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  ISDII Warrior Commodore report #6 (06/28/2020)
This report was submitted by COM-TOA/FA Silvius/ISDII Warrior



REPORTING OFFICER: Fleet Admiral Silvius, Commodore
DATE SUBMITTED: 28. June 2020


Welcome to my next report as Commodore.

First of all, I am sorry for the delay of the last week report, but my Real Life and Health just turned up and down last week, so I was not able to write an report properly.

But in the meantime many things have happened. Frist the ISDII Hammer has won a battle in Imperial Storm and has taken our home world Pirath. As a revenge we had taken their world Heir. We are in turn 22 of the current IS and the mighty Warrior leads the points table. So I think when nothing bad happen we will win this exercise with no problems.

The next great news are that after six years we have open a new wing with a knew ship on the lead. The ISDII Challenge will be the home of Wing X under the leadership of HA Anahorn Dempsey. To get some life in the new Wing one squadron of the ISDII Hammer and one of the ISDII Warrior will be switched over to the Challenge. If an squadron wants to switch from the Warrior please let me know. But be aware I you take the shuttle there you have to fly under a new name. The name of the squadrons for Wing X are Cyclone, Inferno, Tempest, Thunder, Tornado, and Typhoon.

But even when a squadron has to leave us, the ISDII Warrior will always be the best. Remember: The Hammer is only as strong as the Warrior who weal it and the Warrior will take every Challenge and win it!

In the beginning of my Tour as COM I have started a designing competition for a new logo of the Telegram channel for the ISDII Warrior. I know that the main communication platform was switched to Discord over the time, but the ISDII Warrior pilots are active in Telegram to. Unfortunately, I have only received one submission for this competition, but nether the less COL Hav Antiel have one an IS-GR for it. When you want to see the new logo, join us on Telegram.

With the third active Wing of the Corps and the new game on the horizon let us hope that new guys and old veterans will return to us, so that we can grow further.

More information and news will follow the next time. Until then stay tuned and be ready to fly and fight our enemies!


A full list of active competitions is available on http://tc.emperorshammer.org/competitions.php?id=current

Trivia Competition: please klick HERE to participate. (Week 26)


Week 25


Starting Points

Points earned

Result points

Correct Answers

LCM Genie




5 (24)

COL Antiel




5 (19)

GN Yoda




5 (24)

LC Terrik




0 (13)

MAJ Mitchell




0 (5)

GN Laan




0 (5)












47 Strong (+7) - http://tc.emperorshammer.org/roster.php?type=ship&id=16&all=1


Commodore's Escort Flight
Top Four for M
ay (MP)

  1. GN Earnim Branet 5th month - IS-BW
  2. LCM Jarion Renalds 2nd month - IS-BW
  3. LC Zekk Terrik 5th month - IS-BW
  4. CM Coremy Jertese 4th month - IS-BW

Wing Commander's Escort Flight
Top Four for May (SP)

  1. COL Hav Antiel 2nd month - IS-BW
  2. LCM Favdaukar 1st month - IS-BW
  3. MAJ Pete Mitchell 1st month - IS-BW
  4. CM SL8c8 3rd month - IS-SW


What I have been up to since my last report:

  • Setting up his new quarters. 
  • Catching up with the CMDRs about current standards on the Warrior 
  • Setting up a survey – progress 50% 
  • Reschedule everything to fit in the day to day business of a new Commodore 


The only way forward is through.

FA Silvius

COM-TOA/FA Silvius/ISDII Warrior
CSx7-Rx3/LoS-PSx45-RSx2-IS-CSx3-Rx3/DFC-Rx4/MoC-4doc-4poc-5goc-5soc-37boc/CoLx4/CoB/LoA/OV-4E [Ace 2nd] [Top Ace Ranger] {TCCORE-SM/4-WIKI}

 COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2016/COOP Ace of the TIE Corps 2017/TIE Corps vs AI winner 2016/TCCOM's Wingman (Winner of Raise the Flag) 2017