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  Alpha Squadron Commander report #110 (09/28/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-ROA/LC Alejandro Araujo/Alpha/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Alpha Squadron Weekly Report






Lieutenant Colonel Alejandro Araujo, PIN #11929


(Week 72-September's Week #3: 2020.09.14.0:00:00 – 2020.09.20.23:59:59)


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***11 Strong***



FLIGHT I- Spectre Advanced Missile Boat


FLIGHT II- Spectre Advanced Missile Boat




[1: Alpha 1-1] LC Alejandro Araujo
[2: Alpha 1-2LCM Milo Antu
[3: Alpha 1-3SL Crazy Ivan
[4: Alpha 1-4]  LT James379

[5: Alpha 2-1] LT Syntroth
[6: Alpha 2-2] LT Riz       (josh_rohrer@yahoo.com)
[7: Alpha 2-3]
LT Hopfot
[8: Alpha 2-4]
MAJ Talon Jade (talonjade47@gmail.com)                             

[9: Alpha 3-1] COL Talons Pryde
[10: Alpha 3-2] LT Aaron Cremel

[11: Alpha 3-3]
MAJ Gustan
[12: Alpha 3-4




Hello guys. We haven't done much for RtF ...I'm honest, I've been busy. Mainly, this week we bid farewell to Shawn Erso and NEbular and welcome SL Crazy Ivan to our files. Welcome aboard Ivan. Hope to see some good activity from you.



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  • Hotpfot has been working on gathering the info on a spreadsheet. An interesting project. You should contact him for details (do it, SWS will be released in one month).

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  • What are you waiting for guys? update / create your uniforms!

  • Careful With the LoS/LoCs!
  • Especially on XvT, you must remember that for a match to officially count for LoS/LoC, you need the craft selection's screenshot plus the regular outcome SS! Some pilots (including myself) are forgetting this and missing their well earned LoS. I know the rules are new so we must re-train our minds into taking those two SS for XvT thus the reminder (looking at you Gustan, Cremel, James,  Milo, Hopfot and eventually Riz when he comes back)
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 Alpha Squadron

  • As I said, be on comms, be active or say what are you up to if you're on a LoA but let your CMDR know either you're active or you're busy. I'll be chasing ghosts away from the unit following AWOL rules. 
 Your CMDRs' Own Crazy Activities Nobody Was Asking For.

After doing the beta testing and fixing a number of glitches and paying attention to craft descriptions and adding some operational coop missions, I am reuploading the Imperial Craft Pack (credits to JeremyaFr for the Hooks, bmax for the effects, DS, DTM, Vince T (a.k.a. General Trageton) Driftwood and the XWAUP team plus the creators of other mods (except those that I made such as the ISD3, VT-1777 and a few other TIE kitbashes I made almost 20 years ago). If you're interested in testing it, download the folder on that link and unzip it somewhere (no need to alter your current XWA or DSUCP folder). Once you've extracted this folder,run xwingalliance.exe on that folder.

For my own imperial version of DSUCP, the features will be the following:

DSUCP settings

New Missiles
BF2 Lasers, includes Turbolasers SML
Custom Ion Cannons
Font Fix
DSUCP BHE XWA Craft Editor
Blue Internal Cockpit Sparks
Kiarands Alternative Space Debris
Tour Combat Engagements for Multiplayer
ISD Hangar
R2-Q5 Imp astromech
gunship with fringe
standard cr90 corvette at 27-07 choose cr90 "Freedom" with additional dual hangars
ds dreadnaught
freighter k w/o countainers
standard nebulon Bat 27-07 choose strike nebulon b with additional flight deckB
2x imp officers with turret shuttle
armed luxury yatch full interior
falcon with new radar dish
default star viper
firespray with yellow lasers
pes default
spc with rear turret
19 kM SSD
T/B, chin lasers, 4x missiles
default TD
default tie phantom
tie x3 with lasers
partisan xw alternative cockpit pov
generic xw pov
default resolution settings
the rest: default


Warhead Emplacement2.1
Gun emplacement - tubular shape1.1
Acceleration Rings1.1
Imperial pilot1.1
Stormtrooper Transport
Shuttle 5.1- 2x imp officers+turret (flyable), turrent flyable
CombatUtilityVehicle 1.0
AssaultTransport 2.1
Assault Shuttle w/extra FG - doors open w/ z-g troops inside, doors open w/zero G workes or doors open but empty
Sensor array 1.1
Repair Yard 1.1
ModifiedFrigate 2.1
Dreadnaught 2.2 DS version (w/hangar)
Bulk Cruiser 1.1
ImperialResearchShip 1.1
SuperStarDestroyer2.0 19km
Victory I-class Star Destroyer 2.0 with inverted hangar
TIE Revenant 1.1 black lasers and purple ions
Z-95 5.02 quad motor + no hud.

