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  Strategic Operations Officer report #9 (03/08/2021)
This report was submitted by SOO/VA John T. Clark/TC-2/ISDII Warrior


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FROM: SOO/VA John T. Clark
TO: whole TC
DATE SUBMITTED: March 8th 2021
Hello everyone. It's been a while since my last report, but that will be changing again.
My reports will now bring you basic overviews over awarded medals & general activies, and occasionally stories from the Strategic Operations Office.
In the past week the TCCS tried to streamline the MSE review process a little, and I belive it worked out well with only two Squadrons still in the pipeline.


Gold Star of the Empire
We have seen two Gold Stars of the Empire awarded in the past months. They went to LC Alejandro Araujo for the two-year anniversary as Alpha CMDR and to LC Rando as special recognition for his extraordinary activity in his tour of duty in Sin Squadron.

Silver Star of the Empire
Since the start of the year we have seen a whopping fourty-one Silver Stars awarded.

Bronze Star of the Empire
Thirty-nine Bronze Stars have been awarded to pilots since January 1st.

Palpatine Crescent
The Palpatine Crescent has been awarded thirty-seven times since the start of the year.

Imperial Security Medal
We have also seen seventy-seven ISMs awarded since the start of the year.
IS-PW Five Iron Stars with Platinum Wings were awarded to CPT Genie, LCM TI-40026, LT BadSpoggy. CPT SL8c8 & MAJ Hermann. These Pilots were winners of several 2020 TC wide yearly competitions.

IS-GW Iron Star with Gold Wings have been awarded twenty-six times since the start of the year.

IS-GR Eleven Iron Stars with Gold Ribbon have been awarded since January 1st.

IS-SW A whopping fourty-nine Iron Stars with Silver Wings have been awarded since the start of the year.

IS-SR Twenty-five Iron Stars with Silver Ribbon have been awarded since January 1st. .

IS-BW We've furhermore seen fourty-seven Iron Stars with Bronze Wings awarded since the start of the year.

IS-BR And last but not least an impressive eighty-seven Iron Stars with Bronze Ribbon were awarded since January 1st.

E-Mail activity
Telegram & Discord activity
the usual SOO office administration

prepared this SOO Report and went through a lot of MSE.
played some Star Conflict.

The past months have seen a strong fluctuation of fresh Pilots who joined up thanks to Star Wars Squadrons. Several stayed for this and our overall community, but we have also seen several inactive SLs and LTs send declared AWOL after no contact for a month and up. We have also started a bi-weekly voice meeting for Commanders and up on discord at the end of November, and I am going to say that this really provides a good way to brainstorm and discuss ideas more quickly and sometimes even more in depths than through written communications.

respectfully submitted

John T. Clark
SOO/VA John T. Clark/TC-2/ISDII Warrior
[Aquilifer] [Elite 3rd] [Top Ace Ranger] {TCCORE-SM/4}