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  ISDII Hammer Commodore report #73 (11/30/2020)
This report was submitted by COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer

From the Desk of Rear Admiral Phoenix

TO: Pilots of the Hammer
FROM: Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
DATE: 2020-11-30
SUBJECT: Hammer Ship Report


Phoenix watched as the quartet of fighters swept past the bridges starboard viewport, Colonel Doyon had his flight in close formation as they gave chase to the final 'ugly' that was nothing short of hideously outmatched.

One of the Raider class Corvettes from the 'Narsil' group had been jumped by a group of bandits whilst making a sweep of the Devonti System, a minor and previously uninhabited system on the fleets current trajectory away from the Minos cluster. Fortunately the Hammer had been close behind and a quick jump brought its overwhelming firepower crashing down on the pirate band. Colonel Doyons Beta Squadron had been launched to deal with the squadron of uglies, mongrel fighters pieced together from an assortment of parts and had experienced little trouble with decimating the force leaving the Hammer itself to disable the slow and desperate escape of the pirates modified bulk freighter.

"Major Task, have Beta Squadron perform a covering action whilst troopers board the freighter," Phoenix wafted a hand in the Majors direction. "They may have intel on the area. Have Delta prepare for launch as well, I want the system swept for any other unexpected surprises before the main body of the fleet passes through the region."


Greetings pilots of the Hammer!

Welcome all to this weeks report from the office of the Commodore.

Its been another decent week aboard the Hammer - a number of Squadron reports have been released and always make interesting reading as the standard is as always exemplary. We've also had another great week in the trivia with our final round for November coming to a close, details are below for those looking for the answers and winner! I've also had a number of entries for our Hammer patch competition which closes in just under 8 hours so if you're still interested in taking part please do so immediately.

Finally as we roll into December your Squadron Commanders and I will be finalizing our Squadron & Ship evaluations. These are where we pull together all your activity for the month and see which medals drop out of the system. So as ever the shiney awards will follow soon!


Iron Star with Silver Wings
LCM Xye x 3

Iron Star with Silver Ribbons

Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
CM Witcher

Medal of Communication - Diamond Oak Cluster
CM Witcher

Medal of Communication - Platinum Oak Cluster
MAJ Gustan
LT James379

Medal of Communication - Gold Oak Cluster
RA Phoenix Berkana
LC Alejandro Araujo

Medal of Communication - Silver Oak Cluster
LCM Corran Shub
LCM Milo Antu
LCM Rin Jaeger

Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster
COL Doyon
COL Jeron Darkonis Astoris
COL Pellaeon
COL Talons Pryde
LC Kyle Kroan
CPT Genie
CM Bai'et Decol
CM Cele Rian
LCM Graf D'Jinn
LCM Highlander
LCM Wildfire
LT Aaron Cremel
LT BatSpoggy
LT BrickyT
LT Calvin Phrick
LT Deiro Avisst
LT Hopfot
LT MadTitan
LT Raist
LT Rez Borsat
LT Witchblade
SL Hubington
SL Vanessaira Khyron

None this week

None this week

Uniform Updates
None this week


Trivia for the Hammered
Trivia for the Hammered: One trivia question every weekday - points awarded to all, and whoever has most points at the end of the week wins an IS-BR. Every month, the highest scoring pilot wins an IS-SR, and every pilot with 40 points or more wins an extra IS-BR.
This week saw a series of questions around the B-Wing, a fighter that has recently reappeared in Star Wars: Squadrons! The winner of this one was CM Witcher, well done Commander. As it was the final round of the month we also have our November Top-Gun: LCM Xye!

Q1: Which Verpine company manufactured the B-Wing? (canon)
A1: Slayn & Korpil

Q2: Which future Rebel Admiral was involved in the design of the B-Wing? (Legends)
A2: Ackbar

Q3: Which movie was the B-Wing originally designed for?
A3: Return of the Jedi

Q4: What was it about the B-Wing that made it difficult for filming with the blue-screen photography used at the time of the origins trilogy?
A4: The model itself was so thin it blended into the background

CM Witcher 8
LCM Xye 7
CM Bai'et Decol 6
LT Aaron Cremel 6
CPT Genie 5
GN Coranel 4
LT Witchblade 4
COL Talon Pryde 3
LCM Graf D'Jinn 3
LCM Corran Shub 2
LCM Highlander 2

Hammer Patch
The Hammer patch competition closes in a week so please send all submissions to me directly. We've already had a number of fantastic submissions so please don't be late with yours!

Hammer pilot of the month - 2020:
For every flown SP mission from the TC mission compendium and for every LoC/LoS earned each pilot receives 1 point for the Hammer pilot of the month competition.

All other competitions can be found here


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rear Admiral Phoenix Berkana
COM-SIMS/RA Phoenix Berkana/ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}