XWA Patcher

Craft count per region from 92 to 192
Laser count from 64 to 256
Eliminated the warhead count limit of 9
Sound format to 88200

XWA Hooks updated as of 27-07-2020 (will try to keep them up to date till I release this version) Thanks to JeremyaFr for creating these tools. Also, credits to Justagai for enabling coop campaign missions and uploading a pre made install - it is a good way to enable MP for everybody. 

Mission objects/enable craft turrets: The craft turrets are no longer limited to CorellianTransport2, MilleniumFalcon2, and FamilyTransport. You can now enable turrets for any craft.

Hangars: This hook permits to customize the hangars.
The XWA's engine uses two hangar models, Hangar.opt and FamilyBase.opt. If you wanted to use a custom hangar, you had to replace one of them. You can now choose which hangar to use, customize the objects and the camera positions, for a specific craft or for a specific mission.
You can also define which crafts appear in the craft selection menu. For more informations, please see the following thread at xwaupgrade.com:

If I understand properly, you can set up vertical hangars as the ones on a Star Destroyer - the tool is here, now we have to use it to make this happen. Use this to make TIEs detach from the structure rather than taking off.

joystick_ff hook: upgraded to solve the deadzone issue. Works like a charm

textures_tag - sets a tag to the textures that can be read from ddraw.dll.

xwa_hull_icon enables setting hull icon and map icon for any craft - I believe this will make it easier to add those with the help of XWA DAT editor.

XWA Effects:

Bloom effects - Preset 1
Hyperspace - Disney Style
Shading Type - Deferred
Anti-aliasing options - none
Dynamic Laser Lights - check
Dynamic Cockpit options - check
Active Cockpit options - none
Head tracking options - Standard (No head tracking)
Cockpit Inertia - check
Procedural Suns with Flare Effects - check
Preserve Aspect Ratio of the main menu - no

Dynamic Cockpits

Rebel options:
A-W, Y-W, X-W, B-W set as "I don'tneed the HUD anymore"

Y-W Default FG= Yellow
X-W Alternate PoV Cockpit

Imperial options:

TIE Fighters HUD option set as "I don't need the HUD anymore"


T/F agility from 98 to 100 DPF
A-W agility from 96 to 104 DPF
T/I agility from 106 to 110 DPF (on The Stele chronicles it was set as 125 DPF, go figure)
T/A agility from 106 to 114 DPF, hull set as 21 RU and shields at 45 SBD
T/A speed is back to 144 MGLT as established in TIE Fighter
T/D agility from 114 to 122 DPF, hull set as 23 RU
T/D speed set to 156 MGLT as established as well in TIE Fighter (I'm an imperial purist, so can't help...didn't)
MIS agility from 84 to 88 DPF, MIS hull from 19 to 24 RU.
E-W agility from 114 to 118 DPF.

Default options for craft selection has been enhanced with imperial and some neutral fighters and transports,
Partisan X-W's stats enhanced (to present it as a heavily upgraded X-Wing, still far from a fortress fighter tho as I have a role for it on the future campaign)
I will be replacing some craft we might not really be needing with others who are both canon and are cool plus they fit new roles, to add new blood into the gameplay (thinking on V-Wing, Gozanti, Raider, Resurgent, TIE Silencer, DS's FO T/I Mk2, Resistance A-W,TIE Interdictor, resistance CRS, MC-75, U-Wing, VT-49, Raider Corvette...and I've got the candidates to be replaced).

So I actually figured how to replace .dat stuff (tho I've seen people adds it but no clue on how to point the exe to new dat files yet) meaning hull icons and skirmish pictures. Still need to find out hats wrong with map icons but seems to be a DSUCP problem.

