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  Kappa Squadron Commander report #8 (01/03/2021)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CPT Sparky/Kappa/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


Kappa PatchKAPPA SQUADRON WSR #08 (03-JAN-29 ABY)Kappa Patch

REPORTING COMMANDER: Captain Sparky. Squadron Commander
TO: Kappa Squadron, RA Zekk Terrik - Warrior's Commodore


First report of the month (and year!) , so this one will look a bit different as it's our monthly summary. December MSE is officially submitted (so sorry for the late submission for Nov's MSE). After looking at the data it appears to have been a slow month for the majority of Kappa (myself included).

There are a few things though from December that I want to call out and report on. First, congrats to the award winners from November's MSE: ISMs for GN Dunta Polo, COL Hawkins, LT Aardvark, COL Ulrich Drachen, and COL Farrin Xies. Thanks for doing what you do! Second, we've had a small personnel shift. Seraphol is taking a flight member slot and Victor O'brien is stepping into the Flight Leader slot. Seraphol - thanks for being able, willing, and participating in Kappa's reactivation as a FL. Victor - looking forward to working with you and congrats in the new assignment! Third - we have a new Commodore for the Warrior: RA Zekk Terrik. He's also sent out some information recently, including a link to a brief survey. If you haven't already, please take a look and complete the survey.

Lastly, I have a couple things for you to consider. First - I am looking for someone to help lead the squadron as an XO. While not an official position, it's someone who is active, communicative, and able to help me run competitions, cover down when needed, and ideally someone who is interested in potentially leading the squadron (or another) in the future. I've got a few ideas, but wanted to see if/who was interested. Let me know via email if this is something you're interested in doing. It would be a big help to Kappa as we look to be an active squadron in 2021 (cough, I mean 29 ABY).

I reckon that's about it for now, but please consider the things above. Thanks!

Kappa Patch Kappa Patch

Competition Center - click this for a good time: Lots of good comps running at the moment, especially for your Squadrons pilots. Reminder - if you're submitting a screen for a Squadrons comp, check the latest guidance in the comp description for who/what/where to submit.

Notable Events:
The TIE Pilot's Podcast: Hosted by COL Zekk Terrik and CM Jack Wynand.

LT MrShub Star Wars Streaming: Hosted by LT Shub, streaming regularly every Tuesday and Thursday.
Alejandro's Youtube Corner: A place where Alejandro uploads regularly videos of his activities with the modded XWA.

For a full list of all streaming and youtube channels be sure to check the #streams channel on our Discord (flagged as pinned messages).

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Have a great week, Kappa! KAPPA HYPE!

CPT Sparky
CMDR/CPT Sparky/Kappa/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
16boc/CoL/CoB/OV-5E [Grenadier] [Officer 3rd] [Private 3rd] {TCCORE-SM/4}