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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #20 (05/21/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/COL Horus Blackheart/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

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Eagle Squadron Weekly Dispatches

Fleet and Squadron News

The Awards from last months MSE have been Awarded Congratulations to the recipients. Your continued efforts set an example. Keep flying in the name of the empire and you future is yours. In other News I Have sent out emails to some of you, Please reply promptly if I have not heard from you already.

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COL Horus Blackheart
Flew Squadrons
Discord Activity
Command duties

Email activity

Lieutenant K Perkis 1-2
 awarded : Bronze Star of the Empire

Lieutenant Hiyama 1-3
Nil activity

Lieutenant Cupcake 1-4
Discord activity

Battle completed: XWA-TC 39 (4 mission

Battle completed: XvT-TC 81 (5 missions)

Honor Guard rank achieved: Lancer

Commander Graf D‘Jinn 2-1

Medal awarded: Palpatine Crescent

Colonel Tomax Drachen 2-2
Nil Activity

Lieutenant Kalfer Araske 2-3
Nil activity

Lieutenant Critical Hit 2-4
Medal awarded: Legion of Combat

Flew Squadrons

1x LOC

Lieutenant Commander Shawn Erso 3-1

Nil activity

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Hawkins 3-2

Nil activity

FM/LT RedKnight/Eagle 3-3/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Nil Activity

FM/LT MagnoMoose/Eagle 3-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Flew Squadrons





Closing Comments

Some decent activity as far as compendium battles go. Still room for improvement.