As of 30-07-2020 replaced Jedi Starfighter with RZ-2 resistance A-Wing and it comes with its own dynamic cockpits (buffed up a bit the stats), Partisan X-Wing with XJ3-Wing (and nerfed a bit its stats), V-19 torrent with V-Wing. Added Lothal as  surface
Actually, with the opt replacing hook I can add /replace OPTs and I can happily replace them with another one for a given mission so any particular ship can be flown for a mission or two .
Replaced YBW with TIE Silencer , Emkay with Hammerhead Corvette (I just replaced one thing you hated with something else you wanted to blow up),
Falcon replaced by YT200 (to make room for other flyables). I will keep working on this as there's about 36 craft I plan to replace  (the others won't be really gone but will show up at particular moments)
Mob will be replaced by Surposa when needed.
Fixed Naboo Transport description. Replaced CN/G w/Gozanti (Driftwood)
replaced Coruscant Courier with VT-49 Decimator
(Driftwood), buffed the description a bit
Replaced Dunari's Casino with Resurgent SD
Replaced Azzameen base with Raddus CRS (DTM)
Replaced Surposa with Raider CRV (Driftwood)
 Replaced R2DQ  with Naboo Barge (DTM)
Replaced Family Repair Yard with MC-75
Replaced Naboo Barge's previous slot with TIE Vampire. (for Sin, as a present ;) ) (Vince T). Edited weapon hardpoints.
Replaced YT2400 with GTS5000 (Vince T)
Replaced YT-2000 with U-Wing (DTM)
Replaced Scimitar with TIE Punisher (Darksaber), edited cockpit PoV, tweaked hardpoints on model. Edited stats. Edited DAT stuff. Added sounds
Replaced Probe Capsule with imperial cargo transport
Replaced Gun Platform with Droid Bomber (from DSUCP)
Replaced Nav Buoy 1 with Droid Fighter (from DSUCP)
Replaced Droid Bomber with FO's TIE Defender (so I could use hull icons) (Darksaber)
Replaced Droid fighter with FO's TI  (Darksaber) (again, just so I could use hull icons). Created a .ini file to give it engine sounds and new weapons, created .dat stuff (hull icon, map icon and skirmish image). added engine hardpoint. Edited weapon hardpoints.
I found out it'd be better to  replace Droid fighter with FO's TIE Defender, added new weapons via hook, engine hardpoint and dat stuff (hull and map icons + skirmish picture) edited its weapon hardpoints
Replaced PLT/2 with imperial Tanker
Replaced PLT/4 with Sovereign II Battlecruiser (Vince T)
Edited Y-W and A-W  ini files to replace s-foils with landing gear (ctrl+l)  enabling both landing gears and s-foils on X-W, X3XJ, Lambda Shuttle, GUN and MIS. X-W T-70 still doesnt have landing gear.
Incorporating several OPTs of craft you'll possibly find on particular missions or campaigns. There come from Darksaber, Dreddnott, Phelan, Vince T, DTM,  Driftwood and others (a few old early 00's kitbashes from yours truly)
Fixed Sith Infiltrator's descrption: Star Courier
Edited A/FRG and MC-90's weponry.
Edited FO T/I MkII stats + weapons
Edited TIE Vampire, Revenant and FO TD  stats+ weapons - a bit more powerful than the rest yet not superfighters ..or at least they couldn't cope with veteran AI X-Ws
Edited Fronttxt.txt.

As of 20-08-2020.

Bmax's Effects 1.1.4
Bloom present 1
Shading - Deferred
no Anti-Aliasing
Preserve aspect ratio
Cockpit shadows
Dynamic laser lights
Procedural suns
Dynamic cockpits
Active cockpits
Wireframe CMD
No headtracking
Cockpit inertia

Installed ISDII 2.0 - fixed Hangar , TIES detach from roof (Vince + Driftwood)
Installed VSDII 2.0 - vertical hangar installed as well (Vince)
Shipyard 2.0
Fixed TIE/Vampire, TIE/D and T/I FO desc
Tweaked TIE Silencer, GTS5000, MIS stats
Added bottom behavior for SHU taking off from ISD I
TIE Phantom semi transparent, cant be targetted.

Couple updates here:
Installed fixed version of Strike Cruiser - it now fires its lasers
Added a cloaked version of the V-38
Added updated version of Skipray Blastboat (new FGs).


  • I rewrote the initial pages of the first campaign. I tried to make it feasible within the new storyline thing we're going in.
  • The email didn't work out as I planned for you guys. Erm I basically gave up on this. I'd rather have us enjoy a nice mod, with a nice storyline.
  • I'm still stuck with the issue of 3ds textures not being translated well into the OPT format!
  • I managed to "merge" the TIE to XvT conversion into an xvt folder with EHSP installed bc...TIE campaign demands an imperial GUI. Will test Firefly's missions whenever I'm done with the xwa mod.
For what I want to do with the XW series, the plan remains, the general outlines of my fiction are done, writing now the detailed story before I start building missions.

As for modding, if all works, on XvT we'd be playing the following flight plan:

1) TIE Campaign part I - Battles 1-7

2) Default XvT/BoP missions

3) BoP campaign

4) TIE Campaign II: battles 8-13

5) TC PvE enabled missions and battles.

