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  Epsilon Squadron Commander report #77 (09/05/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR/CM SkyShadow/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Epsilon Squadron Commander Report

From: CMDR/CM SkyShadow
Elwood the Brave
CC: Whole TC
Reporting Period: 29th
August 2020 - 4th September 2020
5Date Submitted: 5th September 2020

Further LoS refinements

"After this current queue clearance, minimum time for a match to count for the LoS is 5 minutes or more.

Admiral Prower"

There is currently come confusion over how this change will effect playing Star Conflict (SC) and we are currently standing by for clarification on this rule. I'll e-mail the squadron separately when this information is provided.

Squadron Management 5 is now live!

I am extremely happy to announce that the Squadron Management 5 course is now live and ready for you all to take! Not only that but I am honored to function as your exam grader as well! This is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to be a CMDR in the future, and I also hope current and former CMDRs will take it and glean something from it.

Without further adieu, here it is!

Raise the Flag 2020

Over a decade ago, the TIE Corps Commander's dreams became reality in a forum never seen before: Raise the Flag, a giant combat arena where every available ship, squadron and pilot was called to duty to fight for power and glory. The victorious would be granted the highest awards and honors, and the ship would have the highest responsibility of carrying the Flag of the TCCOM.

Last year in 2019, the spoils of victory went for the first time to the ISD Hammer, Epsilon Squadron and Elwood the Brave, respectively crowned Flagship, Escort Squadron and TCCOM's Wingman

This year, the ships fighting for this flag are the ISD Hammer, commanded by Commodore Elwood, the ISD Warrior, led by Commodore Silvius, the ISD Challenge, led by Commodore Dempsey and the VSD Aggressor, led by TIE Corps Commander Plif himself.

A wide range of activities will count points in this competition. Details are in the usual places. TIE Corps officers will partake in any and every way they can for the glory of their ships, their squadrons, and themselves! Every battle, reputations are on the line in Raise the Flag, as master pilots pit their activity against each other.

Which vessel will become the flagship of the TIE Corps? Whose laser beam will reign supreme? Who will be the last ones standing?

It's time to Raise the Flag!

The point values are a little different this year with a much more elaborate breakdown in the point values. As opposed to a single value for SP, LoCs, and LoSs, we're now drilling down to each specific platform. The idea is that not all of the games take the same amount of time to complete a round or mission in, so we're using the RtF points to level that out a bit.

Single Player
XvT SP: 3
XW SP: 5
Mission High Score: 5
Battle High Score: 5x # of missions in the battle

SC LoS: 1
SC LoC: 3
XvT LoS: 2
XvT LoC: 6
XWA LoS: 2
XWA LoC: 6
EABF1 LoS: 3
EABF1 LoC: 4
EABF2 LoS: 3
EABF2 LoC: 4
CBF2 LoC: 4
GS LoC: 4

GS, for those that don't remember it, is Galactic Starfighter in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Just like with the other PvP platforms, you can earn an LoC for winning a match in GS with at least one kill and submitting the screenshot through the database.

Also, we made some changes to the Art section's points. There's one new activity worth points, there's a new word minimum for writing, and graphics can now be both as many points as writing.

Writing: 2-10 (50 word minimum)
Graphics: 1-10
SP Mission or Battle Review: 1 (30 word minimum)

The full set of rules for Raise the Flag can be found on http://rtf.tsaunders.net/pages/rules, which is part of the overall Raise the Flag site on http://rtf.tsaunders.net/. Many thanks to AD Pickled Yoda for continuing to maintain that site for us!


Monthly Squadron Evaluations

The MSEs for August are now complete and are awaiting approval for my recommendations.

Flight III Leader Position Vacant

The position for Flight Leader for Flight III is currently vacant. For anyone unfamiliar with the role please take a look at the TIE Corps Manual which will detail the requirements and expectations for the role.
Anyone interested in this position should contact
myself at the earliest opportunity.

EoR 2020 Competition

The 36th week of EoR - 2020 is over. Results are posted in the comps section.

CM SkyShadow
  • E-mail communication
  • Discord communication
  • Google Groups communication
  • Development of TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3
  • Raise the Flag Bonus Competition #2: Puzzle participation
  • Completed 'Squadron Management 5' IU Course - 100%

FCHG: Paladin [302 +/-0]
Combat Rating: Trainee [7 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Private 4th [48

COL Horus Blackheart
  • COOA Duties
  • Discord communication
  • Emperor's Wrath competition participation
  • XvT multiplayer matches flown for Raise the Flag

FCHG: Grenadier [14 +/-0]

Combat Rating: Marksman 3rd [70 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Beginner [5 +/-0]

COL Astin
  • Currently playing through the TIE Fighter single player campaign

FCHG:  Legionnaire [466 +/-0]

Combat Rating: None [0 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: None [0 +/-0]

CM Witcher

  • E-mail communication
  • Discord communication
  • Emperor's Wrath competition participation
  • Fiction writing for Raise the Flag competition
  • Awarded 1x Legion of Skirmish (LoS)

FCHG: Hussar [69
Combat Rating: Trainee [3 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Beginner [3 +1]

COL Pellaeon

  • No activity to report

FCHG: Executor [2,101
Combat Rating: Ace 1st [2,332 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Ace Ranger 1st [4,318 +/-0]

