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  Combat Operations Officer report #49 (06/06/2021)
This report was submitted by COO/FA Miles Prower/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

COO Report #23 Re-Issue

REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Miles "Tails" Prower, Combat Operations Officer
ACTIVE DUTY ROSTER COUNT: 156 Including 3 NPCs and 1 two-tailed vulpinroid


We're waiting for BattleStats admins to sign off on the final results for the Week of War, but let's show you how we've done in our first Week of War in a long long time:

Major Genie got the Distinguished Flying Cross for finishing first within our unit. He got 10th place overall out of all pilots.
Colonel Silwar Naiilo got second place and therefore receives the Iron Star with Silver Wings, 74th overall of all pilots.
Captain Witcher got third place and therefore receives the Iron Star with Bronze Wings, 75th overall of all pilots

MSEs are currently being processed by the COO after a bit of illness over the last few days, everything should be caught up by day's end today!

There is also a new competition called Quad Damage in place for our COO Objective Scramble to check out.
Little did anyone know, COO Space and L-Space (aka Library Space) were directly connected. Where COO Space began, there were rows and rows of data cassettes on shelves that were still just as sooty, dusty and rustic as the bookshelves of the Unseen University's library. Only at least in COO Space, one was being tracked with sensors rather than having to carry a ball of yarn to tie to one's desk. As with the Librarians of Time & Space, the Combat Operations Officers of Time & Space had similar rules:

1)Pew Pew
2)Matches are to be reported as soon as possible
3)Do not interfere with the nature of causality

Unfortunately today, Fleet Admiral Miles Prower's internal transponder was on the fritz from overheating. In fact a lot of things were on the fritz from overheating. With eyes barely open, the vulpinroid shuffled up and down the shelves while passing an orangutan. The Librarian was equally on a single-minded track trying to track down a book that was missing from the Library. The two stopped and looked at one another.

"Oook?" The Librarian inquired.

"Rrgh-" The COO countered through his nostrils. If he had opened the aperture of his ocular sensors just a little bit more, he might have made a fatal mistake. Asking out loud 'Why is there a damned monkey on my Star Destroyer?!' Had he done so, the vulpinroid would have likely found his consciousness as equally shattered as his body as the orangutan had the strength equal to the weight of one-thousand angry Ewoks. Instead they just passed each other on and the COO was reading out loud from the spines of books. There was a gap that made him freeze, reaching into the empty space. What was supposed to be here? The Summoning of Dragons? Dragons? Drachens, certainly, wasn't that what they meant? Why would someone name their MSE the Summoning of Dragons? There were only two! Deciding to return to his terminal, the COO followed the line of string on the floor and seated himself at the Librarian's desk, helping himself to a bowl of peanuts.

On the VSDII Aggressor, the Librarian had found itself being straitjacketed into a fleet admiral's uniform and seated at a desk that he had to admit, looked cleaner than his own. And peanuts were available at his demand. They seemed to think that he belonged there, especially after some fellow that called himself High Admiral Plif had sat down with a man that he called Sue to go over something called monthly squadron evaluations. The Librarian just chewed peanuts and when the time came he made an affirmative sounding "Ooook" or shook his head.

"You know, I could swear I think I could actually understand Prower this cycle." Sue had said within earshot.
COO Objective Scramble: Quad Damage (ID:3290)
1st Place Team:
2nd Place Team:
3rd Place Team:
Last Database Check: 6 June 2021
Next Database Checks/Report:
13/20/27 June 2021 & 1 July 2021
Remember: To join as a group, you must e-mail
tc-combat-ops-office@googlegroups.com and have your pair approved by the COO or a COOA.

COO Star Wars Squadrons Challenge (ID: 3235)
1st Place Holder: LCM Gytheran with 87 wins
2nd Place Holder: MAJ Genie with 70 wins
3rd Place Holder: LCM Coldsnacks with 21 wins

Last Database Check: 6 June 2021
Next Database Checks/Report: 13/20/27 June 2021 & 1 July 2021


  • Ensured LoC and LoS queues were completed as of completion of this report.
  • Met with Internet Officer to go over requests
  • Approved one competition
  • Completed MSE entries (still awaiting Epsilon's)
  • Issued news report on BattleStats about the Week of War completion
  • Read Guards, Guards


  • Greeting new personnel and providing Honoured Guest status as part of RO duties
  • Playing Battlefront 2 and Squadrons
  • Updating the Combat Operations Manual and the Combat Operations Exam in tandem
  • Coordinating with the Admiralty Board, the Combat Operations Office Assistants on operations
  • Learning current standards of HTML
  • Translating things discussed into proposals and changes


  • Oh crap, the COO is reading Discworld books now.
  • Reading more Thrawn (In this order: Outbound Flight, Chaos Rising, The Greater Good, Thrawn, Alliances, Treason, Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising & The Last Command)



If there's anything we can help you with, please let us know! Message me on Discord at Admiral Miles Prower#0152 or over email at coo at emperorshammer dot org or tc dash combat dash ops dash office at gmail dot com.

COO/FA Miles Prower/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor
[Hussar] [Officer 4th][Gunner's Mate 4th] {TCCORE-COE-SM/5}

Working alongside
CMDR-COOA-IOA/COL Silwar Naiilo/Tempest/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
CMDR-COOA/MAJ EvilGrin/Inferno/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
CMDR-COOA/MAJ Taygetta/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer