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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #15 (11/09/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CM Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Lambda Squadron WSR

Lambda PatchLAMBDA SQUADRON WSR #15 (08-Nov-28 ABY)Lambda Patch

REPORTING COMMANDER: Commander Genie. Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, RA Phoenix Berkana Hammer's Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: 9th November 28 ABY

Lambda PatchLAMBDA SQUADRON NEWSLambda Patch

HA Elwood the Brave has now formally stepped as Commodore of the Hammered. I hope this means, we continue to see you in the battlefield! A great welcome to RA Phoenix Berkana (whispers: hide the booze).

A big welcome to our newest member, LT Spywalker, who barely joined and has already been promoted to a LT!

Today marks the beginning of our 6th Lambda's Star Wars Trivia.

With Squadrons in full force, we now also start to shift our attention to other games, namely some SP gaming with TIE Fighter, XvT and XWA. The full details can be found under the Lambda Competitions List below. Remember to send in, at evghenios@yahoo.com (or on discord), your Squadrons dogfight kill-death ratio, win-rating and current fleet rank for the three Lambda Squadrons Competitions.

Yesterday, we had our second Lambda Expedition into Squadrons, with a nice set of squadron wins and a mystery pilot, going only by the name of Pilot Error, shooting down fighters from both sides. LCM Highlander, LT Corran Shub, LT Freeman Phrick and CM Genie were on flying duty while LT Spywalker was responsible for gathering intelligence.

Lambda, you are slipping up on Spot the Error! Let's just say... Cornelia is watching you!

Lambda PatchCREATIVE CORNERLambda Patch

Today, for our creative corner, I am posting below a great graphic created by one of our own, LT Graf, as part of the competition for a new banner for SIN.

Lambda Patch

Lambda PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITYLambda Patch

1-1 CM Genie0Lambda Patch1Lambda Patch92Lambda PatchOfficer 1stX0Lambda PatchIS-BW x1
IS-SW x1
MoI x1
New Hits!
Lambda Expedition
1-2 SL Voron Castor0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchAWOL0Lambda PatchLeft EH Discord
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchAWOL0Lambda PatchLeft EH Discord
1-4 CM Cele Rian0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchNo Comm0Lambda Patch
2-1 LT Corran Shub0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch8Lambda PatchMarksman 4thX0Lambda PatchIS-BR x1Streaming
Lambda Expedition
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch3Lambda PatchX0Lambda PatchLambda Expedition
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchAWOL0Lambda Patch
2-4 LT MrSpywalker4Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchX0Lambda PatchTC Flight CertLambda Expedition
3-1 LCM Highlander0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch3Lambda PatchMarksman 2ndX0Lambda PatchIS-BR x1Lambda Expedition
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch35Lambda PatchMarksman 2ndX0Lambda PatchTF Tactics
History of
Imperial Intelligence
Imperial Naval
IS-BR x1Uniform
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchX0Lambda Patch
3-4 LT Xye0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchX0Lambda PatchIS-BR x2

Lambda Patch denotes an increase compared to last week's activity
Lambda Patch denotes a decrease compared to last week's activity


Overall Standings

the Error
Sq Rank
Sq Wins
Never Die
Know your
1-1 CM Genie700.711.78NA00000
1-2 SL Voron Castor0000000
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai0000000
1-4 CM Cele Rian0000000
2-1 LT Corran Shub01500000
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick0400000
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass0000000
2-4 LT MrSpywalker0000000
3-1 LCM Highlander0500000
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn11240000
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst1700000
3-4 LT Xye600.561.201510000

Know your Sheep (Trivia)

Answers to Week 5:
Q1: What is the new / current name of the planet Koros Major?
A1: Empress Teta
Q2: Who directed Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens?
A2: JJ Abrams aka Trekie Guy.
Q3: When was Leia Skywalker Organa Solo born and when did she die?
A3: 19 BBY - 35 ABY.
Q4: What race is Han Solo?
A4: Accepted Correlian / Human or both.
Q5: How many species immigrated to Corellia?
A5: 10.

Callsign1st Nov8th Nov15th Nov22nd Nov29th NovMonthly
1-2 SL Voron Castor00
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai00
1-4 CM Cele Rian00
2-1 LT Corran Shub5 (121)5
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick00
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass00
2-4 LT MrSpywalker00
3-1 LCM Highlander00
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn4 (215)4
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst00
3-4 LT Xye00

Spot the Error (in the Lambda WSR)

Week #6:

Spot the Error Week6

Xye: Should be November instead of August.
The one that got away: A double error, should be Wiki instead of Riki and LT Phrick did not complete the Wiki course.
The one that got away: Cornelia is... watching you!

Callsign1st Nov8th Nov15th Nov22nd Nov29th NovMonthly
1-1 CM Genie22
1-2 SL Voron Castor00
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai00
1-4 CM Cele Rian00
2-1 LT Corran Shub00
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick00
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass00
2-4 LT MrSpywalker00
3-1 LCM Highlander00
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn00
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst00
3-4 LT Xye11

Lambda University

Callsign25th Oct1st Nov8th Nov15th Nov22nd Nov29th NovTotal
1-1 CM Genie000
1-2 SL Voron Castor000
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai000
1-4 CM Cele Rian000
2-1 LT Corran Shub000
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick000
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass000
2-4 LT MrSpywalker000
3-1 LCM Highlander000
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn044
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst000
3-4 LT Xye101


Current Lambda Squadron Competitions:

Hammer Competitions:

  • Hammer pilot of the month - 2020: For every flown SP mission from the TC mission compendium and for every LoC/LoS earned each pilot receives 1 point for the Hammer pilot of the month competition.

TIE Corps Competitions:

  • The Galactic Linguist: Organized by one of our own, LT Deiro. Translate sentences written in a Star Wars language into English! Week #2 (1st Nov - 8th Nov 2020) will be out soon.
  • Squadrons Completionist: A race for the entire TC on who will complete all the achievements of the Squadrons game first.
  • TC PvP Shootout: Organized by AD Miles, COL Horus and CM EvilGrin. On every Saturday, starting at 22:00 GMT, a PvP shootout will take place.
  • Everyone's a Critic: Flown a battle? Write a USEFUL review!
  • TIE Corps in Battle 2020: Every month, there will be a full battle assigned to fly, from each of the major SP platforms (TIE, XvT, XWA).

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Lambdas, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Hammered", "Wing XII" or "Lambda Squadron".

Notable Events:

For a full list of all streaming and youtube channels be sure to check the #streams channel on our Discord (flagged as pinned messages). If an EH stream or youtube channel is missing from the pinned messages, drop me a line on discord.

Lambda PatchCLOSING COMMENTSLambda Patch

The Emperor's Hammer has been holding its own in the Power Hour. The Power Hour is 5-player premade teams battling against each other by synchronizing the matchup queue. Last Saturday, we were 2-2 and both losses were agonizingly close. It is ironic that the Power Hour will soon be shifting to Fleet Battles.

I am attempting to streamline the weekly Lambda Report, as it currently takes me a long time to put everything together. Thank you Silwar for that GONK API, it definitely helps! In the future, I plan to extract the styling outside of the body and into proper CSS (but not quite yet). Signing off for this week.

CM Genie
CMDR CM Genie Lambda Wing I ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] [Veteran 4th] [Gunner's Mate 1st] {TCCORE-MCBS-SM/5-TM/3-WIKI}