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  ISDII Hammer Commodore report #80 (02/11/2021)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer

From the Desk of Rear Admiral Phoenix

TO: Pilots of the Hammer
FROM: Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2021-01-25
SUBJECT: Hammer Ship Report


Phoenix tapped his foot upon the command chairs footrest, waiting was not one of his strong points and this wait felt surreal.

Filling the vast array of the bridges viewports hung an array of motley vessels, mostly converted freighters such as a distant bulk-freighter but he could count at least one Bulk Cruiser, probably a Neutron Star variant.

Unable to flee due to the presence of the Interdictor Wrench hanging alongside the Hammer the pirate nest stood next to no chance against an Imperial Star Destroyer and its escorting quartet of Arquitens Cruisers which slowly fanned out infront of the Star Destroyer, unleashing long range volley from their 4 light turbolaser turrets.

"Major Task" Phoenix drummed is fingers on the command chairs arm rest, "launch our fighters, have Alpha and Beta sweep to starboard, Epsilon and Lambda to starboard. Keep Delta and Gamma close for anything that gets through."

Phoenix listened on the comms as he watche the fighters spread out from the Hammer, roaring toward the enemy vessels and afforded himself a tight smile, this was going to be quick.


Greetings Pilots of the Hammer!

I trust this weekly report finds you all doing well and enjoying the start of February.

Since the last report your Commanders and I have been busy closing out the Monthly Squadron Evaluations (MSE) and I am pleased to say that the medals and promotions that drop from these have been entered into the databases so pending final approvals they will be arriving shortly.

We had a good weekly round in our trivia competition as well - more on that below - but it is especially pleasing to see some of our newer members giving established trivia participants a genuine run for their money, so please do keep that up!

Finally - the Commanders and I agreed to host a informal tally up of squadron flight activity at the end of each month - adding SP, LoC & LoS counts together - with the squadron that has the highest total earning the bragging rights as the Hammers Escort Squadron for the following month. It gives me great pleasure to say that Epsilon have taken the bragging rights for January and will spend February being able to lord it over their peers!


SL Sam Arsio was promoted to Lieutenant

SL Sam Arsio joined Beta Squadron as Beta 2-4

Uniform Updates
CM Bai'et Decol
LT Garyth Mantisa
LT Sam Arsio


Trivia for the Hammered
Welcome to Season One of Trivia for the Hammered, a weekly trivia event that takes the form of several 8-12 week long seasons with breaks between them. On top of our usual weekly winner there will be a seasonal crown to claim as well, with career points carrying over from each season.
I will send out 4 questions during the week via BCC. First correct pilot to answer me gains 3 points, second 2 points and all other correct answers gain you a point.
We tally up at the end of the week with the winner receiving a IS-BR.
The seasonal top-gun receives a IS-SR and there are also career IS-BR's at 50, 100, 350 points on offer.

This weeks round featured questions about the Venator Class Star Destroyer and was largely sourced from Wookipedia. The result was closely fought between CM Witcher, LT Garyth Mantisa and our eventual winner, LCM Xye. Well done!

Q1: Which class of Star Destroyer was also known as a 'Jedi Cruiser'
A1: Venator Class

Q2: How many bridges did the 'Jedi Cruiser' from Q1 have?
A2: 2

Q3: How long was the 'Jedi Cruiser' from Q1 and Q2?
A3: 1137m

Q4: How many engines did a 'Jedi Cruiser' have?
A4: 10

LCM Xye - 8
LT Garyth Mantisa - 7
CM Witcher - 7
CPT Genie - 4
LT Witchblade - 4
LCM Aaron Cremel - 3
GN Coranel Both - 3
LCM Highlander - 3
SL Hollywood - 3
LC Kyle Kroan - 1
COL Talons Pryde - 1

Hammer Crew Cruise
The Hammer is more than just it's pilots, we have a Star Destroyer to flesh out. Over the next 2 and a half weeks you can come up with characters for our mighty ship, be it the chief navigator, the cook, the engineers, the janitor... you name it.
Submissions need to be at least 500 words long, and will be scored by the Commodore. The best submission will receive a IS-SR, second place receiving a IS-BR.
Note: If two pilots submit characters for the same position, we can modify them slightly after the competition.

All other competitions can be found here


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}