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  Thunder Squadron Commander report #15 (10/21/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-SIMS/GN Phoenix Berkana/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Thunder Squadron Weekly Report

Thunder Squadron PatchTHUNDER SQUADRON WSR #15Thunder Squadron Patch

TO: High Admiral Anahorn Dempsey, Commodore ISDII Challenge
FROM: General Phoenix Berkana, Commander Thunder Squadron
DATE: 21/10/2020
SUBJECT: Thunder Squadron Weekly Report

Thunder Squadron PatchSQUADRON NEWSThunder Squadron Patch

Phoenix killed the thrusters as the TIE Phantom coasted gently into the Challenge's hangar bay, he was pleased to see Lieutenant Crawl in Thunder 1-2 effortlessly following behind and slightly to his starboard. Kicking in the repulsors he bruought the Phantom to a halt above Thunders designated area of the bay and let the craft gently settle onto a cradle made to hold the fighters bulk.

It had been a long patrol of some of the nearby systems as the First Recon Division that the Challenge was part of made its way slowly through the maze that was the Minos Cluster. The Phantom was perfectly suited to long patrols Phoenix mused and he had no doubt that more awaited the squadron before the month was out.

He togged on his comm, "Thunder Lead to all craft, power down and report to the briefing room in thirty minutes for debriefing. I'm sure the Admiral is keen to know the results of our patrol." With that he flicked a couple of switches on the console and heard the characteristic whine as the fighter powered down....

Greetings Thunder Squadron and welcome to this weeks report.

Another week has trundled by and we're continuing to see a number of legions and medals dropping through the squadron, so fantastic work to all of you who have participated in one way or another. Lieutenants Angel, Dynamus and Kongo are continuing to rack up Legions of Combat from their playing of Star Wars: Squadrons and we've seen a few other awards arrive in the form of Iron Stars and a Bronze Star. Long may this continue!

A reminder that as we approach the end of the month I'll begin putting together the MSE (Monthly Squadron Evaluation) from which promotions & awards will be recommended, so if you have any last minute bouts of flying or writing or drawing please let me know!

Thunder Squadron PatchCOMPETITIONS AND EVENTSThunder Squadron Patch

A great round of trivia this past week, with both the Trivia for the Challenged and the Thunder Trivia seeing some good participation levels. Worth noting that with some changes to squadron membership some of our Challenge participants are signing off for now.

This weeks rounds featured questions about the TIE Reaper and the Victory Class Star Destroyer and saw LT Dynamus take the Thunder Crown and LCM TI-40026 defend his crown from the last round of Challenge Trivia. Good work to both of you - Iron Stars with Bronze Ribbons have been added to your records. Good work also to MAJ Hermann who passed the 50 point mark in the competition and also picked up a Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons - so remember even if you don't win you can stll pick up awards through participation.

A full list of active competitions is available at the TIE Corps Competition Center.

Thunder Trivia

Q1: What was the length in km of a Victory Class Star Destroyer?
A1: 0.9km

Q2: Who was the lead designer of the Victory Class Star Destroyer?
A2: Walex Blissex (someone calme with Colin Cantwell so they'll get a point too)

Q3: How many VSD's did Pellaeon lead when he was serving Admiral Daala?
A3: 112

LT Dynamus 9
LCM Mazr Donir 4
CM Aval 3
LT Veritas Crawl 3

Trivia for the Challenged

Q1: In which movie did the TIE Reaper first appear?
A1: Rogue One

Q2: What was the maximum atmospheric speed of the TIE Reaper?
A2: 950 kph

Q3: TIE Reapers at the Battle of Scarif were tasked with caring what elite Imperial soldiers?
A3: Death Troopers

Q4: True or False - the TIE Reaper is available in the X-Wing miniatures game?
A4: True

LCM TI-40026 9
COL Stryker 7
LC Phalk Sturm 5
MAJ Hermann 5
CM Aval 4
CM EvilGrin 4
LCM Rachel Drakon 4 *** left for a new posting
LT Veritas Crawl 4
HA Dempsey 3
LT Dynamus 3
LT Rhygaar 3
MAJ Talon Jade 2
LT WoofWolffe 2
MAJ Jedgar 1
CPT Sparky Wagglehorn 1 *** left for a new posting
LT Turel 1
Thunder Squadron PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITYThunder Squadron Patch

Nickname: Thunder Warriors - "Bring the Thunder"

Thunder CMDR: GN Phoenix Berkana

  • On Discord/Email
  • Ran this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Ran this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons SP
  • Awarded a Bronze Star of the Empire

Thunder 1-2: LT Crawl

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged

Thunder 1-3: LT Angel

  • On Discord/Email
  • Earnt 29 Legions of Combat
  • New Combat Rating: Marksman 2nd

Thunder 1-4: LT Rick Skyward

  • On Discord/Email

Nickname: Lightning Raiders - "Feel the Thunder"

Thunder 2-1: MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw

  • On Discord/Email
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons

Thunder 2-2: LT Mo Kongo

  • On Discord/Email
  • Submitted two additional pieces of Artwork to the WARDEN
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Earnt 2 Legions of Combat
  • New Combat Rating: Trainee

Thunder 2-3: LCM Mazr Donir

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons

Thunder 2-4: LT Nemo Barbarossa

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged

Nickname: Rolling Thunder - "Fear the Thunder"

Thunder 3-1: CM Aval

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged

Thunder 3-2: LT Bel Ferrin

  • On Discord/Email

Thunder 3-3: COL Impulse

  • On Discord/Email

Thunder 3-4: LT Dynamus

  • On Discord/Email
  • Won this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Awarded a Iron Star with Bronze Ribbons
  • Earnt a Legion of Combat

Thunder Squadron PatchROSTERThunder Squadron Patch
COMMANDER: GN Phoenix Berkana
NICKNAME: Stormbringers
MOTTO: Swift, Silent, Deadly

Nickname: Thunder Warriors
Motto: Bring the Thunder
[CMDR] GN Phoenix Berkana
[1-2] LT Veritas Crawl
[1-3] LT Angel
[1-4] LT Rick Skyward

Nickname: Lightning Raiders
Motto: Feel the Thunder
[2-1] MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw
[2-2] LT Mo Kongo
[2-3] LCM Mazr Donir
[2-4] LT Nemo Barbarossa

Nickname: Rolling Thunder
Motto: Fear the Thunder
[3-1] CM Aval
[3-2] LT Bel Ferrin
[3-3] COL Impulse
[3-4] LT Dynamus

Thunder Squadron PatchCOMMANDERS CORNERThunder Squadron Patch

Time is most definitely flying at the moment! We're already into the final stretch of October and I've in touch with most of you about anything you need to do for the upcoming evaluations to earn medals / promotions etc. Good luck!!!

GN Phoenix Berkana
CMDR-SIMS/GN Phoenix Berkana/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
[Gallant] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}