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  Lambda Squadron Commander report #13 (11/01/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CM Genie/Lambda/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Lambda Squadron WSR

Lambda PatchLAMBDA SQUADRON WSR #13 (25-Oct-28 ABY)Lambda Patch

REPORTING COMMANDER: Commander Genie. Squadron Commander
TO: Lambda Squadron, HA Elwood The Brave Hammer's Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: 26th October 28 ABY

Lambda PatchLAMBDA SQUADRON NEWSLambda Patch

Yesterday, Sunday, we had our first ever Lambda Expedition (team event) into Squadrons. LT Corran Shub, LCM Xye and CM Genie, battling Rebel scum and on occasion Imperial Imposters, as we showed them who the real deal is.

The fourth week of Lambda's Star Wars Trivia! starts today.

We had a special Spot the Error report, more on that in the results below. Happy to say that Deiro and Xye managed to find the ... booby prize! I did get one of the three intentional errors past the squad though. ;)

LT Deiro has created a new TC-wide competition, be sure to check it out. The Galactic Linguist! The premise; you are given sentences written in one or more Star Wars languages and you need to translate it in the fastest time possible.

Lambda PatchCREATIVE CORNERLambda Patch

This week, we have a fiction piece written by LT Deiro. The Lieutenant was on a mission to locate Cornelia. What transpires below were the events as they unfolded.

Mission Report: Locating Cornelia
Reported by LT Deiro Avisst Lambda Wing III ISDII Hammer

Background: In the most recent report CM Genie stated that Cornelia, Lambdas mascot, had disappeared. With special permission from the commander, I took it upon myself to find out the whereabouts of Cornelia.

Mission Report: The investigation began in the Lambda quarters, however I turned up empty handed. The next lead was to ask the Hammers security team. The head said they would keep an eye out and advised me to talk to maintenance crewmates. After a couple of hours of asking around a couple of maintenance workers said they saw Cornelia going towards the vehicle bays. I had rumors that there was a Lambda Class T-4a Shuttle moved into the hangar bay. My next stop was the hangar control room, where I was then informed that there was an unauthorized launch of Lambda Class T-4a Shuttle, Designation CA-246. After receiving the tracking info and designation code I launched my fighter and started tracking the shuttle. According to the tracking info, Shuttle CA-246 had landed on the planet Adarlon near the capital city of Belrand. After locating the shuttle, it was determined that Cornelia had in fact been on Shuttle CA-246. After some recon, the Cornelias footprints were headed toward Belrand. I promptly alerted ISB and local patrols to be on the lookout. Once I had arrived at Belrand, I was informed at the ISB office that they had received an anonymous tip, that Cornelia had been spotted entering a bar named The Crystaline Fountain. Once on location, I finally found Cornelia playing Corellian Spike Sabaac at a booth in the back of the bar. A transport has been called to deliver Cornelia back to The Hammer

Deiro's Closing Notes: Tracking shuttle CA-246 was a shot in the dark. It is not known whether there were pilots with Cornelia on the shuttle. It was also surprising to see that she knew how to play sabaac, but she had a big pile of credits so she definitely learned from somewhere.

Commander's Notes: I hope Deiro remembered to pick up the pile of credits. Must let Cornelia play more Sabaac.

Lambda PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITYLambda Patch
1-1 CM Genie0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch50Lambda PatchOfficer 3rdX0Lambda PatchWSR
Competition 3194
Competition 3198
Competition 3195
Competition 3193
Competition 3192
Competition 3191
Lambda Expedition
1-2 SL Voron Castor0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchAWOL0Lambda PatchDisappeared from Discord List
Pending Email Reply
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchNO COMM0Lambda Patch
1-4 CM Cele Rian0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchNO COMM0Lambda Patch
2-1 LT Corran Shub0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch4Lambda PatchX0Lambda PatchLambda Expedition
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchX0Lambda Patch
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchX0Lambda Patch
2-4 TBA0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchNA0Lambda Patch
3-1 LCM Highlander0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch13Lambda PatchMarksman 3rdX0Lambda Patch
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn0Lambda Patch2Lambda Patch7Lambda PatchMarksman 4thX0Lambda Patch
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch0Lambda PatchX0Lambda PatchFiction
3-4 LT Xye0Lambda Patch0Lambda Patch8Lambda PatchMarksman 2ndX0Lambda PatchWikiLambda Expedition

Lambda Patch denotes an increase compared to last week's activity
Lambda Patch denotes a decrease compared to last week's activity


Overall Standings

CallsignSpot the ErrorLambda ClimbsLambda WienersNever DieKnow your SheepUniversityTBD 2
1-1 CM Genie5NANA
1-2 SL Voron Castor000
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai000
1-4 CM Cele Rian000
2-1 LT Corran Shub0100
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick040
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass000
2-4 TBA000
3-1 LCM Highlander050
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn180
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst170
3-4 LT Xye5151

Know your Sheep (Trivia)

Answers to Week 3:
Q1: Who uses MWC-35c "Staccato Lightning" repeating cannon as his personal weapon of choice?
A1: Baze Malbus.
Q2: Which is the homeworld of Mas Amedda?
A2: Champala.
Q3: Which major hyperspace route, runs from Boanadan inward to the Core Worlds and then back out to end at Imynusoph?
A3: Hydian Way.
Q4: How many sectors does the Outer Rum have?
A4: 60. Also accepted "more than 100 sectors".
Q5: Under which general command was Extraction Team Bravo?
A5: Davits Draven.

