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  Sin Squadron Commander report #118 (01/30/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CM Robert Hogan/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Commander Robert Hogan
DATE SUBMITTED: January 30, 2021


Hello fellow Sinners! We've only got one day left in January, so make sure to get in any last submissions in for the Citation Bonanza.

Unfortunately, we have had to say farewell to CM Jack Wynand, as he recently requested a transfer to the Reserves. He has been dealing with some very difficult real-life situations recently, and felt a break from the Corps would be for the best. We will miss you Commander, and we hope you can join us again in the future.

Just a reminder, the way in which Sin Trivia is managed will be changed slightly, with the concept of 2 month-long "seasons" being implemented to both spice things up and avoid conflicts with other competitions, such as the Trivia Grand Tour. If any of you have suggestions for themes you would like to see, please let me know!

  • RA Terrik has started a competition to encourage pilots of the Warrior to fly together more in multiplayer.
  • Project Sovereign has entered Phase II, and are working to address the TCCOM and Fleet Commander's comments.
  • Two new awards have been announced this week, the TIE Corps Commander's Unit Award and the TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award. These will be awarded to squadrons which win or are runners-up in Fleet-wide competitions.

  • Sin Squadron Trivia - Five weekly questions and you will receive an IS-BR for every victory, and an IS-SR for every fifth victory! Entries are due every Saturday.

      This week's trivia: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/timetest.php?testid=710293

  • Sin Citation Bonanza - With COL Stryker and COL Terrik both leaving the best squadron in the fleet, we've lost a lot of our squadron citations. Let's try to get them back!

      January's assignments: TIE-TC 6, XvT-TC 5, XWA-TC 3

      February's assignments: TIE-TC 32, XvT-TC 10, XWA-TC 4


    Here are some fleet-wide competitions currently underway:

    Multiplayer competitions:

    January COO Objective Scramble: Squadrons Dogfight

    There will be a rotating COO Objective each month for a chosen platform and goal, and this month is Star Wars Squadrons in Dogfight mode. Submit your highest kill game in Dogfight mode flown in the month of January to the Office of the COO.

    Warriors Stand Together

    From now until the end of February, earn points by flying with other Warrior pilots. Any Star Conflict match with another Warrior pilot is worth 1 point per match. Any XvT, XWA, BF2, or Squadrons game with another Warrior pilot is worth 2 points per match.

    Art creation competitions:

    The TIE Pilot Podcast

    The podcast created by TIE pilots, for TIE pilots. Interested in being on, or have an idea for the show? Please contact RA Zekk Terrik or CM Jack Wynand to help with the show.

    Warrior Banner

    The ISD Warrior needs a new banner! As long as the Warrior and our many RtF victories are prominently featured, shoot it over to zekkterrik@gmail.com.

    Prank the COM!

    What sort of pranks are the pilots of the Warrior going to play on their new Commodore? Turn in a new fiction of at least 200 words to qualify! Please email it directly to zekkterrik@gmail.com.

    For a full list of the current competitions:



    Flight I

    [1-1] CM Robert Hogan

    • Comms: Discord, Email
    • Activity: Earned some LoC's

    [1-2] CPT Coremy Jertese

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    [1-3] COL Mordechi Wolfe

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Earned a few LoC's

    [1-4] GN Earnim Branet

    • Comms: None
    • Activity: Earned quite a number of LoS's

    Flight II

    [2-1] LC Rando

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    [2-2] LT JackieHarr

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    [2-3] CM Favdaukar

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    [2-4] LT Dune Thrallick

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    Flight III

    [3-1] MAJ Hermann

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Flew some SP missions

    [3-2] TBA

    [3-3] CM Firebreaker Terrik

    • Comms: None
    • Activity: Participated in Trivia, created some graphics

    [3-4] GN Exar Kit

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: None

    I understand this is a difficult time for many of you with real-life situations, so if there is anything either myself or Sin can do to help you out, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    CM Robert Hogan