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  Sin Squadron Commander report #107 (11/15/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-TOA-ROA/COL Zekk Terrik/Sin/Wing II/ISDII Warrior


REPORTING OFFICER: Colonel Zekk Terrik
DATE SUBMITTED: November 15 2020


Hello everyone! Another quiet week for Sin. I appreciate everyone that reached out to me to wish me a happy birthday, and to those of you who sent their regards to my liver as well. It certainly needed it. This morning I submitted the request for our October shinies and a promotion recommendation to come soon, so keep an eye out for it!

I was not able to make the most recent recording of The TIE Pilot Podcast #6 due to time constraints, so CM Jack Wynand recorded it himself with LCM Frenchie6 and CM Bai'et Decol. Look out for it soon!

  • Make sure you catch episode 5 of The TIE Pilot Podcast at this link, where COL Hav Antiel and I interview the founder of the Emperor's Hammer, GA Ronin, and discuss its early history. Thanks to CM Jack Wynand for the excellent editing work! Jack and I are looking for volunteers to appear on episode 6, where we will be discussing SW Squadrons tactics and strategy, as well as our first impressions of it. If you are interested, please email me back or shoot me a DM. Add me as a friend on Discord if you haven't already so we can create a group chat and work out a recording time.
  • Congratulations to RA Phoenix Berkana on being chosen as the new Commodore fo the ISD Hammer. We look forward to your glorious defeat in Raise the Flag 2021.
  • Phoenix's ascension to the chair of the Hammer means there is an open CMDR position in Thunder. Please contact RA Phoenix Berkana and FA Plif if you are interested in it. Might want to let your current COM and CMDR know too!
  • COL Mordechi Wolfe of Sin Squadron will begin a focus group on how to implement a salary system within the TIE Corps. Phase I will begin soon. Thank you to all that volunteered.
  • The next Sin On Patrol mission is XvT Free 30, and the next TIE Golf mission is XvT Free 31. This will be due at 11:59 PM PST on November 29th.
  • So far I have received only a SoP submission for LCM Favdaukar.
  • The next edition of Sin Trivia can be found here. This will begin Monday.
  • The missions for the Sin Citation Bonanza are TIE TC 3, XvT TC, and XWA TC 3. Click on the competition link below to see how the competition is scored, it's more than just simple flying!
  • Congratulations to LCM Firebreaker for winning last week's trivia with a perfect 5/5 in 89 seconds! LCM Favdaukar did answer slightly faster, but unfortunately missed an answer!

  • Sin On Patrol - The bi-weekly free mission where you can earn an IS-BW for the top score every two weeks, and IS-SW for every fifth victory! This is due every other Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific.

  • Sin Squadron Trivia - Five weekly questions and you will receive an IS-BR for every victory, and an IS-SR for every fifth victory! This is due every Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific.

  • Sin Goes Golfing! - Do you suck at flying too? Finally, a mission I can compete in! That’s right – you will compete for the worst possible score!

  • The Adventures of Sin Squadron - Submit anything, and I mean quite literally anything (minimum half a page because John was mean about it), to your CMDR for inclusion in the squadron report and receive a brand new shiny IS-BR! Receive an IS-SR for every 5 submissions! Ask me how (just email it, dummy). Graphics are also acceptable, or really just any creativity!

  • Sin Squadron Top Gun - Who is the finest (and most active?) pilot in all of Sin?

  • Sin Citation Bonanza - When COL Stryker left to fly his filthy alphabet fighters, we lost most of our squadron citations. Let's try to get them back!

    Here’s some fleet-wide competitions currently going on:

    Star Wars Squadrons competitions:

    TIE Corps Space Superiority 2020

    • The goal of this competition is to award activity in Star Wars Squadrons Dogfight Mode
    • During every month pilots will submit notations of the highest number of kills from submitting pilots with screenshot proof by email to the COO Office akin to TIE Corps on the MP Front 2020.
    • At the end of the month participants will be awarded 5, 4, 3, 2 or one point (minimum) based on their placing. If less than five pilots participate the maximum monthly points awarded will be reduced to match this number.
    • At the end of the year these points will be added up, rewarding the highest scoring pilot with an IS-PW, runner-up with an IS-GW and third with an IS-BW.

    TIE Corps Capital Strike vs AI 2020 (PvE)


    TIE Corps Capital Strike 2020 (PvP Fleet Battles)


    Single players competitions:

    All I want for Life Day is my COMPOST Membership Card

    Fly TIE-TC 244, Lord of the TIEs and get the highest score you can. Submit your pilot file as usual and the pilot with the highest score gets an IS-GW! Every participants get a IS-BW too, and if you beat the current high score of 84711 points, you get a IS-SW

    TCiB assignments for November

    • TIE-TC battle 114: Stop the press!
    • XvT-TC battle 92: Wing VIII: Prelude
    • XWA-TC battle 46: The Rescue of Anna Darksaber

    Everyone's a Critic


    Ace of the TIE Corps 2020


    Multiplayer competitions:

    TIE Corps on the CoOp-Front - 2020


    TIE Corps on the MP-Front - 2020


    Art creation competitions:

    Firebird Banner Competition

    Those weirdos that fly the alphabet fighters need a banner now, let's help them out! Try to make it too, ugh, Rebel....

    The TIE Pilot Podcast

    The podcast created by TIE pilots, for TIE pilots. Interested in being on, or have an idea for the show? Tell us! Please contact COL Zekk Terrik or CM Jack Wynand ASAP!

    Hammer Patch Competition

    The Hammer needs a patch! You have until the end of November to design one - with the winner taking either a IS-SR or IS-BR depending on the number of entries.

    Art for the Dragonkind

    CM Bai'et Decol is opening up the design of the Epsilon Squadron banner as it is a little outdated at the moment. We are not looking for anything specific, just whatever looks best! If you are able to work in the nickname/motto that's extra points in my book. If you have a submission, please email it to baiet.decol@gmail.com

    For a full list of the current competitions:


    Flight I

    [1-1] COL Zekk Terrik

    • Comms: Email, Discord
    • Activity: Administrative work, little bit of flying and Star Conflict. Making fun of Hav's mother.

    [1-2] CPT Coremy Jertese

    • Comms: Email, Discord
    • Activity: Turned in a bit of Legions!

    [1-3] COL Mordechi Wolfe

    • Comms: Discord, Email
    • Activity: Cranking out Legions, did trivia.

    [1-4] GN Earnim Branet

    • Comms: None
    • Activity: Earned some Iron Stars and a ridiculous amount of Legions.

    Flight II

    [2-1] LC Rando

    • Comms: Email, Discord
    • Activity: Earned an Iron Stars

    [2-3] LCM Favdaukar

    • Comms: Email, Discord
    • Activity: Trivia, lots of flying too. Is someone due for a promotion soon???

    [2-4] LT Dune Thrallick

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Nada

    Flight III

    [3-1] LCM Robert Hogan

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Earned hella Legions! Did trivia and submitted his XO report.

    [3-2] CM Jack Wynand

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Earned an Iron Star, recorded TTPP #6

    [3-3] LCM Firebreaker Terrik

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Did trivia

    [3-4] GN Exar Kit

    • Comms: Discord
    • Activity: Nada

    Keep an eye out for your shinies...let's get flying everyone!

    COL Zekk Terrik