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  Tactical Officer report #13 (10/25/2020)
This report was submitted by TAC/AD Pickled Yoda/CS-6/VSDII Sinister

TAC Report #13
REPORTING OFFICER: Admiral Pickled Yoda, Tactical Officer


I am having SO MUCH FUN playing Star Wars Squadrons with everyone. It's great, and even when it's got issues it's still a good time.

If you're on the fence about it? Just hop on in. I generally don't go for multiplayer games and I've never really done voice chat either... but it's been amazing. Everyone has been nice and we've got some really ace pilots who can show you the ropes.

n.b. from the TAC perspective, I am not hopeful of any custom missions in the short term. The stuff in the game is heavily scripted and there's certainly no MISSION folder with easily identifiable, individual files to fiddle with.

Raise the Flag

The comp finished over 3 weeks ago, but I don't write reports that often so I'll take this opportunity to call out some things.

Firstly... ow. I legitimately think I injured myself with all the joystick work (stop that snickering in the back! See me after class.)

I salute Rho Squadron in particular for putting together a great set of contributions as a team effort. RtF is essentially an exchange of time for points - to be the best, you must leverage your time in the most efficient way, and be motivated to keep up that effort for an entire month. Both of these things have to start at the top, so I think Hav Antiel gets a lot of credit there.

In the individual stakes, Hermann kept me on my toes right to the end with remarkable determination and flying. Well played, sir, and congrats on your promotion.

Finally - my new wingman, TCCOM Plif. It takes a lot of work to run a comp like this, but more importantly Plif did the work beforehand to tweak rules and afterwards to survey opinions for next year. The reward was high levels of activity, tons of extra reviews in the Battle Center and the most competitive fight for the Escort Squadron title ever. Bravo!

TAC Staff

The fleet is swelling in size, and that has included a lot of returning members which is great to see.

With this upswing in activity I think it's high time to capitalise on the momentum and see who'd like to join the TAC staff.

If you are interested in testing new missions, fixing bugs in old missions or helping with TAC-related tools in PHP and JavaScript, email me!

Lord of the TIEs

Plif is running his annual competition to encourage people to fly TIE-TC 244 Lord of the TIEs. Do it


Cryp-TAC is my report competition with cryptic crossword style clues. If you're new to the game, I suggest looking at the last couple of reports to get the hang of it!

First: the answers from report 12. Remember, part of it is the definition or meaning, and part of it is some wordplay.

Greek letter dictated what to do in a scull? (3) is RHO. The definition is Greek letter and the answer sounds like (dictated) what you do in a scull - you row.

Confused pets met squall (7) is TEMPEST. The definition is squall (a windy storm) and the answer is an anagram (confused) of pets met.

Greed and gluttony in South India (3) is SIN. The defintion is greed and gluttony (types of sin) and the substitutions are S for South and IN for India (country code).

For full points, you need to both tell me the answer and provide your breakdown of the wordplay.

This week: Stryker 7, Kalve Ryder 6, Plif 10, Doyon 9, Hav 9. (9 is completely correct, +1 for the best of the writeups, a few needed more details for wordplay)

Running total: Hav and Plif tied for first on 19, Doyon 15, Stryker 7, Kalve Ryder 6, Dempsey 3, Laan 3.


This week's clues:

Mr. Obbe imagines a flying fortress (6)

Combatant spoonerised Thai fur (7)

Prince otter flies fast aircraft (11)

Harvester depicts death (6)

If you've solved one, remember that I try to make them themed and so you should have a hint to what the others might be.


Reminder: feel free to poke me directly via email or discord about mission critical bugs that should be fixed. The database has a long queue, but you can jump it.


Nothing in particular to report from the projects but I have over 100 new LoCs from Squadrons!

I've approved lots of BSFs and I've marked a few tests.

There are new mission submissions! I'm working through the initial TAC check before assigning for beta testing.

Transmission Ends

TAC/AD Pickled Yoda/CS-6/VSDII Sinister




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