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  Firebird Squadron Commander report #24 (03/20/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/COL Stryker/Firebird/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

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Firebird PatchFIREBIRD SQUADRON WSR #24 (20-MAR-29 ABY) Firebird Patch

FROM: Colonel Stryker, Squadron Commander
TO: LC Denys Elara
CC: HA Anahorn Dempsey, Firebird Squadron

Firebird PatchFROM STRYKER'S DESK Firebird Patch
Stryker allowed himself a small grin of satisfaction as the T-70 X-Wing swooped through the Asteroid Field, rolling and looping around the smaller rocks while skimming the larger ones at an altitude of only a handful of metres. Though he adored his T-65, the spaceframe was starting to show its age and only so much could be done to modernise it before it reached the end of its life - the fighters of Firebird Squadron were starting to develop stress fractures, and their performance was visibly falling off compared to the constantly-refined TIE Defenders used by squadrons such as Tempest. The T-70, fresh off the assembly line despite the introduction of the T-85 into New Republic service, had no such faults; a full 10 MGLT faster in space and 50 kp/h faster in atmosphere, the T-70 combined the finest traits of the T-65, the RZ-1 A-Wing and, to an extent, the red-headed stepchild of the New Republic that was the E-Wing.

Behind him, Sparky hooted with glee, the little R6 unit had been fiddling with the ship's systems to his power converter's content, happy to be communicating with a new ship with a new personality for once. This was not the first time they had flown the T-70, but it was the first time it had been simply for the joy of it - previous tests had been all about gathering data or testing its combat potential; the underlung blaster cannon was a particular favourite and had caught several pilots from the Challenge off-guard when they thought they'd be safe on his tail.

In all, it was a spectacular craft to fly; as rugged as the T-65 with the speed and agility of one of Inferno's Interceptors. The modular weapons package was a nice touch as well, allowing quick and easy launcher swaps depending on the mission at hand, something that had plagued Infiltrator Wing mechanics for years. All they needed now was to be able to fabricate the spare parts, and Firebird would be among the first to convert to the new craft.

Then maybe, just maybe, they'd "thank" Sin for their "gift" by beating the Warrior when Raise the Flag came around again...
Firebird PatchSQUADRON NEWS Firebird Patch
Mid-month activity reviewss have shown that this is going to be a quieter month for Firebird, but we're mostly active. We have two pilots skirting the dreaded AWOL, which is unfortunate, but I dislike being ghosted and I'd rather have a half-full squadron that was active than a full squadron that didn't do anything. With ReMob coming up, we all need to be on our toes to make sure we complete all the challenges.

The first of the Challenge Squadrons Get-Togethers went rather well, with I believe nine people not including myself popping in and out over the course of about an hour and a half. I'd like to see more people for the next event, which will on the 28th, but I understand that it's not a perfect time for everyone!

I am starting a TIE Corps Book Club! Any player in the TC is welcome to join, and we will be having our first discussion on Saturday April 3rd (time TBD). The book to read is Michael A. Stackpole's "Rogue Squadron". Anyone attending should also think of a book to suggest for the second session. Discord roles will be going up soon, one I have finalised things with FA Plif.
Firebird PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITY Firebird Patch
Callsign Echelon
Comms Competitions IU Medals Other
1-1 COL Stryker
(1,192 pts)



Wiki & WARD stuff

1-2 GN Jarek La'an

(2,086 pts)


COMM stuff
1-3 GN Elwood the Brave

(44,019 pts)


& DGM stuff
1-4 COL Ricaud

(511 pts)



2-1 LCM Turel

(366 pts)



2-2 LT Ein Bowman

(35 pts)

2-3 MAJ Jedgar
(761 pts)


2-4 LCM SkyHigh

(87 pts)

Where are you?
3-1 CM TI-40026
(487 pts)

Challenge Trivia

3-2 SL Golf
(0 pts)

Where are you?

3-4 COL NiksaVel



Firebird PatchSQUADRON EVENTS Firebird Patch

Firebird Squadron Training: Every two weeks, Firebird will assemble for Multiplayer Training! Star Wars Squadrons, EA Battlefront 2, and others; let's try to get full flights working together!

Trivia for the Challenged 2021 - Season 1: Four trivia questions every week, points awarded based on time and number of correct answers. Prizes for weekly, monthly, and season winners, along with further prizes for points-based achievements.

Chalquilla Cup: 3v3 Multiplayer event using Star Wars Squadrons. Match pairings and results can be found here.

TIE Corps in Battle (TCiB): The TCCOM's High Score Hunt, one battle each from TIE, XvT, and XWA will be assigned monthly. 

Firebird PatchCLOSING COMMENTS Firebird Patch
It's been a good week in general, though  as always Real Life has gotten on top of a few of us. We stand together as a Squadron, though, and so long as we communicate we'll pull through whatever is thrown at us.

COL Stryker
CMDR-WARD / COL Stryker / Firebird / Wing X / ISDII Challenge