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  Firebird Squadron Commander report #20 (02/20/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/COL Stryker/Firebird/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

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Firebird PatchFIREBIRD SQUADRON WSR #20 (20-FEB-29 ABY)Firebird Patch

FROM: Colonel Stryker, Squadron Commander
TO: LC Denys Elara
CC: HA Anahorn Dempsey, Firebird Squadron
DATE SUBMITTED: February 20, 29 ABY

Firebird PatchFROM STRYKER'S DESKFirebird Patch

Chapter 3 – The Next Day

Stryker brooded while he watched the Astromechs and mechanics aboard the Hermes perform repairs on the damaged or disabled craft of Firebird Squadron; Shadow Squadron’s ambush had set them back by hours, perhaps days, and with every passing minute the renegades were getting further away. Without knowing their objective, they couldn’t even plan a daring intercept that would take them to the edge of their endurance – like in the holos. It was probably for the best…

One of the Hermes’ communications officers approached from just outside Stryker’s peripheral vision with a datapad in her hand, she coughed gently to attract his attention and handed it to him before departing. A quick glance at the screen told him that they had intercepted a transmission from the Y-Wings as they departed; recordings of a Star Destroyer opening fire on civilian vessels, of the Audacity and Retribution snagging the Deliverance out of Hyperspace and crippling her with pinpoint salvoes of weapons fire designed to disable her. Confused, Stryker checked to see if the files were genuine and the validator confirmed that the data had not been tampered with. Confused now more than ever, Stryker assembled the pilots and revealed what he had discovered – some reacted with shock, some with anger, while others seemed less than surprised that something like this had happened. The Strike Fleet was still full of die-hard Imperials who ascribed to the old ways, and the more moderately-minded members of the Infiltrator Wing were seen at best as weak, at worst as traitors to the Emperor – apparently someone in the Kawolski battlegroup, probably the Commodore themselves, had decided to cull the weak themselves…

If the Deliverance had been attacked without provocation and the Kawolski had ambushed and destroyed civilian freighters without warning, then their mission would need to be modified, but it did not change the fact that Shadow Squadron had gone off-mission, ceased communicating with their superiors, and fired upon TIE Corps vessels. They would need to be brought to heel as much as those they apparently tracked, but for now there were bigger fish to fry.

The squadron’s next mission was a dud, as was the mission after that – neither the Kawolski or the Deliverance were in a position to be tracked, it was as if both ships had simply disappeared from space simultaneously – hiding an Imperial-II-class Star Destroyer wasn’t something just anyone could do, even within the space controlled by the Emperor’s Hammer. Meanwhile the Security Office demanded updates; the Kawolski was now under investigation as well, but Shadow Squadron was not off the hook and the Admiralty Board was not impressed with the constant delays – they wanted progress, and they wanted it sooner rather than later. Deep down, Stryker wondered how long it would be before Firebird Squadron was recalled and a less understanding unit was sent in its place – Praetorian Squadron, for example – they’d show up and simply gun down anyone who they considered complicit in the crimes that had been reported, submit a report with minimal detail, and get a chest-full of medals for their time. There had been a time when Praetorian had been honourable, but gone were the days of Ric Hunter and Abel Malik, replaced with pro-Imperial fanatics who would gladly sell their lives and souls in the name of a monster long dead.

Maybe Shadow Squadron’s pilots had a point after all; was the corruption limited to the Kawolski, or had it spread so far throughout the fleet that it was impossible to tell who was fighting for law and order and who was simply in it for the power?

For the first time since returning, Stryker began to wonder if it might have been better if he’d not rejoined…

Firebird PatchSQUADRON NEWSFirebird Patch
This is my twentieth report as Firebird CMDR, which is insane! The five months have just flown by, and though we've seen a few roster changes in that time, you're still the same awesome pilots that opened the squadron back in October last year!

MSEs remain with The Powers That Be, hopefully I'll have comments and be able to make recommendations sooner rather than later!

Flight of the Firebirds: Shadowhunters, aka the February narrative campaign, is entering its final stage! A much slower week this week, which is unfortunate; only four of you participated, with Colonel NiksaVel taking first place in the Single Player and Other categories, and Commander Cook clinching the Multiplayer. Major Jedgar remains in first place overall going into the final week, with NiksaVel and Travis following close behind!
Your final challenges are as follows:
SP: XWA-Free 33 - Highest Score
MP: Closest score to 1500pts in Squadrons Dogfight or Star Conflict PvP
Other: Star Wars Hyperspace Dash - Highest Score

Team Foghorn Leghorn (aka Firebird 1) has slid back into first place in the Chalquilla Cup after facing Rho and Lambda squadron (though we are tied with Theta's 'Operating Thetans' on wins and kills) - we have this weekend off and are pencilled in to play Theta on the 27th at 4pm Eastern time, which gives us plenty of time to practice. Team Chickenhawk (Firebird 2) defeated the representatives from Beta Squadron, and are due to face Eagle Squadron for their round 4 game (whenever that can be arranged).

Finally, there have been a whole host of medals awarded for FCHG rank increases, well done everyone!
Firebird PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITYFirebird Patch
Callsign Echelon
Comms Competitions IU Medals Other
1-1 COL Stryker
(1,097 pts)

Chalquilla Cup, TCiB

Wiki & WARD stuff

1-2 GN Jarek La'an

(1,941 pts)


COMM stuff
1-3 GN Elwood the Brave

(43,898 pts)


& DGM stuff
1-4 COL Ricaud

(484 pts)




2-1 LCM Turel

(355 pts)


Chalquilla Cup

2-2 LT Ein Bowman

(33 pts)

No Activity :(
2-3 MAJ Jedgar
(754 pts)

Chalquilla Cup


2-4 LCM SkyHigh

(87 pts)


On Leave
3-1 CM TI-40026
(475 pts)


Chalquilla Cup


3-2 SL Golf
(0 pts)

No Activity :(

3-4 COL NiksaVel


Chalquilla Cup


Firebird PatchSQUADRON EVENTSFirebird Patch

Firebird Squadron Training: Every two weeks, Firebird will assemble for Multiplayer Training! Star Wars Squadrons, EA Battlefront 2, and others; let's try to get full flights working together!

Flight of the Firebirds (Shadowhunters): Narrative campaign starring Firebird Squadron, story progresses each week. Challenges issued to squadron every Saturday in report, with rounds concluding every Friday.

Chalquilla Cup: 3v3 Multiplayer event using Star Wars Squadrons. Match pairings and results can be found here.

TIE Corps in Battle (TCiB): The TCCOM's High Score Hunt, one battle each from TIE, XvT, and XWA will be assigned monthly.

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COL Stryker
CMDR-WARD / COL Stryker / Firebird / Wing X / ISDII Challenge