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  TIE Corps Commander report #11 (07/15/2020)
This report was submitted by TCCOM-IOA-EDR/FA Plif/TC-1/ISDII Hammer


REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Plif, TIE Corps Commander
ACTIVE DUTY ROSTER COUNT: 110 (+4) Including 2 NPCs
TCCOM'S WINGMAN: HA Elwood the Brave


The roster is up four this week, which is a more modest increase than we've seen in my last two reports but we're still growing and that's how we want it to be. Many thanks to the folks that have been getting the word out about us.

To do my part, I've been removing all the members from the mailing list for the Reserves and then adding the Phoenix's roster. I included a link to the Discord server in the notification that was sent to the officers that I added to the list, and I was pleased to see a handful of veterans join us on Discord the very same day. Hopefully we'll have more as I continue to add members to the list and more of them check their email. There's also more I want to say to the Reservists, so I'll be writing them an actual message once the list is complete.

Delta Squadron has transferred from the ISDII Hammer to the ISDII Challenge and become Thunder Squadron. They have a new patch courtesy of MAJ Tygra Shadowclaw and GN Phoenix Berkana has already put out the first Thunder WSR. Looking good so far, Thunder!

At the end of Imperial Storm 2, the Warrior team controlled most of the system and even caused the loss of the ISDII Hammer herself in the final battle. To the Warrior and her pilots, well done! To the crew of the Hammer, better luck next time! To GN Phoenix Berkana, excellent work on running the event and staying on top of everything that goes into an Imperial Storm.

As often happens at report time, the leadership has a few things we're discussing before making any announcements. And then the announcements tend to be separate emails, which makes the TCCOM Report in particular just a recap of things you already know. I'll work on having some more interesting things in my reports for you in the future.


If you’d like to submit something for the newsletter, just attach the file to an email and send it to me. If it‘s something that’s already been uploaded somewhere, just email me the URL.

If you complete a new Imperial University course, you'll notice that your EH database profile gets updated automatically but not your TC database profile. The latter are updated manually, please give us a couple of days after your test is graded for the new course to appear in your TC profile before you email us about it.

  • LC Zekk Terrik of Sin Squadron was promoted to COL
  • CM SL8c8 of Theta Squadron was promoted to CPT
  • LCM Jarion Renalds of Rho Squadron was promoted to CM
  • LT Germ of Beta Squadron was promoted to LCM
  • SL Bel Ferrin of Delta Squadron (now Thunder) was promoted to LT
  • SL Dekar Jansen of Inferno Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Highlander of Inferno Squadron was promoted to LT
  • SL Iam Thinking of Rho Squadron was promoted to LT
  • The members of Delta Squadron were transferred to Thunder Squadron
  • MAJ Aldaric transferred from Kappa Squadron to an FL position in Theta Squadron
  • MAJ Keth Aalith is now a FM in Theta Squadron (previously FL)
  • LT acetiepilot was moved up from an FM to an FL position in Rho Squadron
  • LT Highlander was moved up from an FM to an FL position in Inferno Squadron
  • LT Dau Solari returned from the Inactives and was assigned to Inferno Squadron
  • LT Phelan returned from the Inactives and was assigned to the Reserves
  • SL ERiSi completed her training on the M/PLT Daedalus and was assigned to Rho Squadron
  • SL Dougal Ceallaigh completed his training on the M/PLT Daedalus and was assigned to Inferno Squadron
  • SL Mattachoo completed his training on the M/PLT Daedalus and was assigned to Inferno Squadron
  • SL Valkon completed his training on the M/PLT Daedalus and was assigned to the Reserves (possibly a first?)


  • Earned a few LoSs from EABF2 PvE
  • Another batch of FCHG career awards
  • Wrapped up the fifth season of the Trivia Grand Tour
  • Published a few additional notes in the promotion table in the Pilot Manual, like LTs needing to complete TCCORE before being promoted to LCM


  • Greeting new cadets and performing onboarding tasks before assigning them to squadrons
  • Processing transfers and other profile updates in the database
  • Running TIE Corps in Battle, the Trivia Grand Tour, and Everyone’s a Critic
  • Posting news to the feed in the database
  • FCHG career awards - Some awarded, more to come
  • TIE Corps Pilot Manual updates - Living document style, no big revisions that take a while to come out
  • Fleshing out the New Members Guide in the Wiki


  • Rebuild of the Reserves mailing list
  • Squadron (Re)Mobilization roster updates - Probably going to need to set a deadline on this...
  • Evaluating Elite Dangerous for inclusion in the TIE Corps
  • Learning to be a responsible database code collaborator from the IO, AD Turtle Jerrar (thanks!)


  • Taking TM/3
  • Competition resource - what we’ve done before to serve as a pool of ideas for what we can do next
  • Figuring out another solution for completing the evaluation feedback loop
  • Evaluation point system for competition participation
  • Deciding what "IWATS" really is since all the courses are now under the IU's umbrella
  • Adding promotion guidance to the existing evaluation documentation
  • The Commodore Volume 7

If there's anything I can help you with Corps-wise, please let me know! Message me on Telegram at @Plif346, on Discord at Plif#2475, or over email at tccom at emperorshammer dot org.

Fleet Admiral Plif
CoLx5/CoE/CoB/LoAx13/OV-22E [Centurion] [Ace 2nd] [Ace Ranger 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MP/1/2-SM/2/4-WIKI}
TIE Golf Grand Champion