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  Alpha Squadron Commander report #103 (08/01/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-ROA/LC Alejandro Araujo/Alpha/Wing I/ISDII Hammer

Alpha Squadron Weekly Report






Lieutenant Colonel Alejandro Araujo, PIN #11929


(Week 64-July's Week #4: 2020.07.20.0:00:00 – 2020.07.31.23:59:59)


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***12 Strong***



FLIGHT I- Spectre Advanced Missile Boat


FLIGHT II- Spectre Advanced Missile Boat




[1: Alpha 1-1] LC Alejandro Araujo
[2: Alpha 1-2LCM Milo Antu
[3: Alpha 1-3]  LT Shawn Erso
[4: Alpha 1-4]  LT James379

[5: Alpha 2-1] LT Syntroth
[6: Alpha 2-2] LT Riz       (josh_rohrer@yahoo.com)
[7: Alpha 2-3]
LT Hopfot
[8: Alpha 2-4]
LT Andedude (damemefactory@gmail.com)                             

[9: Alpha 3-1] COL Talons Pryde
[10: Alpha 3-2] LT Aaron Cremel

[11: Alpha 3-3]
MAJ Gustan
[12: Alpha 3-4
MAJ Nebular




Good evening pilots. Another interesting week. You know, when you're in a project and you're laying the foundations so to speak, you have to take yourtime, do some research , do a lot of planning...and sometimes you could even feel it is taking forever. But when you're done with the foundations you're real happy you just have to build it up. I'm reaching that point I mean, I noticed what was going on the modding community, we got the craft pack and the dynamic cockpits working on SP and MP (feels like a different game tbh) and I've more or less sorted out which craft I'll be replacing on my own version of DSUCP and I remember now how to build missions and I'm learning new stuff...so it is now a matter of building it all which is great. I'll discuss the latest achievements obtained this week.

Also I'll be discussing SWS a bit. We've been talking about it on Discord so I'll just add a few thoughts on the matter.

Last but not least, we need to talk about your activity. Most of you are justified but some other not. I'll have to do my job and remind you all about activity.



Emperor's Hammer

  • Latest news can be found here. Really, it's easier that way all news are there (and you should check them). I really would like to point you to our TAC's latest repport: we have new missions to fly. That's right people, new high scores to be achieved. I won't spoil it, you'll have to read his report! ;) 

    New Flight Sim Hype

    Star Wars Squadrons, regardless of how will it be whether arcade-ish or not, has generated a lot of hype. As a witness of this on multiple Discord channels I can say it feels so 1999 :D  so I’m happy.  I can only hope  I manage to get the game,  that it isn’t as arcade-ish as some think it might be (even though I’d live with that and have fun) and research on the classic games doesn’t stop because of the new game and its possible potential for modding. So much hype in fact, RP organizations are getting on the hype wagon to drag some unsuspecting recruits into their ranks. Here’s when we keep in mind we RP inside our gaming environment, we are both RP and gaming if you would.  We are receiving (and will receive more in the future), proposals for alliances and partnerships. If you as members of the TC, happen to be contacted by anyone for such things, please drop me, CMDR Zekk, Admiral Miles Prower or TCCOM Plif a message. Whoever is online should work for this though, ideally, you should contact first either Zekk or I as the ROAs. If we are both offline, then try with Miles and if he’s offline then Plif.  We are there so the workload can be delegated. (Meaning, if you learn about a channel or environment we might be interested for possible diplomatic relations or recruitment, tell us first).

    Update: keep a sharp eye out there when interacting with other groups. You never know what you'd find out there.
    Update #2: you'll want to have a look at this spreadsheet.  Interesting material about the additions for the ships on the game. It really reminds me of SC. While they could help you in game, skill is what ultimately might decide it (being luck and lag the other factors I believe).

