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  Inferno Squadron Commander report #1 (07/26/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-WARD/CPT Drake Starfire/Inferno/Wing X/ISDII Challenge

Inferno WSR #1: submitted by CPT Drake Starfire
7/26/2020 onboard the ISDII Challenge


Its a little awkward that the Squadron was brand new and it got filled up before my first report, its been about a month so sorry for the tardiness. I love the diversity of my Squadron already, I have some writers, gamers, and course takers, all good ways to stay active in the group besides basic communication. Weve got a new banner and Squadron patch to replace the out of date ones we had when the Squadron was reactivated. Ive had Squadrons preordered so I cant wait to start that grind, lets get into the report! BTW this report isnt in HTML because I havent converted the layout to Inferno theme so this one is gonna be plain jane.


We got a lot of LTs now so thats cool, and ive been earning ribbons like a monster

Setroc promoted to LT
Ryan Hawkins promoted to LT
Highlander promoted to LT and FL!
Dekar Jansen promoted to LT
Mattachoo promoted to LT
Dougal Ceallaigh promoted to LT
Dau Solari promoted to LT

CPT Sparky IS-BW
CPT Drake Starfire PC,IS-BW,IS-BRx4


Nickname: The Flaming Banthas
Motto: "Save the Milk for when the job is done. There is warmth in Duty."
[1] CPT Drake Starfire - contact, Made some Competitions, won some awards

[2] LT Setroc - contact, 4x loS

[3] LT Ryan Hawkins - contact, 3 battles for 16 missions and 2 courses

[4] SL Freddo - gave initial contact, please email me

Nickname: Heat Wave Racers
Motto: "Fire so strong in our hearts, they are engulfed before they even know it."
[5] LT Highlander - contact, 2 battles for 10 missions and a Mission HS

[6] LT Mo Kongo - contact, updated INPR

[7] LT Dekar Jansen - contact, updated INPR

[8] LT Mattachoo - contact, updated INPR

Nickname: Oven Masons
Motto: "Death is no longer cold, for we carry our flame wherever we go. Inferno Infinite."
[9] CPT Sparky - contact, need to update that Uniform despite it being the last Kappa patch.

[10] SL Del Eon - gave initial contact, please email me

[11] LT Dougal Ceallaigh - contact, Completed a Course, Battle of 5 missions, and updated their uniform

[12] LT Dau Solari - contact, Updated INPR, Completed course


So for the Run-on, I have to email the people I think posted more than the others to determine the right winners, with the next runon to be announced and held on either Telegram or the Message Board.
The Bi-Weekly fictions had one winner over these last couple prompts, and with a few really good entries it was hard to determine the winner, and that would be Dempsey with her Fiction that introduces the Challenger, excellent work!
Tuition Assistance still has until the month ends for the first winner for the pilot with the most courses completed

The Liquid Territory war/Drinking competition is still live so every squad should be busy creating their signature liquid gold to compete for the top juice of the TC. Inferno, lets get cracking on that Formula!!

Inferno has some comps as well, squad mates, please check out the page to see what youve already worked towards and see what you think you can try and win! I like what I see already though.


As Warden, everyone in the TC can write their own fictions and submit it to me at anytime, regardless if its for a comp or not, anything you want to write about your character can end up on on your profile in the fictions tab, just email me the stories and Ill do the rest.

As Inferno CMDR, I must apologize for my lack of Leadership, Activity, and Comradery. This report was late and I was slacking due to real life issues I couldnt avoid. It really makes a RL problem worse when you know you messed up and probably deserve whats coming to ya, but im trying to move on and I feel a little bit better everyday. I honestly dont know if ill game at ALL until Squadrons come out, I just feel no desire to pick up a controller or even get on my PC. the first couple weeks were pretty bad, but I finally managed to submit this report so we can only go up from here. Im not stepping down or trying to take a leave but just know im not trying to ghost you guys, but that im just trying to figure out whats going on and what interests me, because besides Star Wars, the last decade for me despite being so young has been hell for me. The last time I had a hobby or thought I was good at something was when I was a literal kid. Im trying to take this time to figure out who I really am and what I enjoy doing because rn im a little clueless.

I love you guys so much, respectfully signing off,

Drake Starfire, Captain of the Inferno, Bantha Milk extraordinaire, and your friend until I croak.

P.S Kappa Squadron being killed sucks, it was my first stint as CMDR and im never gonna forget Kappa Hype. I hope we get to see the Red Dragons in the near future.