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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #44 (06/03/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/MAJ Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

TIE Corps Lambda Squadron WSR

(30-May-29 ABY)

REPORTING COMMANDER: Major Genie, Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, RA Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore


Season #2 of the Week of War (WoW) is in full swing. Twelve organizations have put aside their differences and agreed to a non-aggression pact, to bring this competition together. We are currently fourth, despite holding onto 3rd place for a very long time. We need more pilots to fly (and win). It ends this weekend! Ensure you have a pilot profile (use the same name as your EH pilot name) on Battlestats and be sure to join the EH group. An internal competition run by the COO is being run measuring the EH pilots prowess.

Chapter #2 of the interactive story can now be found at the #runons channel on our discord server. Be sure to enjoy the story and cast your vote on what happens next! Votes are closing on the 6th June.

The cross-organization Dogfight League has started with the stipulation that teams have an average KD of 2 or less. Everyone be sure to support our two teams, the Humpty Dance Palace and the Storm knights. The tournament is organized and run by the Southern Cross Squad. Furthermore, this weekend, the Cadet Cup #2 is being held. The Pickle Horns and Storm Knights will be expected to put an even better showing this time!

Congratulations to LT Rigger for his promotion to Lieutenant and to LCM DemWookieeCheeks for his promotion to Lieutenant Commander! Both well deserved and I'm sure there is more to come from both! The monthly medal awards will also be out "soon". Wookiee has been busy this week, earning himself through a ton of the combat wins the Officer 2nd and the 8th Echelon Wings. A new Lambda Competition is brewing, the Lambda Tour of Duty I.

Last but not least, with the Squadron Remobilization competition formally completed, Lambda is now also the official winner and the first squadron to ever be awarded the TIE Corps Commander's Unit Award (TUA) with 8 Lambdas actively contributing to it. In addition, as a result of the remobilization success, Lambda squadron has been granted the opportunity to upgrade its starfighters. With that, Flight I now boasts the TIE Dragon, Flight III the Spectre Advanced Missile Boat and ... Flight II the Lambda Class Shuttle!


(24th - 30th May)

CallsignSPLoSLoCHonour GuardCOOPRatingCombatRatingCommBattleReviewsIUMedalsOther
1-1 MAJ "Sleepless" Genie 4 0 42 X 1 TUA x1, CoL x2, IS-GW x1, MoI x1 WSR
1-2 LT Dillshize 0 0 3 X 0 TUA x1, IS-GW x1
1-3 LT Slade "Christmas" Carroll 0 0 0 X 0
1-4 LCM DemWookieeCheeks 0 0 53 Officer 2nd X 0 TC CORE TUA x1, IS-GW x1 8th Echelon
2-1 CM "Treble Threat" Xye 0 0 6 X 0 TUA x1, CoL x1, IS-GW x1, IS-BR x1
2-2 LT "Posh" Rigger 0 0 3 Trainee X 0 TIE Corps Flight Certification
2-3 LT "Racer" Physics 4 0 0 X 0 TUA x1, IS-GW x1
2-4 TBA 0 0 0 NA 0
3-1 CM "The One" Highlander 15 0 2 Lancer X 2 TUA x1, IS-GW x1
3-2 LCM Solohan50 5 0 0 X 1 TUA x1, IS-GW x1
3-3 LT RedBaron "The Butcher" 0 0 21 X 0 TUA x1, IS-GW x1
3-4 LCM Corran "BeetBox" Shub 0 0 0 X 0


Current Lambda Squadron Competitions:

  • Lambda Tour of Duty I: Battles from the compendium at a rate of 1 battle per two weeks (if not faster) will be fought by our fearless pilots.

Hammer Competitions:

TIE Corps Competitions:

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Lambdas, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Hammer", "Wing I" or "Lambda Squadron".

Notable Events:

For a full list of all streaming and youtube channels be sure to check the #streams channel on our Discord, flagged as pinned messages. If an EH stream or youtube channel is missing from the pinned messages, drop me a line on discord.


We are near the end of the Week of War. A few more wins for the Emperor's Hammer may just get us into 3rd place!

CMDR-WARD/MAJ Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
[Paladin][Ace 2nd] [Gunner's Mate 1st] {TCCORE-MCBS-SM/5-TM/3-WIKI}