    I believe I have to say a word about something. We are flight sim players on a military roleplay. We are a rare breed of gamers and we've kept this culture for more than 20 years now. People doesn't know about us or what we do. With the new game, most folks will be introduced into our world and some will claim to be familiar with the games but will be amazed at features we already had in the classics so...either they never got to dwell deeper into the games or they never really flew them. A first emotional reaction can be described as "it grinds my gears" but a rational approach is to simply ignore it I mention this because if I felt it, you might feel it as well so my advise is: be patient. Let, whatever attitude people has, just go away. A friend of mine told me once that "your work speaks for you" and so I believe our reputation (performance, behavior, teamwork) will speak louder than any claims anyone else can do so we speak with facts, as the old school that we are. I'm not the best pilot around but I do enjoy the game and I'll always fight back so I either win or I learn and make friends in the process.  /rant

    Anyways, whatever the case is, I believe we just want the videos and study what's there in Squadrons for us. I see crowded scenarios that reminds me of Star Conflict, I see elements of the XW series present there, not to mention customization (which we already had on SC) and overall I think it'll be fun and a fine addition to our platforms. I liked the concept of customization (as a modder ofc I do hehe) because fine-tuning your ship can help improving your performance a bit. Yea, the feeling of making something unique out of a standard equipment is also cool, makes you feel it is yours.

    As for the videos. It seems the fighters will pretty much behave as WWII planes. I'm left wondering if this is optional and if we could have the option of the craft behaving like in the XW series. I heard or read somewhere the fighters slows down and stops if you decrease throttle so, if fighters behave as in the XW series... well :D we'll shine!

    I have a feeling this might be the next game on the xw series. 

  • TIE Corps
Latest TCCOM report

  • Updated Tempest Tailoring Tool!
  • LC Kyle Koran and CM SkyShadow did a lot of effort and it came out such a great work with the latest Tailoring Tool. I really appreciate the time and effort invested for the welfare of the club. The program works like a charm, I re did my dress and duty uniforms and my helmet. Really guys, thanks for this!
  • Careful With the LoS/LoCs!
  • Especially on XvT, you must remember that for a match to officially count for LoS/LoC, you need the craft selection's screenshot plus the regular outcome SS! Some pilots (including myself) are forgetting this and missing their well earned LoS. I know the rules are new so we must re-train our minds into taking those two SS for XvT thus the reminder (looking at you Gustan, Cremel, James,  Milo, Hopfot and eventually Riz when he comes back)
Latest SOO report 
Latest COO report 
Latest COM report 

 Alpha Squadron

  • As I said,  I mailed you all about my basic requirements for being considered active. I just want some frequent communication here: talk to me one or two times a week or maybe one or two times a month so I get to know you're still alive. If you go entirely silent and I have to try to reach you well... I'll have to abide by the new regulations and you'll be on RSV where you can still fly but you won't be awarded or promoted so be active or let other pilots to be active. It is for the good of the squadron and the TC. No bad blood but my job is to maintain the activity of the unit, doing my best to get active pilots on each position and obtaining as much activity from them as possible. I have to say most of you are on same page on this regard so I have an idea of what happened to you and you've been doing the effort to at least communicate. I appreciate it. For the rest, I'm still waiting for your replies. Just one email is not enough, maybe 2 or 3 or a conversation on Discord with your fellow mates (and it's better if you fly, really).
  • Lt Hopfot is working on a research on Squadrons stats. You should totally ask him to his speadsheet. Quite helpful in understanding all the new stuff.
 Your CMDRs' Own Crazy Activities Nobody Was Asking For.

We had a successful multiplayer test of DSUCP+dynamic cockpits. You can safely play it online for PvE and PvP.  In fact, I'm interested in testing it and getting feedbacks.

I enhanced the default craft selection at the hangars but be careful. It seems the default cockpit isn't working on some of them. Namely the Moldy Crow which is weird as I flew it previously on missions. At least the fighters are all good to go.