COL Gyssler

  • Awarded 8x Legions of Skirmish (LoSs)

FCHG: Templar [3,747 +/-0]
Combat Rating: Officer 2nd [275
CoOp/PvE Rating: Gunner's Mate 1st [339 +/-0]

LT Xun Leesun
  • Currently playing through the TIE Fighter single player campaign
  • Emperor's Wrath competition participation
FCHG: None [2 +/-0]
Combat Rating: None  [0 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: None [0 +/-0]

GN Golbez Harvey
  • No activity to report

FCHG: Executor [2,181 +/-0]
Combat Rating: Certified [23 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Beginner [1 +/-0]

GN Coranel Both

  • E-mail communication

FCHG: Centurion [1,617 +/-0]
Combat Rating: Officer 1st [360 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Ranger 2nd [974 +/-0]

LT Rin Jaeger

  • E-mail communication
  • Flown: TIE-TC: 5, 4, 2, 30, TIE-free: 2, XvT-TC: 10, 1
  • Achieved Fleet Commander's Honor Guard rank of Hussar [HUSS] 
  • Achieved Fleet Commander's Honor Guard rank of Lancer [LANC] 

FCHG: Hussar
[56 +33]
Combat Rating: None  [0 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: Beginner [1 +/-0]

LT Lanimret

  • No activity to report
FCHG: None  [0 +/-0]
Combat Rating: None  [0 +/-0]
CoOp/PvE Rating: None  [0 +/-0]

Competitions Center - current competitions

Raise the Flag 2020 Scores

Top Ship:

Name COM Score Actions
Warrior  Silvius  2802  View
Hammer  Elwood the Brave  593  View
Challenge  Anahorn Dempsey  491  View
Aggressor    92 

Top Squad:

Name Ship Score Actions
Theta  Warrior 1219  View
Rho  Warrior 1092  View
Sin  Warrior 487  View
Tempest  Challenge 390  View
Alpha  Hammer 186  View
Beta  Hammer 182  View
Avenger  Aggressor 92  View
Epsilon  Hammer 91  View
Thunder  Challenge 74  View
Inferno  Challenge 19  View
Top 10 Pilots:

PIN Name Squadron Score Actions
13020  COL Hav Antiel  Rho 374  View
6490  CPT Hermann  Tempest 352  View
9555  GN Pickled Yoda  Theta 336  View
55760  LCM Frenchie6  Rho 332  View
55656  LC Rando  Sin 242  View
12946  GN Mark Schueler  Theta 219  View
10540  GN Jarek La’an  Theta 218  View
55729  LCM Charlie X  Theta 214  View
3643  MAJ Pete Mitchell  Theta 199  View
55818  LT Lo Mar  Rho 162  View

EoR - 2020

Every week before Saturday, 06:00 UTC, Epsilon pilots submit their SC PvP/PvE/CoOp screen with the highest EFF points to 
In each category (PvP/PvE/COOP) the best scorer will earn 4 points, second will earn 3 points, third 2 points and every further participant 1 point. These points will be summed up.

The pilot with most points at the end of the week will earn an IS-BW. The pilot with most points at the end of the month will earn an IS-SW, second an IS-BW. The pilot with most points at the end of the year will earn an IS-SW, second an IS-BW.

For each submitted screen (max 1 per category per week) the pilot earns 1 activity point.
Every 10 activity points the pilot earns an IS-BW. When reaching 50 activity points the pilot earns an IS-SW instead and the activity points are set to 0 again.

Last weeks results:

Pilot PvP Points PvE Points CoOp Points Week Month Year Activity Points
HA Elwood the Brave

213 5
FA Silvius

80 24
Col Pellaeon

4 1
CM SkyShadow

36 9

COMMANDER: Commander SkyShadow
NICKNAME: Dragonkind
MOTTO: "Death from above"

TIE Defender
Nickname: Fire Dragons
Motto: "Trailblazers"
1)  CM SkyShadow
2)  COL Horus Blackheart
COL Astin
4)  CM Witcher

TIE Defender
Nickname: Azure Dragons
Motto: "The Emperor's will"
5)  COL Pellaeon
6)  COL Gyssler

7)  LT Xun Leesun
8)  GN Golbez Harvey

Missile Boat Mk.II
Nickname: Shadow Dragons
Motto: "We bring the darkness"
9)  [VACANT]
10) GN Coranel Both
LT Rin Jaeger
LT Lanimret

Total: 11
Squadron Citations: 44

  • Keep in touch - Contact myself and/or your FL at least once a week and report your activities and plans.
  • Keep active - Flying SP or MP, taking part in trivia, complete a IU/IWATS course.
  • Compete - With a wealth of competitions on offer, find one that piques your interest and take part.
  • Have fun! - For if we're not having fun, we're not doing something right.

There's lots of news to digest this week and there's a great vibe around the ship's deck with RtF now well under way.

Activity has been low for us all this week though as we come out of the summer holiday season that is to be expected, though I would like to remind everyone that it is key that you keep in touch with me, even if you are unable to be active in any other way.
Please keep the RtF activities up! I would love to see Epsilon come out of RtF in a strong position, or even better yet, defend our coveted title.

Kindest regards and happy hunting,


CMDR/CM SkyShadow/Epsilon/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
[Paladin] [Trainee] [Private 4th]