Callsign4th Oct11th Oct18th Oct25th Oct1st NovTotal
1-2 SL Voron Castor0000
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai0000
1-4 CM Cele Rian0000
2-1 LT Corran Shub5 (475 secs)5 (294 secs)010
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick4 (288 secs)004
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass0000
2-4 TBA00000
3-1 LCM Highlander005 (283)5
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn05 (141 secs)3 (231)8
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst4 (339 secs)3 (131 secs)07
3-4 LT Xye5 (385 secs)5 (185 secs)5 (356)15

Spot the Error (in the Lambda WSR)

Week #4:

Spot the Error Week4 Deiro: Got rickrolled. Squadron Roster link was ... booby trapped!
Xye: Should be CM Baiet instead of LT Baiet
Xye: Should be game instead of +game
Xye: Got rickrolled. Squadron Roster link was ... booby trapped!
The one that got away: One of the trivia questions was with a double question mark, instead of a single one.
The one that got away: Lambdas Never Die Competition is listed twice.

Callsign27th Sep4th Oct11th Oct18th Oct25th Oct1st NovTotal
1-1 CM Genie11125
1-2 SL Voron Castor00000
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai00000
1-4 CM Cele Rian00000
2-1 LT Corran Shub00000
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick00000
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass00000
2-4 TBA00007
3-1 LCM Highlander00000
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn00101
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst00011
3-4 LT Xye11035

Lambda University

Callsign25th Oct1st Nov8th Nov15th Nov22nd Nov29th NovTotal
1-2 SL Voron Castor00
1-3 LT Udiim'auw'rokulai00
1-4 CM Cele Rian00
2-1 LT Corran Shub00
2-2 LT Calvin Phrick00
2-3 LT Vohnan Dass00
2-4 TBA00
3-1 LCM Highlander00
3-2 LT Graf D'Jinn00
3-3 LT Deiro Avisst00
3-4 LT Xye11


Current Lambda Squadron Competitions:
Know your sheep from your wolves - Trivia: The third week of trivia has started: Week 3 (26th Oct - 1st Nov 2020)
Lambda climbs the Ladder (Squadrons): Highest Fleet Battle Rank, in the game of Squadrons.
Lambs turn to Wieners (Squadrons): Highest Ranked Win Ratio, in the game of Squadrons.
Lambdas never die (Squadrons): Highest Kills to Deaths Ratio, in the game of Squadrons.
Spot the Error!: Every week, the Lambda Squadron Weekly Report will have a purposeful error. Can you find it? Unintended errors will also win you points!
Lambda University (IWATS): We nurture both our bodies and our minds.
Lambda executes Emperor's Hammer Directive: Starting from November, one TIE Fighter, XvT, and XWA battle will be selected each month for Lambda to complete.
Lambda Freestyle Flying: Every month, there will be one mission (aka free type battle) from TIE Fighter, XvT and XWA selected for flying.
Lambda on a Mission: Deep Strike: Design a new TC Battle (number of missions is up to you, subject to TC rules) that heavily involves Lambda in its storyline.
The Lambda Saga: Write up fiction relating to Lambda and its pilots (past, present and future). It can include other squadrons and the Emperor's Hammer itself.
Lambdas never die (Squadrons): Highest Kills to Deaths Ratio, in the game of Squadrons.

Hammer Competitions:
Hammer pilot of the month - 2020: For every flown SP mission from the TC mission compendium and for every LoC/LoS earned each pilot receives 1 point for the Hammer pilot of the month competition.

TIE Corps Competitions:
The Galactic Linguist: Organized by one of our own, LT Deiro. Translate sentences written in a Star Wars language into English! Week #1 (26th Oct - 1st Nov 2020)
Shakespearean-esque lyrics for modern songs: Organized by Talons Pryde. Identify the song title and artist from the alternate wording for either the title of a set of lyrics.
Squadrons Completionist: A race for the entire TC on who will complete all the achievements of the Squadrons +game first.
The TIE Pilot Podcast: Hosted by Zekk and Jack. Email your suggestions to Zekk on topics to cover during the Podcast.
TC PvP Shootout: Organized by AD Miles, COL Horus and CM EvilGrin. On every Saturday, starting at 22:00 GMT, a PvP shootout will take place.
Everyone's a Critic: Flown a battle? Write a USEFUL review!
TIE Corps in Battle 2020: Every month, there will be a full battle assigned to fly, from each of the major SP platforms (TIE, XvT, XWA).

Be sure to check out all the running competitions. As Lambdas, to know the competitions you are eligible for, under "Units Involved" it must be listed as "Entire TC", "ISD-II Hammer", "Wing I" or "Lambda Squadron".

Notable Events:
LT MrShub Star Wars Streaming: Hosted by LT Shub, streaming every Tuesday and Thursday.
LT Baiet Star Wars and Star Conflict Streaming: Hosted by LT Baiet, several hours spread over the week.
Alejandro's Youtube Corner: A place where Alejandro regularly uploads videos of his activities with the modded XWA.
The TIE Pilot's Podcast: Hosted by COL Zekk Terrik and CM Jack Wynand.

For a full list of all streaming and youtube channels be sure to check the #streams channel on our Discord (flagged as pinned messages). If an EH stream or youtube channel is missing from the pinned messages, drop me a line on discord.

Lambda PatchCLOSING COMMENTSLambda Patch

I am trying to talk myself into returning back to my project of crafting a TIE Fighter campaign. Currently, two battles fully completed with the third in progress. The RtF, followed by the Squadrons hype put a dampener on that.

CM Genie
CMDR CM Genie Lambda Wing I ISDII Hammer
[Gallant] [Officer 3rd] [Gunner's Mate 1st] {TCCORE-MCBS-SM/5-TM/3-WIKI}