Also, I finally remember how to build missions, briefinngs included and learned a few new tricks. Additonally , took my time to read what has been researched at the XWAUP community such as escort positions, unknown orders , proximity parameters, etc. Last but not least, I begun using YOGEME which is a great universal mission editor. I absolutely loved the graphical waypointing...I mean you can now lay the points on map and get a better view on the whole waypoints. I can now easily emulate battle tactics or even the behavior of ships on strategy games such as Empire at War and give the mission more immersion as not only it'd feel you're on a larger brawl, but you're also part of the execution of a tactic, a strategy...but could also serve to provide active enviroments...neutral ships doing their business, etc . On this regard, I've finished one first mission emulating what we understand what Squadrons' Fleet Battles could be. I also found some of the old missions I built for XWA...about 30+ missions ready to be played. I might submit those to the TC database, not sure yet.  Anyways, the pre made xwa install folder with DSUCP+dynamic cockpits can be found here

For my own imperial version, the features will be the following:

DSUCP settings

New Missiles
BF2 Lasers, includes Turbolasers SML
Custom Ion Cannons
Font Fix
DSUCP BHE XWA Craft Editor
Blue Internal Cockpit Sparks
Kiarands Alternative Space Debris
Tour Combat Engagements for Multiplayer
ISD Hangar
R2-Q5 Imp astromech
gunship with fringe
standard cr90 corvette at 27-07 choose cr90 "Freedom" with additional dual hangars
ds dreadnaught
freighter k w/o countainers
standard nebulon Bat 27-07 choose strike nebulon b with additional flight deckB
2x imp officers with turret shuttle
armed luxury yatch full interior
falcon with new radar dish
default star viper
firespray with yellow lasers
pes default
spc with rear turret
19 kM SSD
T/B, chin lasers, 4x missiles
default TD
default tie phantom
tie x3 with lasers
partisan xw alternative cockpit pov
generic xw pov
default resolution settings
the rest: default


Warhead Emplacement2.1
Gun emplacement - tubular shape1.1
Acceleration Rings1.1
Imperial pilot1.1
Stormtrooper Transport
Shuttle 5.1- 2x imp officers+turret (flyable), turrent flyable
CombatUtilityVehicle 1.0
AssaultTransport 2.1
Assault Shuttle w/extra FG - doors open w/ z-g troops inside, doors open w/zero G workes or doors open but empty
Sensor array 1.1
Repair Yard 1.1
ModifiedFrigate 2.1
Dreadnaught 2.2 DS version (w/hangar)
Bulk Cruiser 1.1
ImperialResearchShip 1.1
SuperStarDestroyer2.0 19km
Victory I-class Star Destroyer 2.0 with inverted hangar
TIE Revenant 1.1 black lasers and purple ions
Z-95 5.02 quad motor + no hud.

XWA Patcher

Craft count per region from 92 to 192
Laser count from 64 to 256
Warhead count of 9
Sound format to 88200

XWA Hooks updated as of 27-07-2020 (will try to keep them up to date till I release this version)

Mission objects/enable craft turrets: The craft turrets are no longer limited to CorellianTransport2, MilleniumFalcon2, and FamilyTransport. You can now enable turrets for any craft.

Hangars: This hook permits to customize the hangars.
The XWA's engine uses two hangar models, Hangar.opt and FamilyBase.opt. If you wanted to use a custom hangar, you had to replace one of them. You can now choose which hangar to use, customize the objects and the camera positions, for a specific craft or for a specific mission.
You can also define which crafts appear in the craft selection menu. For more informations, please see the following thread at xwaupgrade.com:

If I understand properly, you can set up vertical hangars as the ones on a Star Destroyer - the tool is here, now we have to use it to make this happen. Use this to make TIEs detach from the structure rather than taking off.

joystick_ff hook: upgraded to solve the deadzone issue. Works like a charm

textures_tag - sets a tag to the textures that can be read from ddraw.dll.

xwa_hull_icon enables setting hull icon and map icon for any craft - I believe this will make it easier to add those with the help of XWA DAT editor.

