was going to be a amusing few weeks.


Last night I had the fortune of kicking off the next edition of Imperial Storm, a TIE Corps wide wargame that pits each of the three Star Destroyers against the other two. The game is a turn based event, where each of the teams led by GN Silwar Naiilo (Challenge), LC Genie (Hammer) and MAJ Hogan (Warrior) compete over a map based on the area of the galaxy that the Emperor's Hammer are currently passing through.

Each team has a force of vessels built using the old XWA points guide - along with a few more modern additions - and over the next month will take and hold worlds on this map to gain points. When they try to take worlds from one another, or their forces meet on the map a battle will ensue, which is where the membership at large come into play as we will make use of a SP FREE mission (top 4 scores per side) and a percentage of all the Legions of Combat / Legions of Skirmish that a side can wrack up during the 3 day combat window.

As this is effectively a massive board game the first few turns are usually uneventful as all teams spread out from their respective homeworlds. With the blessing of the 3 team captains I am therefore processing two turns a day for a few days to speed us along to our first encounter, think of it as a board game on fast mode.

I would encourage each of the teams to discuss tactics, share the links to the googledrive space holding the team updates and generally enjoy the one-upmanship etc via Discord.

A full set of rules can be found on the competition page: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3294

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CHALLENGE: 500 (Blue)
HAMMER: 500 (Green)
WARRIOR: 500 (Red)

Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] {TCCORE-SM/2/5-WIKI}