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  ISDII Challenge Commodore report #27 (02/14/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-TACA-FSE/HA Anahorn Dempsey/ISDII Challenge

ISD-II Challenge
Commodore HA Dempsey reporting
Report ID: H.AD.027
Report date: February 14th, 2021


As the mighty ISD-II Challenge steered its triangular wedge shape towards the emptiness of space, and slowly pulled away from the planet below, the huge fire that was consuming everything on the surface could easily be seen. The last of the TIE Bombers were entering the hangar bay, as Dempsey sighed inside. This was not why she had becomea Naval Officer, nor was it the legacy left behind by her mentor. But things did not always go as planned.

Hidden behind the planet's only satellite, invisible to the Star Destroyer's sensors, a small freighter was sitting on the lunar surface. In the cockpit of the freighter sat two humanoid shapes, although they were clearly not human in origin. If it was not the antenna stalks on their heads that was giving this awa, it would be the 4 arms protruding from their upper body. Or their 3 bright yellow eyes. The three had been monitoring everything that had happened on the planet below. And they liked what they saw. Several weeks ago, as they had first arrived on this planet, they had stayed out of sight. Within days, the planet's goverment had been manipulated into open rebellion against the Empire. And as the aliens had expected, the Empire had responded. Even the final result of their interference was exactly as they had predicted.

The figures did not need to make sounds to communicate with each other. Their species had outgrown the need for such barbaric means of communications millenia ago. Thoughts flowed freely between them. They were satisfied with their test. As would their superiors. It would not be long before others of their kind, scattered throughout this galaxy, would report back as well. Most likely, they would report similar results. It would appear indeed that this galaxy was ripe for the taking.

Commodore's speech

This will be a short one.

Not that short though. Not much is happening that's new. Except my little project to create a new XvT Single Player campaign for each of the ISD-II Challenge fighter squadrons. So far, two battles for the CChallenge, as well as battle for Tempest, Firebird and Inferno have been submitted to the TAC Office. Eagle's battle is being worked on at the moment, and Thunder will close the line up. Shouldn't be long and then I can move on to doing some new XWA stuff :)

The Challenge January MSE is almost complete. Sorry it's taking a bit longer than anticipated, but life gets in the way for some of us.

The first of the pilots who are unable to respond to email has been declared AWOL. I hope not many will follow, but I'm afraid he won't be the only one. It's been a long time coming, and sometimes these things need to be done. Fortunately, some new arrivals don't let it get that far, and earn their first promotions within days of their new assignment. Well done! I also see a lot of Core examsn being taken, which means we should be seeing some LCM promotions in the near future!

There is also good news this week, as one of the Challenge Commanders can look forward to earning himself a MoI. In about fifteen years or so. Congratus!

News headlines this week

  • January MSEs almost done
  • CoLs due to be awarded soon
    Transfers, promotions and medals this week


  • SL Kalfer Araske SSD Avenger -> Eagle 2-3
  • SL LegionX: SSD Avenger -> Thunder 3-2


  • SL Kalfer Araske: promoted to Lieutenant
  • SL Papibaquigrafo00: promoted to Lieutenant


  • LT Cupcake: none -> Grenadier


  • LT Araske: none -> Trainee
  • LT CzR: Marksman 4th -> Marksman 3rd
  • LCM Richlet: Marksman 2nd -> Marksman 1st


  • none this week


  • IS-BR: CM TI-40026, CM Aval
  • IS-SR: CM Aval
  • IS-GR: COL Naiilo
  • IS-BW: LC Phalk
  • IS-GW: HA Dempsey
  • SS: LC Phalk
  • BS: MAJ Jedgar
  • PC: COL Stryker, MAJ Jedgar
  • ISM: COL Stryker, COL Naiilo, MAJ Jedgar, LT Caelleigh
    Commodore activity report

  • communications: e-mail, Discord
  • SP flying: 32 missions
  • MP flying: 3 sorties
  • other: working on a fiction, another battle submitted to TAC

  • FCHG status: Imperator (4,524 pts = +0)
  • Combat rating: Tan (5,021 pts = +0)
  • COOP/PvE rating: Top Ace Ranger (11,764 pts = +3)
    Competitions currently running

    Challenge ship-wide competitions:

  • Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots (trivia)
  • Trivia for the Challenged (trivia)

    There's always competitions running at your squadron level, or TC wide. Check your Commander's weekly report or The Competitions Center at the TC website.

    Commodore's Competitions

    Dempsey's Weekly Screenshots

    Every week, the report will have a screenshot. Not necessarily from a Star Wars movie. First Challenge pilot to send the correct answer to the mailing list wins. Each victory earns you an IS-BR. Unless it's a 5th victory, you then get a IS-SR. Unless it's a 10th victory, which gives you an IS-GR!
    Remember - your answer has to go to the list.

    Current screenshot:

    Last week's winner:
    CM TI-40026 for The Asphyx

    Current standings:
    3pt: COL Mell Kerrigan
    2pt: LCM Richlet, CPT EvilGrin, LC Phalk Sturm, LC Kadon Beir, COL Stryker, GN Elwood the Brave
    1pt: LT Dougal Caelleigh, CM TI-40026, CPT Kalve Ryder, MAJ Talon Jade, MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw, COL Silwar Naiilo


    Wrapping up

    ...end message...

    COM-TACA-FSE/HA Anahorn Dempsey/ISD-II Challenge, signing off

       LoS-PSx23-RS-CSx2/DFC-SW-Rx3/MoC-10doc-11poc-11goc-10soc-89boc/CoLx14/CoEx4/CoS/CoB/LoAx3/OV-13E [IMPR] [Tan] [TAR]