XWA Effects:

Bloom effects - Preset 1
Hyperspace - Disney Style
Shading Type - Deferred
Anti-aliasing options - none
Dynamic Laser Lights - check
Dynamic Cockpit options - check
Active Cockpit options - none
Head tracking options - Standard (No head tracking)
Cockpit Inertia - check
Procedural Suns with Flare Effects - check
Preserve Aspect Ratio of the main menu - no

Dynamic Cockpits

Rebel options:
A-W, Y-W, X-W, B-W set as "I don'tneed the HUD anymore"

Y-W Default FG= Yellow
X-W Alternate PoV Cockpit

Imperial options:

TIE Fighters HUD option set as "I don't need the HUD anymore"


T/F agility from 98 to 100 DPF
A-W agility from 96 to 104 DPF
T/I agility from 106 to 110 DPF (on The Stele chronicles it was set as 125 DPF, go figure)
T/A agility from 106 to 114 DPF, hull set as 21 RU and shields at 45 SBD
T/A speed is back to 144 MGLT as established in TIE Fighter
T/D agility from 114 to 122 DPF, hull set as 23 RU
T/D speed set to 156 MGLT as established as well in TIE Fighter (I'm an imperial purist, so can't help...didn't)
MIS agility from 84 to 88 DPF, MIS hull from 19 to 24 RU.
E-W agility from 114 to 118 DPF.

Default options for craft selection has been enhanced with imperial and some neutral fighters and transports,
Partisan X-W's stats enhanced (to present it as a heavily upgraded X-Wing, still far from a fortress fighter tho as I have a role for it on the future campaign)
I will be replacing some craft we might not really be needing with others who are both canon and are cool plus they fit new roles, to add new blood into the gameplay (thinking on V-Wing, Gozanti, Raider, Resurgent, TIE Silencer, DS's FO T/I Mk2, Resistance A-W,TIE Interdictor, resistance CRS, MC-75, U-Wing, VT-49, Raider Corvette...and I've got the candidates to be replaced).

So I actually figured how to replace .dat stuff (tho I've seen people adds it but no clue on how to point the exe to new dat files yet) meaning hull icons and skirmish pictures. Still need to find out hats wrong with map icons but seems to be a DSUCP problem.

As of 30-07-2020 replaced Jedi Starfighter with RZ-2 resistance A-Wing and it comes with its own dynamic cockpits (buffed up a bit the stats), Partisan X-Wing with XJ3-Wing (and nerfed a bit its stats), V-19 torrent with V-Wing. Added Lothal as  surface
Actually, with the opt replacing hook I can add /replace OPTs and I can happily replace them with another one for a given mission so any particular ship can be flown for a mission or two .
Replaced YBW with TIE Silencer , Emkay with Hammerhead Corvette (I just replaced one thing you hated with something else you wanted to blow up), replaced Falcon with U-Wing. I will keep working on this as there's about 36 craft I plan to replace  (the others won't be really gone but will show up at particular moments)

