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  Thunder Squadron Commander report #14 (10/12/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-SIMS/GN Phoenix Berkana/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Thunder Squadron Weekly Report

Thunder Squadron PatchTHUNDER SQUADRON WSR #14Thunder Squadron Patch

TO: High Admiral Anahorn Dempsey, Commodore ISDII Challenge
FROM: General Phoenix Berkana, Commander Thunder Squadron
DATE: 12/10/2020
SUBJECT: Thunder Squadron Weekly Report

Thunder Squadron PatchSQUADRON NEWSThunder Squadron Patch

Phoenix sat back at his desk and let out a low whistle, the beeping of the datapad had alerted him to the arrival of several award approvals. It seemed that Vice Admiral Clark was busy with things despite his upcoming move to the Warrior.

He picked up the comm device sat on his deks and thumbed it on with the switch on the side. "Major Shadowclaw, Commander Aval, could you both report to my office at 06:30 please", tomorrow mornings patrol required a few final tweaks before they could launch. Placing the comm device back on his desk he swung around on the low swivel chair and made towards the doorway which opened with the quintessential speed of Imperial architecture.

The hallway was only partially lit, another sign of the Challenge still coming back into service after extensive time in the reserves, however as he turned and entered the hangar the sight that greeted him was a remnder of the potency to come. Arrayed in groups across the vast expanse of the hangar deck sat the fighters of Wing X, off to port sat the mix of TIE Interceptors and Reapers of Inferno Squadron, to starboard the TIE Defenders and Missile Boats of Tempest and next to them the latest arrivals, the X-Wings and Y-Wings of Firebird Squadron, a reincarnation of the Infiltrator Wing of old. Finally lined up along the rear wall of the hangar and ready for tomorrows patrol sat the 12 Phantoms of Thunder Squadron, their three bladed solar arrays gleaming in the ever present lighting of the hangar bay.

Yes, the Challenge was indeed back...

Greetings Thunder Squadron and welcome to this weeks report.

It's been another decent week here in the squadron with communication from each and every one of you - not to mention some of you getting in some time on the flight line so good effort all around!

Star Wars: Squadrons continues to make itself felt within the TIE Corps, with the Combat Office recently releasing the requirements for Legions of Combat and Legions of Skirmish on the platform in addition to an updated submission form. I know a number of you are flying MP already and another bunch including myself are working thier way up to flight status so lets see if we can boost the Legion count this coming week.

Special thanks to VA Clark for getting the MSE awards dealt with in an expedited manner this morning, we had a number of Imperial Security Medals to hand out which are now all awarded. There are a few final bits and pieces from the last evaluation to come but by and large we're there now and set for the month. A few of you are also VERY close to promotions - so please make sure you complete the TIE CORE quiz so you can snag the coveted promotion to Lt Commander!

Thunder Squadron PatchCOMPETITIONS AND EVENTSThunder Squadron Patch

Phenomenal participation this week in our Trivia for the Challenged competition, thanks in part to the growth in size of the TIE Corps Premier Combat Wing! An excellent performance by Lieutenant Commander TI-40026 who took this weeks crown for the ship wide event whilst Major Tygra Shadowclaw claimed the title in the Thunder Trivia. Good work both of you, Iron Stars with Bronze Ribbons are on the way for both of you.

A full list of active competitions is available at the TIE Corps Competition Center.

Thunder Trivia

Q1: What triangular cruiser/carrier was built by the SoroSuub Corporation?
A1: Quasar Fire Class

Q2: The Quasar Fire class had room for how many starfighters?
A2: 48

Q3: The Quasar Fire class first appeared in a book that is now part of the Legends series. Which one was it?
A3: Truce at Bakura

Q4: True or False - the Quasar Fire class appears in Star Wars: Squadrons?
A4: True

MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw 8
LCM Mazr Donir 6
LT Dynamus 6
CM Aval 4
LT Veritas Crawl 4

Trivia for the Challenged

Q1: What type of vessel was the Neutron Star class?
A1: Bulk Cruiser

Q2: Despite not being a large vessel, the Neutron Star class required a significant crew. How many individuals was this?
A2: 2200

Q3: In Star Wars canon the Bulk Cruiser was first mentioned as a type of vessel by whom?
A3: Han Solo

Q4: The Rebels had a habit of converting Neutron Star class vessels into carriers - how many fighters could they carry?
A4: 36

LCM TI-40026 10
COL Stryker 6
CPT Sparky 6
LC Phalk Sturm 4
CM Aval 4
CM EvilGrin 4
LCM Rachel Drakon 4
LT Veritas Crawl 4
MAJ Talon Jade 3
MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw 3
CPT Hermann 3
LCM Mazr Donir 3
LT Turel 2
LT Dynamus 1
LCM Richlet 1
Thunder Squadron PatchSQUADRON ACTIVITYThunder Squadron Patch

Nickname: Thunder Warriors - "Bring the Thunder"

Thunder CMDR: GN Phoenix Berkana

  • On Discord/Email
  • Ran this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Ran this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Completed the Monthly Squadron Evaluation
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons SP

Thunder 1-2: LT Crawl

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged

Thunder 1-3: LT Angel

  • On Discord/Email
  • Earnt 40 Legions of Combat

Thunder 1-4: LT Rick Skyward

  • On Discord/Email
  • Received a Imperial Security Medal!

Nickname: Lightning Raiders - "Feel the Thunder"

Thunder 2-1: MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw

  • Won this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons

Thunder 2-2: LT Mo Kongo

  • On Discord/Email
  • Submitted an additional pieces of Artwork to the WARDEN
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons

Thunder 2-3: LCM Mazr Donir

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Received a Imperial Security Medal!

Thunder 2-4: LT Nemo Barbarossa

  • On Discord/Email

Nickname: Rolling Thunder - "Fear the Thunder"

Thunder 3-1: CM Aval

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Received a Imperial Security Medal!

Thunder 3-2: LT Bel Ferrin

  • On Discord/Email

Thunder 3-3: COL Impulse

  • On Discord/Email

Thunder 3-4: LT Dynamus

  • On Discord/Email
  • Took part in this weeks Thunder Trivia
  • Took part in this weeks Trivia for the Challenged
  • Flying Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Earnt 13 Legions of Combat

Thunder Squadron PatchROSTERThunder Squadron Patch
COMMANDER: GN Phoenix Berkana
NICKNAME: Stormbringers
MOTTO: Swift, Silent, Deadly

Nickname: Thunder Warriors
Motto: Bring the Thunder
[CMDR] GN Phoenix Berkana
[1-2] LT Veritas Crawl
[1-3] LT Angel
[1-4] LT Rick Skyward

Nickname: Lightning Raiders
Motto: Feel the Thunder
[2-1] MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw
[2-2] LT Mo Kongo
[2-3] LCM Mazr Donir
[2-4] LT Nemo Barbarossa

Nickname: Rolling Thunder
Motto: Fear the Thunder
[3-1] CM Aval
[3-2] LT Bel Ferrin
[3-3] COL Impulse
[3-4] LT Dynamus

Thunder Squadron PatchCOMMANDERS CORNERThunder Squadron Patch

It's a fantastic time to be a member of the TIE Corps - we have a new game, activity levels are high and veteran members are flocking back to the club. If you know of anyone who may relish the chance at joining the Empires Finest, send them our way!

GN Phoenix Berkana
CMDR-SIMS/GN Phoenix Berkana/Thunder/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
[Dragoon] {TCCORE-SM/2-WIKI}