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  ISDII Hammer Commodore report #74 (12/08/2020)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer

From the Desk of Rear Admiral Phoenix

TO: Pilots of the Hammer
FROM: Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2020-12-8
SUBJECT: Hammer Ship Report

---- Hammer Bridge ----

Phoenix leant back in his command chair and surveyed the bridge. It had been hours since the Hammer had come to the aid of a corvette from the Narsil group, the pirates who they'd come across didn't stand a chance once the Hammer had entered the fray.

"Major Task, send my congratulations to Colonel Doyon and his squadron on a job well done and have Lambda launch to help with the mopping up."

"Yes sir, will you be wanting that noted in the official logs? I'll ensure they're entered in triplicate.." Task trailed on. Phoenix suppressed a sigh, the man was a stickler for paperwork and routine that would make the Imperial bureaucracy look agile. Rumour had it he'd risen this far on the back of red tape alone.

---- Hangar Bay ----

"Mopping up action?" Genie queried the order as it appeared on his datapadd, "there's barely anything out there!" Genie silently cursed, this was probably revenge for hiding the booze when the new Commodore arrived onboard the Hammer last month.

"Look on the brightside boss" said LCM Shub, "there will be plenty of time to dictate your memoirs whilst we patrol this largely empty patch of space."

He did have a point Genie mused.

"Alright Lambda, get to your ships and prep for launch."

Genie supressed a grin, little did anyone know he'd stashed the former COMs prized whiskey collection in his fighter. This would be a fun patrol.


Greetings pilots of the Hammer!

Welcome pilots of the Hammer, to this weeks ship report.

Now I'm sure all of you will have received the Challenges recent report that was flagged as one of ours, this was no doubt an insidious plot on behalf of our compatriots to decieve us and sow confusion within our ranks. Rest assured we are taking steps to beef up security and also ensure the Challenges latest Chalquila supplies are intercepted - sobriety aboard this wretched hive of scum and villainy will be a change.

Joking aside, this week has seen two new arrivals in the form of Sub-Lieutenants Kypho and Von Goosington, with SL Kypho rapidly getting his promotion to Lieutenant under his belt, an achievement matched by now Lieutenant Hubington. Well done to all involved.

As it is also MSE (Monthly Squadron Evaluation) time we are starting to see the initial batches of medals arriving. I have no doubt more will be dropping through the Imperial messaging system in due course as our COO & SOO finalize their comments.

Our recent patch competition has come to a close, we had some simply fantastic submissions which are displayed below. Our winner was LCM Griggs D'Arc whilst second place went to LCM Graf D'Jinn. Well done all!

Finally as mentioned in FA Plifs recent report, my counterpart aboard the Warrior FA Silvius will be stepping down. If you are keen to take command of a Star Destroyer please let FA Plif know before December 12th.


Iron Star with Gold Wings
CPT Genie

Iron Star with Silver Wings
CM Bai'et Decol

Iron Star with Silver Ribbons
LCM Graf D'Jinn
LT Witchblade

Iron Star with Bronze Wings
LCM Wildfire
LT Rez Borsat

Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
LT Witchblade

Medal of Instruction
CPT Genie

SL Hubington was promoted to Lieutenant
SL Kypho was promoted to Lieutenant

SL Von Goosington joined Epsilon Squadron

Uniform Updates
None this week


Trivia for the Hammered
Trivia for the Hammered: One trivia question every weekday - points awarded to all, and whoever has most points at the end of the week wins an IS-BR. Every month, the highest scoring pilot wins an IS-SR, and every pilot with 40 points or more wins an extra IS-BR.
This last week saw questions around the Ewoks stealing of Imperial speeder bikes on Endor. It featured a draw between CM Witcher and LCM Xye! Well done you two!

Q1: What was the average height of an adult Ewok?
A1: 1m

Q2: Who was the first main character in RotJ to encounter a Ewok?
A2: Leia Organa Solo

Q3: An Ewok stole a speeder bike during the Rebels cowardly assault on the Death Stars shield bunker. What was his name?
A3: Paploo

Q4: Which company manufactured the speeder bikes used by the Empire on the sanctuary moon?
A4: Aratech Repulsor Company

CM Witcher 9
LCM Xye 9
CM Bai'et Decol 5
LT Witchblade 4
CPT Genie 4
LT Hubington 3
LT Aaron Cremel 3
LT Rez Borsat 2
GN Coranel Both 2
COLTalons Pryde 2
LCM Highkabder 1
MAJ Gustan 1

Hammer Patch

WINNER - By LCM Griggs D'Arc

RUNNER UP - By LCM Graf D'Jinn

By LCM Griggs D'Arc

By LCM Graf D'Jinn

By LCM Graf D'Jinn

By LCM Graf D'Jinn

By LCM Graf D'Jinn

By LC Phalk Sturm

By COL Talons Pryde

By COL Hav Antiel

By AD Turtle Jerrar & COL Hav Antiel

By AD Turtle Jerrar & COL Hav Antiel

Hammer pilot of the month - 2020:
For every flown SP mission from the TC mission compendium and for every LoC/LoS earned each pilot receives 1 point for the Hammer pilot of the month competition.

All other competitions can be found here


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}