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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #13 (04/02/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/COL Horus Blackheart/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

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Fleet and Squadron News

squadron remob is on going all pilots up wether its flying or fiction there are ways you can contribute.

Activity Has picked up a bit this week Coms could be beter
Comptitions Active comptitions




COL Horus Blackheart
Flew Squadrons
Discord Activity
Command duites
Awarded 5x LOC
Email Comunications

Lieutenant K Perkis 1-2
promotion to Lt
Flighter Certification Wings awarded: 1st Echelon
New Combat Rating: Certified
8 x LoC

Lieutenant Hiyama 1-3
6x LOC

Lieutenant Cupcake 1-4
Nil activity

Commander Graf D‘Jinn 2-1
2 x LoC

Colonel Tomax Drachen 2-2

Fiction submission

Lieutenant Kalfer Araske 2-3
Nil activity

Lieutenant Critical Hit 2-4
Flew Squadrons
Lieutenant Commander Shawn Erso 3-1
Nill activty

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Hawkins 3-2

Nil activity



Closing Comments

I’m happy to see some of our pilots actively flying already this week, Communications have also improved things could be better over all,
I’d like to see people pot in a solid effort for remob3. On that note I would like to remind everyone to send all submissions to me as well as submitting matches to the site for ease of tracking the rebmob results.

The MSE has been completed so expect awards as soon as processing is completed.