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  Sin Squadron Commander report #131 (05/01/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Robert Hogan/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Captain Robert Hogan


Good morning Sinners!

We've seen another new pilot join Sin this week, SL Caleb Watson. Welcome to Sin, Sub-lieutenant!

April's MSE has been completed and submitted, so we're waiting on approvals now for your monthly merit medals. They should be going out soon, so keep an eye out.

In Squadron news, the Citation Bonanza is back on, with this month's assignments being listed below in the Squadron Competitions section.

  • The Imperial Achievement Ribbon has been implemented and now being awarded.
  • Squadron ReMobilization 3 is well underway, run by the TCCOM.
  • Lambda, Tempest, the Admirals, and Sin have completed their ReMob objectives.
  • The sixth edition of the Trivia Grand Tour competition, run by the TCCOM, is well underway.
  • Project Sovereign is in Phase II, further developing the ideas set forth in Phase I.
  • The Sin Citation Bonanza is back on! See the competitions section for May assignments!
  • SL Caleb Watson has joined Sin Squadron, let's all give him a warm welcome!
  • Sin Trivia is taking a holiday during the Trivia Grand Tour.

  • Sin Citation Bonanza - With COL Stryker and COL Terrik both leaving the best squadron in the fleet, we've lost a lot of our squadron citations. Let's try to get them back!

      May's Assignments: TIE-TC 3, XvT-TC 31, XWA-TC 8


    Here are some fleet-wide competitions currently underway:

    Fleet-Wide Combat Exercises:

    TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron ReMobilization 3

    All TIE Corps squadrons are assigned a set of tasks, and squadrons can win rewards based on how many tasks they complete and how quickly they do so. Sinners, check with either myself or your Flight Leaders for information on our progress.

    Single Player competitions:

    TIE Corps in Battle Season Three

    One battle each from TIE, XvT, and XWA will be assigned monthly. Pilots will fly the battles and submit their pilot files through the database normally. Points will accumulate for the season for more awards and the overall top pilot will also receive the title TIE Corps Battlemaster.

    With TIE Corps in Battle, the first set of unit awards are up for grabs!

      May's assignments: TBD

    Art creation competitions:

    The TIE Pilot Podcast

    The podcast created by TIE pilots, for TIE pilots. Interested in being on, or have an idea for the show? Please contact RA Zekk Terrik or COL Doyon to help with the show.

    Trivia competitions:

    Trivia Grand Tour: Season Six

    Each week on Sunday evening (usually), Plif will send out a link pointing to five trivia questions for everyone to answer. The trivia questions will come from the canon Star Wars Universe. Responses are due the following Sunday before Plif releases the next set of questions.

    For a full list of the current competitions:



    Flight I

    [1-1] CPT Robert Hogan

    • Comms: Discord, Email
    • Activity: Flew 8 MP missions; Earned IAR

    [1-2] CPT Coremy Jertese

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew 18 PvE missions

    [1-3] LT Kazraran

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew 40 PvE missions

    [1-4] GN Earnim Branet

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew 1 MP and 8 PvE missions

    Flight II

    [2-1] COL Mordechi Wolfe

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None (Computer being repaired)

    [2-2] LT WarperJawa

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew 1 MP mission; Completed TCCORE

    [2-3] CM Favdaukar

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    [2-4] SL Caleb Watson - Welcome to Sin!

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    Flight III

    [3-1] MAJ Hermann

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew 172 SP missions

    [3-2] LCM SkyShadow

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew 1 MP and 9 PvE missions; Completed COE

    [3-3] TBD

    [3-4] GN Exar Kit

    • Comms: None
    • Activity: None

    Sin Squadron is now almost back at full operational strength! Let's keep up the momentum as we move towards Imperial Storm.

    For Sin!

    CPT Robert Hogan