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  TIE Corps Commander report #32 (06/17/2021)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-IOA-EDR/HA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: High Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander
ACTIVE DUTY ROSTER COUNT: 157 (+3) Including 3 NPCs


The roster is up by three at 157 pilots, though that belies the fact that there's been a lot of motion in both directions lately.

The Internet Office has killed two porgs with one stone with a change to the database's email system. We're now routing messages using a method that's getting our notifications to Outlook, Live.com, Hotmail, Yahoo, and GMX recipients reliably. In addition, outbound notifications get queued in a way that we avoid breaking our hosting service's limit but we can approve as many uniforms, medals, and promotions as we want without fear of some of those messages not going out. The latter's been a pretty big hurdle for us for a while now, so I'm very thankful that's been resolved.

The Commodore of the ISDII Challenge has announced her retirement at the end of the month. Many thanks to HA Anahorn Dempsey for having stepped into a leadership role once again particularly on the Challenge so that it had a successful launch. We're now accepting applications for the position and any interested officers should email the TIE Corps Command Staff at tccs at emperorshammer dot org. Just to throw out a number so that everyone can accurately determine if they're a competitive candidate, applicants should have at least 8 months combined experience between any CMDR, WC, or COM roles they've held.

I'll be on leave starting today, the 17th, and ending Tuesday the 22nd. AD Clark and FA Prower have been advised and will be fulfilling my duties until I'm back. The Trivia Grand Tour will have some revised dates, I'll post about that on Discord.


The Raise the Flag event each year confers three titles to recognize the top ship, squadron, and individual pilot from the competition. These are the current holders of those titles.

TIE Corps Flagship: ISDII Warrior

TCCOM's Escort Squadron: Rho

TCCOM's Wingman: GN Pickled Yoda


TIE Corps in Battle has assignments for June: TIE-TC 202, XvT-TC 14, and XWA-TC 25.

SP Ace of the TIE Corps is awarding the top three pilots on the SP Kill Board each month.

MP Ace of the TIE Corps is now awarding the top three pilots on the Multiplayer Kill Board for all the games other than Star Wars Squadrons, which has its own similar competition.

COOP Ace of the TIE Corps is awarding the top three pilots on the Multiplayer Coop Kill Board each month.

The Trivia Grand Tour is in its sixth season. Updates are going out to the mailing list separately and also #competitions on Discord.



  • Pilot Manual update regarding Iron Stars, the removal of a mention of TTT2, and a dress uniform trim color
  • Last CMDR+ meeting was on Saturday the 12th
  • Switched cadet instructions to point to tccs at emperorshammer dot org instead of just the TCCOM
  • Provided instructions to the SOO and COO about how to assign SLs


  • Performing onboarding tasks before assigning cadets to squadrons
  • Processing uniform updates
  • Processing medal and promotion recommendations
  • Processing transfers and other profile updates in the database
  • Adding items to the news feed in the database and the #polls-and-announcements channel in Discord
  • Updating the TIE Corps Pilot Manual
  • Chatting with the IO about stuff we need or would like to see in the new database
  • Learning to be a responsible database code collaborator from the IO, FA Turtle Jerrar (thanks!)
  • Holding CMDR+ meetings every two weeks
  • Moving pilots from the Reserves to AWOL status when messages from the Captain of the Phoenix, CPT Sparky, result in a bounce


  • Realignment for #hangar-chat, #pickup-games, and other related Discord channels along with some multiplayer-specific roles
  • Parsing RtF feedback to share with the leaders
  • The Commodore Volume 7
    • Thinking about a reformat for this, both to make it easier to compile and easier to read on devices other than computers
  • Competition resource - what we've done before to serve as a pool of ideas for what we can do next
  • Taking TM/3 (someday)

If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Discord at Plif#2475 or over email at tccom at emperorshammer dot org.

[Centurion] [Ace 2nd] [Ace Ranger 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}
TIE Golf Grand Champion