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  Eagle Squadron Commander report #1 (12/25/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR/MAJ Talon Jade/Eagle/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

I know it's an old school type of report without the fancy colors, but I’m an old school commander. Major Jade walked slowly through the hangar aboard the Challenge that HA Dempsey had set aside for the Infiltrator Wing squadrons. He waved to his old squadron mates in Firebird, who shared the hangar with his new squadron, as he approached a darker section of the hangar. Within the darkened section were twelve dusty, dented and decrepit looking X-Wings. Talon snorted. Any other ships and he would have jettisoned them out of the airlock, but these were special. These were the fighters of the original Eagle squadron that had been moth balled some fourteen years back. He walked up to his old fighter and ran his hand along the nose cone, wiping off the dust and grime, until he could see the Eagle blue color scheme and bits and pieces of the old squadron logo. He had been assured that the Challenge techs would get them up to fighting shape and looking brand new very soon. It was slightly surreal, he thought, to be reopening his first command and starting from scratch with new pilots after almost fifteen years of being out of the game. He suddenly felt very old. He sighed, it was time to meet his new pilots and see if he was still up to the task. Fleet and Squadron News: It's not every day that someone gets promoted to General in the Tie Corps and I feel it's deserving of a special shout out. Congrats to General Hav Antiel. FA Plif and HA Dempsey have graciously given me the chance to open and lead a second IW squadron aboard the Challenge. Thank you for the opportunity. Applications are still open for our two Flight Leader positions. Email me at talonjade47@gmail.com if you’re interested. Squadron Activity: MAJ Jade Flew SWS Awarded 10 LoC Awarded ISM Awarded IS-BR Discord Activity LT Hawkins Awarded 2 LoS Awarded PC Discord Activity Email Activity SL Mosey Promoted to SL Assigned to Eagle Squadron Discord Activity SL Cupcake Promoted to SL Assigned to Eagle Squadron Discord Activity COL Drachen Transferred to Eagle from Reserves Discord Activity COL Blackheart Flew SWS Awarded 3 LoC Awarded ISM Email Activity Discord Activity SL Maia Promoted to SL Assigned to Eagle Squadron Flew SWS Awarded 13 LoC LT Erso Transferred from Reserves to Eagle Squadron Submitted to Squadron Patch Competition Discord Activity Competitions: Eagle Squadron Patch (https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3220) Closing Thoughts: Fast moving first week for the squadron. Opening up two days before Christmas was a little interesting but Santa brought us seven new pilots to open the squadron with so I'm not complaining. The guys have been starting to talk and get to know each other despite the holiday and I'm hoping that’s the beginning of us turning into a strong, active family here within the squadron. Already having people flying Squadrons and a couple guys getting prepared to fly the older games and hopefully get some squadron citations for us. Great start. Excited to see how we do in the new year. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CMDR/MAJ Talon Jade/Eagle 1-1/Wing X/ISDII Challenge BS/ISM/IS-2BW-3BR/LoC-IS-CSx3-Rx4/LoS-CS-Rx3/MoC-1goc-1soc-4boc/CoB/OV-18E[Grenadier][Marksman 3rd][Beginner] {TCCORE-SM/4-SM/5-STM-XWAI-M/1} Pin:8512