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  Tactical Officer report #10 (07/16/2020)
This report was submitted by TAC/AD Pickled Yoda/CS-6/VSDII Sinister

TAC Report #10
REPORTING OFFICER: Admiral Pickled Yoda, Tactical Officer
Two Years!

Took two whole years as TAC to get these reports into double digits. That's okay, you've got better things to do than read reports.

I've also now passed 18 years in the TIE Corps, which means my career could vote if it was a person... and if this was a democracy instead of a simulated military dictatorship.


There's now an official competition where you parse my cryptic clues into answers. Email me your guesses (privately) and get points! Bonus points if you can explain the logic.

Flip around the TCCOM (4)

Clark? Almost. Nearly. (3)

Admiral Hunter lost left leg following strange smile (5, 7)

TAC-tical Success

There are four free missions that are being released today

- TIE F 296 - Starfighter Histories: TIE Fighter by Mark Schueler

- TIE F 297 - Malicious Data by Impulse

- TIE F 298 - Starfighter Histories: Missile Boat also by Mark

- XWA F 159 - Recon Run by Dempsey

Plus fixing some bugs that have been reported:

- XvT TC 139 - it's been uncompletable since release over 10 years ago... but now it works!

- 2 TIE frees (227, 288) now work with TIE CD

- 2 TIE frees (151, 207) have been repackaged so the EHM has the correct content

As part of the final testing process, I flew the new releases on medium and used those pilot files to set the initial high scores. Don't be shy, go steal them!

There's a large backlog of bugs and I'm going slowly through them... but feel free to request that some in particular are prioritised. For example, Hav Antiel pointed out XvT TC 139 being particularly high impact, so it jumped to the top of the queue.


- Still helping with some EH and TC website work.

- Wrote some code that writes other code to read TIE mission files and pilot files. It took a few weekends but now the foundation is solid and things will happen faster

- Made a zip to EHM converter that greatly simplified all of these releases, and will get added to the main site functionality in the overhaul

- Started an XW pilot file reader since one of our new LTs is flying them

General TAC-tivity

- BSF processing, including plenty of high scores for Imperial Storm.

- Flew a bunch for Imperial Storm to assist with the glorious Warrior Victory

- Ace of the TIE Corps medals for May and June have been awarded, as have some

Well that's a relief

I've been trying to get through this stuff for a while and it's so nice to have gotten through a good chunk of the TODO list.

Transmission Ends

TAC/AD Pickled Yoda/CS-6/VSDII Sinister


Imperator | Veteran 4th | Ranger 2nd