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  Beta Squadron Commander report #39 (01/23/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/COL Doyon/Beta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer


DATE SUBMITTED: 23 January 2021


Another busy week for Beta! Pilots leaving, new pilot coming, banner submissions, flying done...whew! Activity is clearly on the rise in Beta, and for me as well. I had good times with a lot of EHers this week on Squadrons and I truly encourage people to join the Hangar team chat whenever you want to speak with some of your fellow pilots. It's fun!

  • Quiet week in the fleet in general, but the Chalquilla cup is beginning soon! We will have our first match against Epsilon squadron this Sunday evening, 9 PM EST. Be ready!
  • Beta has a new pilot: SL Garyth Mantisa ! Welcome!
  • SL Hanoverfiste and LT Ironback have been transfered to Reserves.
  • A fleet-wide competition has been launched for a new banner for Beta Squadron. So far, 3 entries have been received. Keep them coming, you still have one week to go!
  • Wildfire has been promoted to the rank of Commander. Absolutely deserved!

Beta New Banner!

We need a new banner, because I like changes (and while the current one is good looking, I feel it's a bit outdated in my taste). There's not a lot of requirements; as long as it's great and represent Beta squadron. Details can be found here: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3241


Here’s some fleet-wide competitions currently going on:

Star Wars Squadrons competitions:

Chalquilla Cup I


Single players competitions:

SP Ace of the TIE Corps 2021

Every Single Player mission flown earns the pilot a point on the Kill Board and the top three pilots at the end of the month earn medals. Yearly, the top four pilots earn medals.


Multiplayer competitions:

COO's Star Wars Challenge Episode VII - 2021


Accumulate the most missions in a Star Wars branded approved multiplayer platform. You may submit PvP battles (Legion of Combat) or PvE battles (Legion of Skirmish). You have from 00:00 GMT on the first day of the month to begin and your submissions must be approved by the Combat Operations Office no later than 23:59 GMT on the last day of the month.

Art creation competitions:

Beta New Banner


For a full list of the current competitions:


Flight I

[1-1] COL Doyon

  • Email, Discord communication
  • Admin work
  • Awarded: LoCx6

[1-2] LT Rez Borsat

  • Discord communication
  • Awarded: ISM

[1-3] SL Jonah Jameson

  • Nothing this week

[1-4] SL Garyth Mantisa

  • Discord communication
  • Joined Beta this week! Welcome!
  • Completed: TIE Corps Core Exam
  • Flown: TIE-TC #1
  • Awarded: LoCx8

Flight II

[2-1] CM Wildfire

  • Discord communication
  • Promoted to CM. Congrats!
  • Awarded: PC, LoCx1

[2-2] LT Witchblade

  • Email communication
  • Competition participation

[2-3] SL Braz Ile

  • Discord communication
  • Awarded: LoCx9

[2-4] Empty

Flight III

[3-1] COL Jeron Darkonis Astoris

  • Discord communication

[3-2] LC Kyle Kroan

  • Email communication

[3-3] LT BrickyT

  • Discord communication

[3-4] Empty


Great week! Lot of activity, and Beta's Discord channel is quite active as well. For those who aren't there yet, join us! It's always nice to speak with you, even for a short amount of time. See you next week!

COL Doyon
CMDR/COL Doyon/Beta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
BSx4/PCx11/ISMx9/IS-1GW-1SW-4BW-2SR-3BR/MoI/LoC-CSx5-Rx2/LoS-IS-CSx9-Rx3/MoC-1poc-1goc-1soc-8boc/CoB/OV-23E [Aquilifer] [Marksman 4th] [Private 2nd] {TCCORE-COE-SM/1}