Note: this would do a fine addition to the EHSP. I mean, enable the use of some of the custom craft the EHSP brings in. Plus, the 60 FPS patch and maybe the laser and bloom effects for XvT, not sure. But, I want to include the TIE campaign into it.This guy, Waylon , created a set of conversions from XW, TIE and XvT into XWA. I could adapt those into this version of XWA meanwhile ...until the TFTC is done. The XvT to XWA is a keeper tho. We could use those campaigns there. I mean, should be interesting to test them on DSUCP.

So there will be a lot of PvE for us to do on XvT/BoP.
For XWA I plan for us the following:

1) Converted TIE Campaign

2) Converted XvT/BoP missions

3) Converted BoP campaign

4) (Possibly, need to talk to Yoda) converted XvT/BoP PvE enabled missions/battles.

5) Storyline about us, the new canon and some events based on RL I wanted to propose on my fiction.

Either way we'd have a lot of PvE activity and I'd like us to try PvP not just with the default craft but also with the custom ones.
Also, whenver you have the time update not just your INPR but consider an article for your character on the wikia.
I'd like very much for us to do this on a weekly basis once it is ready. Possibly friday or saturday, I'd locally record it and post the gameplay to keep a flight record of our deeds as a squadron.




A full list of active competitions is available on http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current.

Alpha’s particular competitions are:





SP Missions Flown



Other Activity/Awards/Comments


[1: Alpha 1-1]

  LC Alejandro Araujo




Communications: Telegram/Discord

Flight Operations: @19-09 3x LoS + 1x LoC.

Non-flight Operations: Organizing files. Writing fiction. Taking Python classes to automate tasks on my PC.

Administrative Tasks: Collecting data for WSR and MSE. @08-09 submitted new WSR.

Observation: Been out of the games for a while. RL gets in the way sadly.


[2: Alpha 1-2]

LCM Milo Antu




Communications: none.

Flight Operations: none. 

Non-flight Operations: @18-09 awarded ISM.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation:  Busy with work as well.


[3: Alpha 1-3]

SL Crazy Ivan




Communications: none.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: @14-09 assigned to Alpha 1-3.

Observation: Nothing yet from him.


[4: Alpha 1-4]
 LT James379




Communications: Discord.

Flight Operations:  Well, Rise of Flight.

Non-flight Operations: None.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: He's flying, just not flying our platforms, lol






Communications: none.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation:  Yea, no sign of him...I'm really concerned


[6: Alpha 2-2]
LT Riz




Communications:  none.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation:  No signal...I hope we don't lose him.





Communications: Discord.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Ah, he's hyped about SWS hehe.


[8: Alpha 2-4]
MAJ Talon Jade (talonjade47@gmail.com )




Communications: Discord/email.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Back from vacation, he's there, on comms.





Communications: email, Discord

Flight Operations: good ole X-W.

Non-flight Operations: ToR, songs.

Administrative Tasks: Submitted competition approved #3161. Colecting data for his flight's evaluation. Excellent communication, representing Alpha on chats.

Observation: Good comm.


[10: Alpha 3-2]
LT Aaron Cremel




Communications: none.

Flight Operations: @18-09 7xLoS.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks:  none.

Observation: He doesn't talk; he just flies.


[11: Alpha 3-3]
 MAJ Gustan      (arzona4499rangers@yahoo.com)




Communications: Discord.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: @18-09 awarded ISM.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Good communication as usual. Busy with RL atm.


[12: Alpha 3-4]




Communications: -.

Flight Operations: -.

Non-flight Operations: -.

Observation: -.




  • Shawn Erso - RSV
  • Nebular - RSV
  • Crazy Ivan - Alpha 1-3.



Hit me up on Discord or email. I’m usually able to respond 24/7.




Remember: I don't mind if you're busy with RL if you do tell us. If you can hang around with us for a bit then fine. If you can only report  once a month because  you're busy then do tell and I'll understand, just mail me or reach to me on Discord. If I have to reach to you for a couple months just for you to say hi then it is better you consider going to reserves. We need to make room for pilots who are willing to participate actively.

I'm happy for the overall levels of activity we're having. I'd like us to improve a bit more on this regard tho. Come on guys, don't leave me alone on this charge! Fight at my side!

From now on, I'll focus on storytelling save for a couple modifications I have in mind. Well, dismissed!




Respectfully submitted:

Lieutenant Colonel Alejandro Araujo
CMDR-ROA/LC Alejandro Araujo/Alpha/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
ah.pin11929@gmail.com , Discord: Haakan#5400, Message Boards

Telegram: @AA_11929