  • I stopped writing for the moments as I'm focusing on getting the most on all the new mods and tunning XWA as much as I can with the available mods to improve the imperial feeling on it. The next steps are somewhat a complex thing to decide. I'm trying to set up the scenario for my future campaigns.
  • So, thanks to LT NukeSnicks for pointing me to BrutalDoom. Again, I recommend it. Must be fun on MP. You need to get the right engine, download the mod and ron doom/doom 2 from there. I think I might upload the folder just to share it with you. Same goes for expanding fronts and I could link you to Thrawn's Revenge (giving you my xml files for massive starting fleets) and EaW Remake.
  • The spanish squadron's version of DSUCP is roughly the same as justagai's at least from what I saw. They might have added detailed, particular options for the rebel crafts but I didn't research deep enough. You can still get it here.You can find justagai's version here. You can use those two to play with other clubs . Until we get TFTC's own version, we'll have to deal with what I can provide. As for compatibility with our compendium, if the XWAUP has some trouble with some TG original material, I bet it will have problems with whatever the compendium has. I'd not try to use the compendium material on this mod, I believe missions are to be done exclusively for this. I believe DSUCP has to be a separate platform. I know, so many ships for MP...I have yet to meet an expert in dogfight with a pinook fighter hehe. For a MP game it is a lot and as Genie pointed out XWA is unfinished but thaks to the XWAUP guys and thanks to some mission builders...after 20 years we might be able to finish it.  
  • I've been meaning to write up the email for our squadron new role and fighters. I think I could be doing it on the next following days. However, I think I have an idea that could save us some time in regards of the TIE Hunter and the TIE Sinister.
  • My activities as ROA have kept me busy looking at other Discord channels and interacting with a number of people outside EH. Generally it has been a good, learning experience that reminds me of my times in Astro Empires as a diplomat. But it can get time consuming at moments. I have to point out there's a potential for good relationships with DJO. Just that we need to keep in mind while DJO is an entirely focused MP gaming organization , we are not just focused on RP as well, but we're also not neutral, for we are imperials. Still, we are a gaming organization on our own.
  • I'm tasked with helping our SCO testing a few of our mods on XWA. I'm probably doing what's left of this task tomorrow.
  • Also being honored with checking what would be the next version of SM/5, our course for CMDRs written by our esteemed Sin CMDR, LC Zekk Terrik.
  • Installed and tested the latest version of Expanding Fronts. A Galactic Battlegrounds mod you totally need to install and enjoy!
  • I'm still stuck with the issue of 3ds textures not being translated well into the OPT format!
For what I want to do with the XW series, the plan remains, the general outlines of my fiction are done, writing now the detailed story before I start building missions.

As for modding, if all works, on XvT we'd be playing the following flight plan:

1) TIE Campaign part I - Battles 1-7

2) Default XvT/BoP missions

3) BoP campaign

4) TIE Campaign II: battles 8-13

5) TC PvE enabled missions and battles.

Note: this would do a fine addition to the EHSP. I mean, enable the use of some of the custom craft the EHSP brings in. Plus, the 60 FPS patch and maybe the laser and bloom effects for XvT, not sure. But, I want to include the TIE campaign into it.This guy, Waylon , created a set of conversions from XW, TIE and XvT into XWA. I could adapt those into this version of XWA meanwhile ...until the TFTC is done. The XvT to XWA is a keeper tho. We could use those campaigns there. I mean, should be interesting to test them on DSUCP.

So there will be a lot of PvE for us to do on XvT/BoP.
For XWA I plan for us the following:

1) Converted TIE Campaign

2) Converted XvT/BoP missions

3) Converted BoP campaign

4) (Possibly, need to talk to Yoda) converted XvT/BoP PvE enabled missions/battles.

5) Storyline about us, the new canon and some events based on RL I wanted to propose on my fiction.

Either way we'd have a lot of PvE activity and I'd like us to try PvP not just with the default craft but also with the custom ones.
Also, whenver you have the time update not just your INPR but consider an article for your character on the wikia.
I'd like very much for us to do this on a weekly basis once it is ready. Possibly friday or saturday, I'd locally record it and post the gameplay to keep a flight record of our deeds as a squadron.




A full list of active competitions is available on http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current.

