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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #21 (05/28/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/COL Horus Blackheart/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

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Eagle Squadron Weekly Dispatches

Fleet and Squadron News

There was a surge in over all activity this week With CM Graff, LT cupcake LT Critical hitand LT Magnoomoose Returning to form. Great job goysI’m sorry to have to report that Lieutenant Kalfer Araske has been transferred to the reserves Hopfully he will comeback in the future.
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Iron Star with Silver Ribbon (IS-SR)

Iron Star with Copper Ribbon (IS-CR)

Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon (IS-BR)

COL Horus Blackheart
Flew Squadrons
Discord Activity
Command duties

Email activity

Lieutenant K Perkis 1-2


Squadrons Activity

Discord Activty

Lieutenant Hiyama 1-3
Nil activity

Lieutenant Cupcake 1-4
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Medal awarded: Iron Star with Silver Ribbon (IS-SR)

Flight Certification Wings awarded: 3rd Echelon

Commander Graf D‘Jinn 2-1

Star wars Squadrons activty

11 LOC
Colonel Tomax Drachen 2-2
Nil Activity

Lieutenant Kalfer Araske 2-3

Lieutenant Critical Hit 2-4
Iron Star with Copper Ribbon (IS-CR)

Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon (IS-BR)

Flew Squadrons

2x LOC

Lieutenant Commander Shawn Erso 3-1

Nil activity

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Hawkins 3-2

Nil activity

FM/LT RedKnight/Eagle 3-3/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Email Activity

FM/LT MagnoMoose/Eagle 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

New Combat Rating achieved : Certified

Flight Certification Wings awarded : 1st Echelon

Flew Squadrons





Closing Comments

Remember there's still time to get some last minute activty in before the end of the month. Also the com has asked for some feed back in her last report, Please take sometime to email your thoughts. It will help make this ship the best it can be and ensure we all continue to grow and have fun.