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  Kappa Squadron Commander report #2 (04/05/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CM Aardvark/Kappa/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


KAPPA SQUADRON WSR #2 (April 5, 2021 - 29 ABY)

REPORTING COMMANDER: CM Aardvark. Squadron Commander
TO: Kappa Squadron, RA Zekk Terrik - Warrior's Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: April 5, 2021


I am pleased to report that activity in Kappa Squadron has picked up a bit since the last report and some pilots who have been absent lately have checked in.

SL Crashwalker (formerly Kappa 1-3) decided to take the shuttle to the Reserves. Two others will probably follow soon.

Kappa Squadron's remaining active pilots have been logging some flight activity and making contributions to Squadron Re(Mob). One (Re)Mob task is complete and several others have some progress. A shared spreadsheet has been made available to all Squadron Pilots and COM so we can track our progress and focus our efforts.

We had several pilots bring home medals this week. CM Victor O'Brien was awarded merit medals for increasing his Co-Op/PVE Rating to Campaigner 1st. Way to go! He gathered up a stack of medals including an ISM, a PC and a BS. Congrats!

CM Aardvark and CPT Sparky also scored First and Second places, respectively, in the Warrior Mascot Comp. My entry was the snarling Vornskr, which you can read about on Discord but I got a kick out of CPT Sparky's choice, a Mynock. He chose the mynock because since it can survive in vacuum, it is resistant to airlocking. Very appropriate!

LCM Reyla Setsune also picked up the Order of the Vanguard - 5th Echelon on her TC Anniversary! Congrats!!


TIE Corps Exercise: Squadron (Re)Mobilization 3 - check Kappa's progress board!

Trivia Grand Tour Season 6 #3266 https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3266

April COO Objective Scramble: Bonk The Gonk - Get the Most AI Kills in Squadrons Fleet Battle

STAY IN THE LINES! Check the Tempest WSR for artwork from LCM Neko

TIE CORP IN BATTLE.  Stay tuned for the April assignments!


1-1 CM Aardvark: Playing Star Conflict, XWA and TIE. New Flight Certification and Coop Rating. Updated INPR and uniform. Completed 2 IU Courses. Active by email and Discord.

1-2 LCM Reyla Setsune: Playing Squadrons. Medal awarded : Order of the Vanguard - 5th Echelon (OV-5E). Congrats!! No recent comms.

1-3 Vacant: SL Crashwalker transferred to Reserves.

1-4 LT Zild Freeman: No activity or contact.

2-1 CPT Sparky: Short planned LOA. Returned to play Squadrons and BF2 and some LoS's along with Flight Certification Wings - 9th Echelon. Submitted fiction for Re(Mob), Warrior mascot fiction and Trivia Grand Tour. Submitted Flight2 report. Working on ideas for a new fiction comp. Active in email and Discord.

2-2 COL Farrin Xies: No recent activity but checked in by email.

2-3 LCM Rachel Drakon: Updating Star Conflict to get back in the cockpit soon. Entry in Trivia Grand Tour. Working on fiction for background, comps and personal. Active email comms.

2-4 COL Ulrich Drachen 2-4: No recent activity but checked in by discord and email.

3-1 CM Victor O'Brien: Playing Star Conflict and earned 10 LoS. Three Merit medals for increasing Co-Op/PVE rating! Awesome!! Active in Discord.

3-2 COL Hawkins: No recent activity or contact.

3-3 Vacant

3-4 GN Dunta Polo: Playing Star Conflict and earned 7 LoS since last report. Discord comms.


Have a great week, Kappa! KAPPA HYPE!

CMDR/CM Aardvark/Kappa/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
PC/ISMx2/MoC-1soc-3boc/IS-1SW-1BW-3BR/LoC-CSx8-Rx2/LoS-TS-IS-Rx4/CoB [Lancer] [Marksman 4th]
[Gunner's Mate 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MP/2-SM/5}