Alpha’s particular competitions are:





SP Missions Flown



Other Activity/Awards/Comments


[1: Alpha 1-1]

  LC Alejandro Araujo




Communications: Telegram/Discord/email/Message Boards.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: So I relearned how to edit the .dat stuff (hull icons and skirmish pictures. Need still to work on map icons). Got us a couple recruits, replaced some of the craft in DSUCP, buffed a few stats, added a planetary landscape from DTM, installed and tested a TIE to XvT conversion and managed to merge it into a bop install with EHSP. Not much else to be honest as picking which craft stays and which ones are replaced and how is taking awayt most of my spare time. Been considering keeping a thread on our MBs about the updates and progress on this matter. @26-07 awarded CoLx2

Administrative Tasks: Collecting data for WSR and MSE. @25-07 submitted WSR,.
Observation: I'm busy with some jobs I got...but I'll be at the comms


[2: Alpha 1-2]

LCM Milo Antu




Communications: email, Discord.

Flight Operations: None. 

Non-flight Operations: @none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation:  Milo has the virus. He is ok and I pray he gets better soon.


[3: Alpha 1-3]

 LT Shawn Erso




Communications: email.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: 13-07 awarded MoC-soc.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Shawn is equally busy with RL work but communicates with certain frequency with me. Still on same situation.


[4: Alpha 1-4]
 LT James379




Communications: Discord.

Flight Operations: none

Non-flight Operations: Posting Rise of Flight videos and playing some of that WWI flight sim. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: nothing this week.






Communications: Telegram/Discord

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: He's there. I know he's there, he knows that I know he's there. And now, he slightly increases his activity!


[6: Alpha 2-2]
LT Riz




Communications:  Discord.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.
Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Busy with work.





Communications: Discord.

Flight Operations: @26-07 flew XvT-free 1.

Non-flight Operations: Hopfot has worked hard on studying whatever data can be collected about Squadrons. He's working on a project to make life easier insofar as the ships' powerups and addons.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Another one busy with work and also moving. I can wait for him.





Communications: none.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: No response after emails were sent. Requesting AWOL here.





Communications: email, Discord

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: @26-07 awarded CoLx4. Loved spending time trying to guess the songs he posted.

Administrative Tasks: Colecting data for his flight's evaluation.

Observation: Constant communication, active on TOR his reports are helpful. Despite the RL odds, he manages to frequently communicate.


[10: Alpha 3-2]
LT Aaron Cremel




Communications: none.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: @25-07 IWATS course added to Academic Record: SC - 100% and SM/4 - 96%.

Administrative Tasks:  none.

Observation: SM eh? cool. I know who could replace me when I take a vacation :V.


[11: Alpha 3-3]
 MAJ Gustan      (arzona4499rangers@yahoo.com)




Communications: Discord/email.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: Updating his PC.

Administrative Tasks: none.

Observation: Good communication, .


[12: Alpha 3-4]
  MAJ Nebular




Communications: none.

Flight Operations: none.

Non-flight Operations: none.

Observation: Not answering to emails. Requesting AWOL here.




  • None.



If you like it and can spare some time, get involved on the runon story on Discord or else I'll write us all lol.

There's a good synergy on Discord. ERiSi and others might be coming up with some video material about flight tactics. Could be good for recruitment as well.
Working on setting up full gaming status on windows 8, then we start playing the XvT/BoP gaming campaigns which I'll stream.

Hit me up on Telegram/Discord/Facebook or Whatsapp. I’m usually able to respond 24/7.




I'm  sorry about the inactives but I'll be requesting at least frequent communication.  I don't mind if you're busy with RL if you do tell us. If you can hang around with us for a bit then fine. If you can only report  once a month because  you're busy then do tell and I'll understand, just mail me or reach to me on Discord. If I have to reach to you for a couple months just for you to say hi then it is better you consider going to reserves. We need to make room for pilots who are willing to participate actively.

I'm happy for the overall levels of activity we're having. I'd like us to improve a bit more on this regard tho.




Respectfully submitted:

Lieutenant Colonel Alejandro Araujo
CMDR-ROA/LC Alejandro Araujo/Alpha/Wing I/ISDII Hammer
ah.pin11929@gmail.com , Discord: Haakan#5400, Message Boards

Telegram: @AA_11929