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  Beta Squadron Commander report #85 (07/11/2020)
This report was submitted by CMDR-COOA/COL Doyon/Beta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer


Beta Squadron Report - July 11th 2020


Imperial Storm is over!


Well, the wargame is done. Congrats to the Warrior, they won the competition and we, the Hammer, took a beating. As we say here in my small part of the world “On a mangé une osti de volée”. You won’t be able to translate it on Google. Next year will be different! The Challenge will be last :P


Fleet news 

  • Everyone’s a critic and TIE Corps in Battle for June results are out! No winners in Beta this month. Let’s do better this month! The assignments are out.
  • Lot of new recruits and also a lot of promotions this month! Congrats to everyone, and welcome to all the new pilots. 
  • If you'd like to share your Playstation Network ID or Xbox gamertag with the rest of the TIE Corps, head over to https://tc.emperorshammer.org/timetest.php?testid=960104 and FA Plif will share it in a way that's not publicly-available to everyone on the internet. Right now, that's a very restricted channel on our Discord server.
  • As mentioned above, the ISD Warrior won the Imperial Storm wargame. Congrats to their pilots who did really good. 
  • Delta squadron is no more - Well, they’re now Thunder Squadron, aboard the ISD Challenge. 

Squadron News

  • With the end of Imperial Storm, I’ll select a new mission for our competition “Maverick or Iceman” this week. Stay tuned!
  • Know your Beta Round 2 is over! Congrats to COL Silwar Naiilo for having 5 good answers! I was far from a perfect score haha!
  • A lot of medals were awarded this week to some of our pilots. Congratulations to all of you; this is the favorite part of my job, making the recommendation for this!


Here’s a few fleet-wide competitions currently going on:


TIE Corps in Battle and Everyone’s a critic for July:


So, you fly these battles, submit your pilot files, and then you go write a review on the battle’s file on the TC website, thus making you participate in two competitions at the same time!  


TC PvP Shootout


  • A MP Event for the whole TC will take place from 22:00 (10:00 PM) GMT every Saturday if possible.
  • Supported platforms are XvT and XWA and the main contacts are COL Horus Blackheart and the COO.


  • Voice communication is preferable but not required to participate. Game hosting will be directed through GameRanger or a more suitable system based on compatibility and stability.


  • A DFC will be awarded to the highest scoring pilot. COO guidelines required, which apply in full force (at least 3 different opponents, EH or not, defeated and +3 win/lose ratio, plus the need of having a minimum of 3 EH players playing on that game platform).


  • Pilots will be awarded an IS-BW for participating in at least 10 matches.


Trivia Grand Tour: Season Five

  • Weekly competition, where we test your Star Wars knowledge and your quick wit.



Everyone's a Critic

  • You fly a battle and think it’s the best ever? Why don’t you write a review about it?

The more reviews you write, the best medal you get! It’s a nice way to not only get involved in the fleet, but to fly great battles made in the past. 



TIE Corps in Battle 2020

  • Every month, a battle is selected for XWA, XvT and TIE. We fly it, we beat the high score, we get a lot of points, and at the end of the year, we get nice, shiny medals. AND YOU CAN DO ‘’Everyone’s a Critic’’ AT THE SAME TIME! *mind blown*



COO Monthly Assignment: The Wingman Strikes Back (Star Conflict PvP) :


This competition is geared towards getting the highest number of Assists in a single Player vs Player (PvP) battle in Star Conflict.


Every victory is counted even if it doesn't fulfill the requirements for the Legion of Combat.


Submissions to the competition are made through the database like any other Legion of Combat submission. While processing, the COO staff will look for new personal bests and update the spreadsheet. Non-LoC winning screens can be sent in this way and will be approved without an LoC being awarded.


Ace of the TIE Corps 2020:


Every Single Player mission flown wins a point, whoever has most points at the end of the month wins


Each mission only counts once for the year, but missions flown in previous years can be reflown. The Kill Board statistics on the TC website are final.


IS-GW/SW/BW for top 3 monthly, at the end of the year the top 4 pilots win IS-PW/GW/SW/BW.


Bi-Weekly Fictions


Our WARD CPT Drake Starfire has made a bi-weekly fiction competition. Write anything you want of 2 500 words or less and submit it to the WARD. More info here: https://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=3130 


TIE Corps History Trivia:


COL Hav Antiel is running a Trivia about TIE Corps history! One round each week, with winners for the week and for the month!



A full list of all available competitions is here: http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current.


Individual activity

COL Doyon

  • Email, Discord, Telegram communication 
  • Completed June’s MSE, COO-A stuff
  • Flown: TIE-Free #218,
  • Awarded: 2xPC, ISM, 11xLoS, 3xLoC


COL Silwar Naiilo

  • Email, Discord communication
  • Flown: TIE-TC Free #218, TIE-FCHG #2
  • Completed: TIE Fighter Tactics course
  • Awarded: ISM, 6xLoC, 2xLoS



  • Still nothing! Report in!


LT EvilGrin

  • Email, Discord communication
  • Flown:
  • Awarded: 2xMoI, ISM, 1xLoC, 1xLoS,


LT Germ:

  - Discord Activity

  - Email Activity

  - General Shitposting duties

  - MoI (Del Eon), Palpatine Crescent (shitposting)


LT Witchblade:

  - Trivia Activity

  - ISM (June/Email activity)


Lt Dorjan Kell:

  - Discord Activity

  - Trivia Activity

  - Promotion to LT (IWATS Course)


LT Wildfire:

  - TONS of Discord Activity

  - TCIB Activity

  - Email Activity

  - ISM (Discord!)


Flight Leader 3-1 Report #3

At ease,

This has been another exciting week with the ISD Challenge opening up Inferno and now Thunder squadrons, the war games coming to an end, and lots of new recruits and fleet-wide promotions.

Let's see how Flight 3 did!

Flight Roster & Activity

Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Kroan

- e-mail contact
- ran the second round of Know Your Beta!
- Discord activity
- edited his EH Wiki page
- gathered some information about the database for CM SkyShadow to help out with a project

Lieutenant Garriald

- skulking about on Discord

Sub-Lieutenant Jack Be'Flippin

- no contact, a Search & Rescue detachment has been dispatched

Lieutenant BonkTheGonk

- email activity
- Discord activity

Awards & Promotions

Yours truly has been awarded with an Imperial Security Medal as a career award for attaining or surpassing the FCHG ank of Dragoon.

Lieutenant BonkTheGonk has received his first Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon for last week's Trivia win. Congratulations!

Wrapping Up

Thank you all for your attention!



Final word

I sent an email earlier today to give some hint about how to manage the great email volume that we have (thanks to Plif, Zekk, Phoenix, Wildfire, EvilGrin for their help). I’ve also reminded everyone of the activity requirements - please read my email I wrote to Beta squadron if you don’t know what I’m talking about! 


Stay safe and have a nice week,


CMDR-COOA/COL Doyon/Beta/Wing I/ISDII Hammer


OV-23E [Legionnaire] [Certified] [Private 2nd] {TCCORE-COE-SM/1}