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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #33 (03/16/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/MAJ Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Lambda Squadron WSR

Lambda PatchLAMBDA SQUADRON WSR #33 (14-Mar-29 ABY)Lambda Patch

REPORTING COMMANDER: Major Genie, Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, RA Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore

Lambda PatchLAMBDA SQUADRON NEWSLambda Patch

Due to popular demand, will share some more details on what happened in the game of the Flockers vs Chichenhawk. LCM Xye was poisoned with contaminated beetroots prior to the flight. it is unclear who poisoned him. During the first encounter he was belching all over his TIE Reaper, but we did enough to win the encounter. In the second leg, the hallucinations kicked in. He started to see New Republic craft everywhere. The score was 12-10 and the time was only a few seconds before its end. Chichenhawk successfully blew up Highlander and Xye. This led to a sudden death tie breaker!

Upon relaunch, the TIE Reaper LCM Xye was flying in, was tampered by one of our own, LT Slade "Christmas" Carroll, as part of an on-going inter-Lambda prank. The engine had received a 30% boost increase. This was not helped by the fact LCM Xye mistook CM Highlander's craft for NR scum. He proceeded to ram Highlander as they were exiting the Hangar, leading to a destruction of Highlander's craft and the tie-breaking 13th point for Chichenhawk.

The Flockers vs Club Pew Pew is planned for this Saturday afternoon (EST time). More on that through the Chalquilla Cup Broadcast Station.

LTs Physics, Solohan and Slade "Christmas" Carroll have been working hard on modifying the TIE engines of our TIE Advanced. We have been testing the new engines in reconnaissance missions. The first results are promising. Depending on the results, we may be able to perform similar modifications to the Lambda Shuttle engines.

Here are March's TCIB battles:

Lambda PatchCREATIVE CORNERLambda Patch

New Republic Factories Sabotage

The Lambda Squadron has infiltrated the NR factories and planted our fleet's experienced saboteurs on a daring mission, "Operation Snail-Speed". The mission's goal was to sabotage the factories which manufacture and supply the engines to the most popular New Republic fighters. Namely, the X-Wings, Y-Wings, and especially the space superiority fighters, the A-Wings! The objective was to find a way to reduce the efficiency of the engine sufficiently to ensure, the boost speed capability of the NR craft is severely hampered.

Data shows speed is the primary factor in dogfight engagement. We successfully reduced the boost capability of the NR craft enough to ensure, our star fighters would dominate the air. Preliminary tests, based on the engagement of freshly released squadrons seem to support this claim. This has increased the effectiveness of our Imperial fighters by 20% when engaging New Republic scum. It should be noted, B-Wings have been unaffected as they use an entirely different type of engine.

Lambda PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITY (8th - 14th Mar)Lambda Patch

1-1 MAJ Genie0048X1MoI x1
IS-GW x1
IS-SW x2
IS-BW x1
IS-BR x1
1-2 LT Kypho000No Comm0
1-3 LT Slade Carroll000X0
1-4 CM Cele Rian000No Comm0
2-1 LCM Xye6011X0
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick000No Comm0
2-3 LT Physics000X0
2-4 LT MrSpywalker000X0
3-1 CM Highlander002Officer 4thX0
3-2 LT Solohan501100GrenadierX01st Echelon
3-3 TBA0000
3-4 LCM Corran Shub000X0


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  • March COO Objective Scramble: The Invincibles: This month is the highest Kills to lowest Deaths ratio in Squadrons. For example, a 20-5 is better than a 14-0.

  • Stay In the Lines: Each week (or most weeks), LCM Neko will post art in the Tempest WSR. Choose your favorite and color it in however you want - crayons, watercolors, pastels, or anything - and email it to Silwar Naiilo (#12630) by the last day of the month. Neko will choose her favorite and the runners-up.

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Lambdas, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Hammer", "Wing I" or "Lambda Squadron".

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Lambda PatchCLOSING COMMENTSLambda Patch

This week, saw a lot of action in skirmishes with the New Republic. As we clear a path for the Emperor's Hammer fleet to slip by unnoticed. Easier said than done. Several Lambdas have been running drills and working on our skills. I can happily say the same has been happening across the entire fleet.

MAJ Genie
CMDR-WARD MAJ Genie Lambda Wing I ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] [Elite 1st] [Gunner's Mate 1st]{TCCORE-MCBS-SM/5-TM/3-WIKI}